Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 26: It Was All Small Attacks Before

Chapter 26: It Was All Small Attacks Before

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Reality proved, not only was Han Yufan shameless, he even thought everything was how it was meant to be.

The next day, Tianyi Entertainment and the event organizers both released statements instructing the public on how to get their hands on tickets to see Tangning.

As soon as the statements were released, all sorts of insults followed.

"Ugh, Tangning still wants to appear at the event organized by this unreliable product, is she really that poor? If she goes ahead with it, she will be on the same level as the brand she is endorsing and seriously become a disgraceful model."

"Eh, I originally thought she would become noteworthy in the modeling industry. I must have been blind!"

"After tomorrow, Tangning, take yourself and your cheap product immediately out of the public's sight."

"Look at all the comments. Everyone is complaining...and the only person able to withstand all this abuse and still attend the event tomorrow with a smile is Tangning, I have to give it to her. From now on, in my heart, you are the most disgusting female celebrity. No one can beat you!"

Tianyi Entertainment. Mo Yurou was sitting in Han Yufan's office chair reading all the abusive comments - she was in a good mood.

If Tangning wanted to fight with her, she should have considered her capabilities first. No matter how much Tangning wanted to make a comeback, from tomorrow onwards, her career would be once again stifled. In fact, it would be even worse than 3 years ago. When that time comes, Mo Yurou would be able to indulge in ridiculing Tangning, and the joy she got from ridiculing Tangning, was not something she could experience from anyone else.

Meanwhile, Tangning was also at Tianyi Entertainment. For the sake of the event tomorrow, she was in a be exact, she was in a meeting for the sake of what she was to say at the event tomorrow. Han Yufan handed Tangning the script they prepared earlier and then specifically ordered, "Tangning, memorize this script well tonight. Tomorrow at the event, you better not forget to mention it to the reporters."

"This is the most significant part of you attending the event tomorrow."

Tangning looked at the script in her hands like she was looking at a joke. Didn't Han Yufan feel any shame when handing this to her?

On the way home, Lin Wei drove while Long Jie and Tangning sat in the back. Long Jie pointed to the script with anger, "Is Han Yufan trying to provoke me? For the sake of clearing Mo Yurou's name, he would go to any length. He really has no conscience and doesn't even care about wounding your heart."

Lin Wei looked at Tangning through the rear view mirror, but her face was calm as usual.

Even a person like herself, who had experienced many highs and lows and had completely seen through the entertainment industry, found Han Yufan to be too heartless. Whereas, Tangning who was the object of this heartlessness wasn't showing any signs of emotion.

"Tangning, what do you want me to do tomorrow?" Lin Wei asked, "The things you've asked me to prepare are ready. All the evidence has been collated, I've even secured a recording of Mo Yurou talking about preventing you from securing any jobs."

"Tomorrow...I will take advantage of being in the spotlight to announce I am officially making a comeback," Tangning said to the two in a serious tone, "I trust Long Jie completely, but you...Lin Wei!"

"No need to say anything, I will follow you. I've been in the industry for too long, my mind is not always clear, but you have awoken me to the right direction," Lin Wei responded, excited to take on the challenge.

"All the evidence, sell it to the biggest media companies as headliners," Tangning spoke in a serious tone. "It was all just small attacks before. I was too gentle on the two. From now on, they will only experience my fiercest methods of revenge."

"Yes!" Long Jie was so happy she nearly jumped out of her seat.

Lin Wei also felt her passion being reignited as she heard Tangning speak.

After all, seeing Tangning being betrayed in this way, being humiliated and stepped all over, every woman who witnessed this would feel angered. Fortunately, Tangning's method of revenge was to step back over the two. This extremely satisfying method made Lin Wei and Long Jie's hearts light up!

Lin Wei was now aware that Tangning lived in Hyatt Regency, but had no idea she lived there with Mo Ting.

Tangning could not trust her 100% yet. So, after arriving in front of her villa, she asked Lin Wei to drive Long Jie home.

Upon entering the house, she realized Mo Ting was already home. This tall attractive figure was stretched out peacefully across the sofa with his right arm covering his eyes from the blinding lights. Tangning smiled softly as she quietly walked beside Mo Ting and sat herself down. She gently ran her warm fingers across the contours of his face,"Why aren't you sleeping in bed?"

"The company you are endorsing tomorrow, Hai Rui has already sent out a letter from our lawyers, suing them for fraud." Mo Ting sat up and looked at Tangning, "Approximately tomorrow afternoon, the news would have spread."

"It's okay, I will only be appearing in the morning," Tangning replied as she lay down on Mo Ting's chest.

Even though Tangning didn't say much more, Mo Ting seemed to have read her mind - he knew what she was planning to do tomorrow. At the same time, Tangning also knew, after initiating her plan tomorrow, the client would not let her off so easily. Hence Hai Rui, who barely wasted their time on small companies, decided to send out a letter from their lawyers.

"Hubby, thank you..."

"For what?" Mo Ting asked as he gently stroked her back.

"Thank you for understanding me. Thank you for protecting me..."

Mo Ting didn't say anything as he lay his head down onto Tangning's thigh, using it as a pillow, "I've been looking at documents all day, my eyes are tired."

"Then how about I read them to you..." Tangning picked up the English documents that Mo Ting had not finished reading. With an extremely professional level of English, she started reading to him. However, when she finished, she gave a sigh, "Back in the days, the conditions Star King offered me were so good, but I missed out on experiencing those 3 years. Who would have thought in the end I would come across you? God is indeed fair, he has really left the best for last."

"After canceling your contract with Tianyi, which company do you want to sign with?"

"It's still too early..." Tangning shook her head because she wasn't sure how much of her career she would be able to recover. So, right now she had not yet made a decision.

"Sign with me..."

"For Hai Rui, a model like myself is nothing special!" Tangning admitted that getting into Hai Rui wasn't very realistic.

Mo Ting laughed as he moved away from the topic. His little wife obviously did not understand what he was saying. What he actually meant when he asked her to sign with him, was not referring to his company, Hai Rui. The contract he would write up for her would be the only one in this entire world, because she would be the only one that would have him as her manager.

But, this surprise, he would leave till later. Although he was Tangning's husband, he still had to wait and see if she was worth it.

As he wasn't used to seeing Tangning lacking confidence, he sat up, hooked his arm around her neck and pulled her in, demanding for a kiss, "I won't allow you to underestimate yourself."

"I know you're only trying to find an excuse for a kiss!" Tangning grasped hold of Mo Ting's warm palms and placed them on her chest, " I want you to take things further..."

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