Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 9: I Definitely Won't Apologize to You

Chapter 9: I Definitely Won't Apologize to You

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The hospital gave off it's usual unpleasant smell. Tangning entered the hospital, escorted by Han Yufan's assistant, she was all alone without a single assistant of her own to support her.

After finding Mo Yurou's room, Tangning could see Mo Yurou's assistant guarding the door. This was the man that claimed she made all the decisions on her own on the day of the show.

He had thrown all the blame on her.

"You're here," he said as he looked her up and down snobbishly; he was deliberately trying to make things difficult for Tangning, "Just wait here, Yurou is still resting."

Tangning lifted up her handbag with her two hands and looked Mo Yurou's assistant straight in the eyes. With a slow and gentle voice, she asked, "Do you know my surname?"

"Nonsense! Who doesn't know your surname is Tang?"

"Since you know my surname is Tang, then you should be aware of my family background. How dare a little assistant like you act arrogantly in front of me."


"Is that Tangning? Please come in." Mo Yurou heard Tangning's voice outside and felt disappointed at her assistant's stupidity. If he wanted to go against Tangning, this was not the right way. After all, she still had the Tang family behind her (even though they no longer paid as much attention to her as they once did when she was still famous).

Tangning held her head high and walked into the room ignoring the angry assistant. Seeing Mo Yurou sitting on the bed acting pitiful with one injured leg, she smiled, "Yurou, are you ok?"

Tangning knew Mo Yurou had intentionally hurt her own leg in order to prevent Han Yufan from getting married - this woman is so ruthless.

"I heard from President Han that we are to film a 3-minute live broadcast, is that right? Tangning, we are like sisters, I'm more than willing to help you with this favor so you can redeem yourself in front of the public."

Tangning hesitated for a moment. She couldn't believe how shameless Mo Yurou was - she was almost on the same level as Han Yufan. The truth behind the substitution incident was known between the three of them, yet Mo Yurou acted like nothing had happened.

Tangning looked a little upset as she said in an angry tone, "I only came to visit you..."

"You really don't need to be polite..."

"That's right, we've already prepared a scene for you. In a moment, the doctor will come in to change Yurou's bandages. At that time, in order to highlight your sincerity, we have arranged for you to wash Yurou's feet. That way the public will see how sorry you are."

"That's enough..." Tangning angrily interrupted the two, "Mo Yurou, the substitution incident, both you and I know the truth. Don't you think it's time you should stop?"

"Tangning, what are you talking about? I don't understand..."

"Must you really flip what's right and wrong around?" Tangning's voice held a sense of being wronged, "If it was not for Yufan, I would not tolerate you so many times. Have I not helped you enough?"

"Tangning, it's enough that you won't apologize, must you also bad-mouth other people? You've already admitted to creating everything for hype." Mo Yurou was a master of acting, she didn't slip on her words and maintained her innocence.

"I definitely won't apologize to you!" Tangning unexpectedly said in a serious tone. At this time, Mo Yurou's assistant recorded her words and immediately posted the video online, with the headline: [Attention seeking Green Tea Bxxxx being insincere, secretly declares: 'I definitely won't apologize to you!']

In an instant, a thousand waves were once again stirred up...ready to crash down onto Tangning.

Reporters flocked to the scene, but no one intercepted Tangning, leaving Mo Yurou all alone crying pitifully in front of the camera. "Originally I thought, since we were both models, I wasn't going to pursue this incident, but Tangning has gone too far. Not only did she refuse to apologize, she also threw words of abuse."

That's how the war between the two began: two models that didn't know how to control themselves in front of the public, put on a tearful drama drawing the attention of passersby to stop and crowd around.

Tianyi quickly responded by releasing a statement, apologizing to the public and stating their intention to seriously deal with Tangning, giving off the idea that they were going to dismiss her.

At the same time, Tangning's: 'I definitely won't apologize to you' became a viral phrase online. Just as everyone was insulting Tangning...a famous online personality released an album of photos. The album was titled: [It's not that Tangning won't apologize, it's that she shouldn't apologize!]

The album was filled with photos of Mo Yurou and Han Yufan embracing each other. In the photos, Mo Yurou and Han Yufan were both in the hospital. Han Yufan was on top of Mo Yurou while she was still wearing her hospital gown...

