Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 5: Wedding Night

Chapter 5: Wedding Night

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The media couldn't offend Hai Rui, even though they didn’t understand why Hai Rui was helping Tangning.

Even Long Jie didn’t understand why their plan had run so smoothly. She had originally expected it to take a few days, "Tangning, tell me, are you being supported by another company?"

"No," Tangning replied as she glanced at the man beside her. "However, there is indeed a person that has been assisting me behind the scenes. But, I can’t reveal who it is yet."

"Hahaha…that’s ok. We will talk about it later. Just the thought of Han Yufan’s distraught face is enough to satisfy me!" Long Jie assumed Tangning had help from her family.

She had no idea that Tangning had, in fact, suddenly become the wife of the King of Entertainment: Mo Ting.

"Are you trying to use this opportunity to leave Tianyi?" Mo Ting asked as he elegantly sliced the steak in front of him.

"No, I would be letting them off too easy if I was to leave so simply. I am going to tear them down from their perch," Tangning explained. "Plus, I have already decided to return to the modeling industry. Unfortunately, my popularity isn't as great as before; which is why Tianyi may come of use."

"You are like this right now because you are angry. What if one day you no longer hate..."

"What I have decided on, I will not regret, let alone turn back," Tangning told Mo Ting in certainty. When in love, she could love with all her heart. When in hate, she could tear the other person apart with her bare hands.

On top of everything, quite a decent amount of time had passed since news of Tangning's exposure on stage had gotten out, yet, Han Yufan hadn't even made a single phone call to check on her. Instead, he had released news that could easily ruin Tangning. There was no way she was going to let Han Yufan hurt her again.

Mo Ting remained silent, but he was already intrigued by Tangning.

Tangning wasn't stupid, in fact, she was very smart. She knew she couldn't hide anything from Mo Ting, so she quickly revealed everything in front of him. Whether good or bad, there was no holding back - all that existed was trust.

"I've asked my assistant to prepare a room in this hotel. Tonight, we will be staying here. My home is no fun..."

Tangning's ears flushed red as she nodded: "Up to you..."

Meanwhile, Han Yufan was all over the place, trying to come to a truce with the media and his business partners. Coupled with the news of Mo Yurou's pregnancy, the thought of Tangning didn't even cross his mind nor did he care where she was right now.

After a romantic dinner, Tangning followed closely behind Mo Ting as he led her to the presidential suite. Surprisingly, it wasn't just any normal presidential suite, it was actually a wedding suite.

Under such rushed conditions, Mo Ting somehow managed to prepare so much for her - she couldn't help but feel touched by his consideration. If it was someone else, there was no way they would have done the same.

Mo Ting could sense the nervousness coming from Tangning. He removed his suit jacket as he turned to her and said, "I'll have a shower first so you can have some time to make a decision. If you are still unsure...we can delay our wedding night indefinitely."

Tangning was thankful for his thoughtfulness as she watched him head into the bathroom. But...they were already married, what right did she have to make Mo Ting accommodate for her childish indecisiveness?

Thinking this, Tangning threw open the door and headed into the bathroom. Mo Ting looked at her in surprise as she reached out and embraced him in a tight hug, "I do not regret!"

"Are you sure? Once I've made you mine, you will no longer have the chance to change your mind," Mo Ting restrained himself. His deep sexy voice was enough to strike a chord in anyone's heart putting them into a daze.

"I am certain."

Hearing her response, Mo Ting let himself go. With one hand, he grabbed Tangning by the waist and pressed his lips against hers. With his other hand, he undid her dress, which was now soaking wet.

Tangning's mind was buzzing. She had never experienced a kiss like this before, one so magical she was losing control.

Standing under the shower, Tangning looked up at Mo Ting. Completely mesmerized, she examined his handsome looks. She noticed the diamond-like mole on his earlobe and his eyes that were looking at her passionately - wanting to swallow her whole.

However, even when the time came to take things further, he did not rush. Instead, he wrapped her in a towel and carried her in his arms out to the rose petal covered bed. Afterwards, his tall body came down on her, he was already wearing protection. However, just as he was about to enter her, he felt an obstruction...

Tangning cried out in pain.

Mo Ting pulled back quickly as he wrapped her in the blanket.

He originally thought, since Tangning was in the entertainment industry and she had already been in a relationship with Han Yufan, this couldn't have possibly been her first time, but...the feeling just now, he was sure, she had never engaged in this type of activity before...

"What's wrong?" Tangning noticed Mo Ting had stopped and couldn't help but lift her head up to question him. Her face was blushing attractively.

"Let's do it next time." Mo Ting was surprised, at the same time he felt bad for having misunderstood Tangning.

"Are you not satisfied with me?"

"If I had continued would have been hurt." Mo Ting put on his robe and returned to the bed, trying to control his desires. He didn't want Tangning's first time to be a bad experience, "Why didn't you tell me you had no experience?"

"How was I to bring up something like this?" Tangning responded as she huddled up against Mo Ting's shoulder. "I knew you would have found out yourself."

"Anyway, what was that just now? Did it?"

"Regardless of whether we did it or not, you are now Mrs. Mo. You can't escape..." After he spoke, Mo Ting stood up, lifted Tangning up and headed for the bathroom, "Let me see if you are hurt."

Looking at the worried expression on his face, Tangning couldn't help but let out a laugh, "You are nothing like how the outside world portrays you."

"How did you think I would be like?" Mo Ting placed Tangning gently into the bathtub and turned on the water.

"A ruler with complete control over the life and death of his entertainers. A person with no human sense."

"To other people, I am indeed like that!" Mo Ting expressed sincerely. "But you are different...since you are my wife and are so trusting of me...I will show you my true self."

"However, Tangning, I must warn you"

"To me, a lie is a lie. If you betray my trust, I will never forgive you."

Tangning sat up comfortably, her nose almost touching Mo Ting's, "What a coincidence, I am the same."

That night, their physical relationship had technically only reached halfway. But, their hearts had been drawn closer together.

The next morning, Tangning awoke to the blinding light of the sun shining through the window. To her surprise, the spot beside her was already empty.

Tangning thought Mo Ting had already left, but...he was actually waiting for her patiently in the living room whilst flipping through some documents.

"I've prepared some new clothes in the bathroom for you. We will leave after you freshen up."

Tangning nodded obediently as she turned towards the bathroom. At that moment, her phone suddenly was Han Yufan.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting awkwardly as he charmingly lifted one eyebrow and asked, "Do you want me to pick it up?"

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