Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 13: I am on Your Side

Chapter 13: I am on Your Side

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News of hf’s request to swap spokesperson quickly spread throughout the industry…

Mo Ting also heard the news during his downtime. To him, if his company received the hf spokeperson deal, even the lowest ranked model wouldn’t bat an eyelid. But, to Tangning, it meant she had successfully retrieved what belonged to her from Mo Yurou. So, he immediately made a phone call to Tangning, "You did well."

Tangning gave a gentle laugh and then gratefully replied, "To be praised by you makes me happier than anything else."

"I will wait for you…to get back to the number one spot."

This time, Tangning simply responded with two words: "I will!" It was time to return to Tianyi to face Mo Yurou’s ugly attitude.

At the time the word was being spread, Mo Yurou was still sleeping sweetly in Han Yufan’s home. Last night, she had run directly from the hospital to Han Yufan’s home and used guilt to hold on to him for the entire night – not letting him make any phone calls to Tangning. Anything she had in her grasp, others…shouldn’t dream of taking – especially Tangning, who always seemed to be against her.

Her assistant was impatient and flustered as he reached the house. He opened the news for Mo Yurou to see and her first reaction was one of disbelief, "hf’s spokesperson was already set, there’s no way they could change it."

"Yurou, this is real. President Han received a phone call from hf this afternoon. They personally told him they wanted to swap the spokesperson to Tangning, or else, they would rather work with another company." Her assistant pointed to the news in front of them with an urgent and angry expression, "What exactly did Tangning do? If she wanted to secure a deal, why did it have to be your deal?"

"Let’s go back to the office. This incident, I want Yufan to give me an explanation in person." Mo Yurou knew that if she was to discuss the matter with Han Yufan over the phone or at home, he would somehow sweet talk his way out of it. So, she decided to return to the office and face the issue head-on, this way he would be forced to deal with it professionally.

Meanwhile, Han Yufan was already bruised and battered. hf were so determined to directly swap Mo Yurou for Tangning, but he knew this was going to hurt Mo Yurou greatly. However, did he have the right to say no? In the end, he wasn’t going to go against money.

Just as Han Yufan was thinking of a way to comfort Mo Yurou; Mo Yurou, with the aid of her assistant, entered the room in a wheelchair. She arrived just before Tangning with a difference of a few hundred meters.

"Yufan, what is all this? How could the spokesperson deal, that belonged to me, get taken by Tangning?"

Han Yufan gestured for his assistant to leave the room. As soon as the room was left with just the two of them, Han Yufan approached Mo Yurou and embraced her in a hug, "Yurou, this was beyond my control. I’ll help you secure an even better deal."

"You know as well as I do that Mr. Eugene from hf is the brother of Miss Erin, who is one of the judges at the Top Ten Model Awards. This deal was really important to me and most importantly, how could you hand it over to Tangning?" Mo Yurou angrily pushed Han Yufan away, her voice was shaky. "She already stole you from me, wasn’t that enough? Why does she have to fight over everything with me? I don’t care…if I lose this deal, then I don’t want this child. I won’t stay at Tianyi either."

"Don’t speak out of anger," Han Yufan tried to control her temper, "How could you give up on our child so easily? You know that I’m on your side, however, this time, hf was determined…"

"Tangning’s already given up so many times in the past, what’s another time? She’s about to get married to you, why does she need the deal anyway?"

After hearing Mo Yurou’s reasoning, Han Yufan felt it made sense. According to Tangning’s personality, she has given up her chance at a lot of things in the past, one more time isn’t going to matter to her. He was certain she would agree, so he comforted Mo Yurou, "I will speak to her about it. Don’t be angry, OK?"

Mo Yurou bawled her eyes out as she fell into Han Yufan’s arms. At this time, there was a knock on the door; Tangning and Long Jie had returned to the office.

Mo Yurou immediately held back her tears and distanced herself from Han Yufan, looking at him like she was being treated unfairly. Until Tangning pushed open the door and entered the room.

"Tangning, where did you go last night? Did you know I looked for you all night?" Han Yufan asked one question after another.

Tangning glanced at him and then at Mo Yurou.

"It’s all a misunderstanding between Yurou and I. I’ve already released a statement to clear it all up. Don’t make a fuss over it, will you?"

Tangning looked away without a word. She knew very well what Han Yufan meant by 'looking for her all night'. He had obviously been searching so hard he ended up searching in bed with Mo Yurou. Otherwise, there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed she no longer lived in her original home.

"Too bad, the issue with Miss Mo and I isn’t a misunderstanding…" Tangning spoke calmly, "I helped her so many times, yet she turned around and bit me. In both your eyes, am I that easy to bully?"

"Tangning, Yurou was worried there were reporters around, so that was the only thing she could do!"

"Really?" Tangning questioned suspiciously.

"Regardless, this incident is over, let’s not dwell on it. As for the hf spokesperson deal, how about you return it to Yurou. This deal is very important to her. You’ve already retreated and won’t be doing any shows, so…you have no use being spokesperson," Han Yufan said straightforwardly with the tone of a superior, forcing Tangning to hand over the deal back to Mo Yurou.

"Exactly, Tangning, you haven’t done a show for so many years, you’re not even familiar with the stage anymore…" Mo Yurou added, "On top of everything, the deal was originally mine anyway. hf must have thought, since I was injured I wouldn’t be able to recover in time, that’s why they chose you. You don’t want to be a substitute, do you?"

"These words, coming from Miss Mo, sound a bit ironic," Tangning responded coldly forcing Han Yufan to snap back, "Tangning, you weren’t like this before. If you still love me, you wouldn’t take on this deal. For the sake of the company’s future, we need Yurou to win the award so we can elevate our company’s standing in the industry."

Han Yufan’s words obviously carried a threatening tone. He had gone so far as to use love as a reason.

Listening up to this point, Mo Yurou was laughing on the inside. She knew Tangning would do anything for Han Yufan, let alone give up a deal.

"Yufan, quick, give hf a call. Let them know Tangning is too busy planning her wedding and can’t take on any new jobs…"

Han Yufan nodded reaching for the phone. But, just as he grabbed hold of it, Tangning stopped him, "The deal…I have already accepted it."

"Tangning!" Han Yufan exclaimed in shock, Tangning had never gone against any of his decisions before.

"Don’t forget, I am also a model of Tianyi Entertainment. Actually, I’ve already spoken to hf’s founder, Mr. Eugene, and he is looking forward to working together."

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