All the netizens' eyes lit up in shock as a famous website also responded by demanding in a post: [Reveal the truth behind the Tangning substitution incident.]

The post included all the fine details of the incident, using the fact that Mo Yurou and Han Yufan were cheating to set the tone. It provided a clear analysis of how Tangning was forced to compromise, then led to being suppressed and finally pushed into reacting angrily...

For the sake of love, she was forced to take all the blame. At the same time, her fiancee's mistress was making advances and humiliating her.

Like this, the scandal was uncovered. Han Yufan and Mo Yurou's intimate photos spread everywhere and the netizens finally discovered, apart from the substitute incident, there wasn't a single piece of bad news about Tangning floating around. Even searching as far back as three years, all they could find were pictures of her modeling on stage - as beautiful as ever.

This woman, who gave up her career for love, never tried to explain herself even once. Even after the recent incident, she immediately stood out and took on full responsibility.

Dear god, everyone has misunderstood Tangning!

Mo Yurou really knows how to act. Who would have thought Tianyi would suppress such a poor woman.

The tables had once again turned...

Countless people online started to feel guilty for having previously judged Tangning, their feelings for her quickly turned from dark to light. While all this was happening, Mo Yurou was in the middle of an interview, "I no longer know how to evaluate her shamelessness..."

The reporter was consumed in the moment when her workmate suddenly pulled out his phone to show her something.

After seeing the photos, the reporter held up the phone and questioned Mo Yurou, "Miss Mo, Are these photos real?"

"What is this?" Mo Yurou's face turned pale.

"These are intimate photos of you and the CEO of Tianyi, Han Yufan. Do you want me to go into more detail about what you are doing in the photos exactly?"

Mo Yurou froze...just a moment ago she was still crying in front of the camera acting all pitiful. Now, she had suddenly turned into a mistress that had seduced someone else's boyfriend. In their eyes, she was no different from the new models that were selling themselves to move up in the industry.

Most importantly, she couldn't find any words to stick up for herself.

The reporters felt embarrassed for her.

"So, these photos are real, I suppose. On one side you were crying, while on the other, you were stealing someone else's boyfriend," the female reporter's questions suddenly got tougher.


"The photos are obvious, don't tell me you still want to deny it."

"No, it's all fake...this is all part of Tangning's plans." Mo Yurou suddenly became helpless in front of the camera, "Don't film anymore, get out, I don't want to be interviewed anymore, go!"

The female reporter let out a cold "hmph", she despised Mo Yurou. "Miss Mo, even though we are all used to being in the entertainment industry, I still have to tell you this: God will punish those that have bad intentions - there is justice in this word. Just by Tangning's actions of stepping out and putting all the blame on herself, from now on, I will no longer write anything bad about her."

Mo Yurou was trembling in fear. As soon as the reporters left, she made a phone call to Han Yufan.

"Yufan, have you seen the photos? What should we do?"

"It's just photos, what are you panicking about? The company is currently working on a solution..." Han Yufan responded calmly. However...inside, he wasn't as calm as he appeared. By exposing everything, not only would it effect Mo Yurou's future as well as Tianyi's, but it could also cause him to lose Tangning forever.

After all, he had suppressed her and cheated on her.

"Tangning must be behind all this"

"If you didn't pick on her, do you think all this would happen?" After he spoke, Han Yufan hung up the phone angrily. Then, after finding Tangning's phone number, he gave her a call. "It's obviously ringing, Tangning pick up the phone."

In reality, Tangning was holding her phone in her hand. She was imagining how anxious Han Yufan must be feeling right now, so she decided not to pick up.

After running out of Mo Yurou's room, Tangning found a place to hide quietly, while she waited for Mo Ting to send someone to pick her up. To her surprise, Mo Ting had decided to come in person.

"Tangning, get in."

After hearing his deep voice, all the uneasiness in her heart cleared. The phone continued to ring, but she threw it into the back seat of Mo Ting's car.

"You're not picking up?" Mo Ting asked revealing one side of his handsome face.

"You already know the answer" Tangning smirked. Her aim was to make Han Yufan look for her all night and experience how it felt to suffer.

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