Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 200: I'll Take Care of What Happens Outside Our Home, While You Take Care of the Inside

Chapter 200: I'll Take Care of What Happens Outside Our Home, While You Take Care of the Inside

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In order to find out about Han Xiner's exact condition, Luo Hao instructed someone to retrieve the note he scrunched up from the bin. He then secretly found the girl's address.

The girl didn't expect Luo Hao to show up at her house. Assuming he had a message from Tangning, she quickly let Luo Hao into the house cheerily.

"Did you come today to tell me Xiner will be saved?"

Luo Hao looked at the naive expression on the girl's face and gently curved his lips upwards, "Can you tell me Han Xiner's current condition?"

The girl thought for a moment before sitting down on the sofa beside Luo Hao. She hesitantly started explaining, "I met Xiner in high school and we later went to study abroad together. Unfortunately, Xiner's kidneys weren't well and we had no luck looking for a compatible donor."

"Eventually, Xiner's illness worsened, so we decided to return to China. At that time, Han Yufan brought Tangning along to do a compatibility test. After all the failed compatibility tests in the past, Tangning was the only one that was completely compatible."

The girl lowered her head and sighed, "Afterwards, we found out about the incident with Tianyi. Xiner knew her brother was in the wrong, so she didn't bring up Tangning's promise again; she knew the Han family owed Tangning too much."

"Because of this, Xiner had a huge argument with the Han family. Right now, she is all alone in the hospital."

"Actually, I wanted to look for Tangning a long time ago. But...Xiner kept stopping me. However, Xiner's condition has continued to worsen, I'm seriously afraid she won't be able to make it. So...I had no choice but to look for Tangning."

"Tangning belongs to your agency, right? That's why I came to look for you..." The girl was an outsider to the industry and had no idea how dark and dirty it was. She simply found out that Tangning belonged to Cheng Tian, but she had no idea how bad Tangning's relationship with Cheng Tian was.

"I've tolerated for long enough. Since Tangning made a promise, she should follow through. Even the doctor has said that a normal person can continue normal bodily functions with one kidney."

After hearing the girl's explanation, Luo Hao weighed up the situation in his mind before asking, "Is she in a serious condition?"

"Her kidneys are failing and dialysis has not been enough to alleviate her pain..." the girl replied as her voice choked.

Luo Hao nodded, "I've already contacted Tangning. But...she doesn't seem to recall this matter and has not given me a proper answer. Plus, she is currently in London and I have no way of conversing with her in person."

The girls face turned pale as she bit her lip. In the end, she nodded her head, "No matter what, thank you."

"You're welcome." After speaking, Luo Hao stood up. As he left, he heard the girl mumble a few words behind him, "People from the entertainment industry really can't be trusted and Tangning is no different. I feel bad that Xiner was actually concerned about her!"

However, she had no idea, Luo Hao had never contacted Tangning.

Of course, this wasn't the first time he did something like this. Keeping secrets and deliberately provoking both sides - this was his usual method of dealing with things.

It didn't matter to him - even if a life was involved!


It was night time in London. Tangning was preparing dinner for Mo Ting in their manor. In order to reduce Mo Ting's tiredness, she limited Mo Ting to 2 hours of work per day. The remainder of his time was spent on accompanying her at work and relieving stress.

Mo Ting leaned against the kitchen doorway with his arms crossed as he watched Tangning busily cooking. His lips subconsciously revealed a smile.

So...this was how it felt to be controlled by someone. It turned out, Tangning had such a powerful side to her...

Of course, Mo Ting had always prohibited Tangning from entering the kitchen and was especially afraid of her holding knives. So, everything they bought was pre-prepared. After quickly putting the ingredients together, dinner was ready.

After dinner, the couple sat on the sofa leaning against each other as they watched a movie.

Previously, Tangning had always been the one to lie in Mo Ting's embrace. But now, Mo Ting was the one to lay on her thigh as he used it as a pillow.

After they felt tired, they headed for the bed and lay facing each other. Tangning reached out her hand to stroke Mo Ting's face as she spoke in a soft voice, "Did you know you really scared me?"

"Uh huh," Mo Ting gently nodded his head.

This silly girl, she wasn't simply scared, she was frightened to the point of tears...

"What will you do from now on? Will you hide in the resting lounge all by yourself and endure the pain?"

Mo Ting looked into Tangning's eyes as he finally wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her into his embrace, placing her head upon his chest, "I'm so glad to have you."

What else could he wish for in this life?

He already had someone who constantly had him in her heart.

Tangning lay on top of Mo Ting's body and buried her face into his chest as she reached out her arms to embrace his waist, "Ting...don't get sick."

"Uh huh."

At this moment, Mo Ting was like a king that had been domesticated. To the outside world, he was fierce and powerful, but in front of Tangning he was allowed to show his weakness and be the one to be treasured and loved. It turned out, the relationship between a man and woman...could also be like this.

Whether they were the one to love or be loved, they were equally happy.

"After my work is complete tomorrow, we will return to Beijing."

After hearing Tangning's words, Mo Ting shook his head, "In terms of our lifestyle, I can listen to you, but in terms of work, you must listen to me. After JK's work, I've sent a huge offer to your email. You are currently in a period of advancement, if you miss this opportunity or reject it, then your work with JK would all go to waste."


"I only had a migraine. It's not like it's an endless pain."

Tangning remained silent as she weighed the cons and pros. She knew as well as Mo Ting, if she was to miss this international offer, then she wouldn't know how long she'd have to wait before an opportunity like this came around again.

"In that case, you should rest for another two days."

"As I said before, when it comes to our lifestyle, I'll listen to you," Mo Ting did not retaliate as he whispered beside Tangning's ear, "I'll take care of what happens outside our home, while you take care of the inside."

Tangning smiled as she found a comfortable spot in Mo Ting's embrace and fell asleep. After an entire day of work, she was much too tired.

This time, she was only one step away from being an international supermodel...

She really hoped everything would run smoothly...


Luo Hao had already planted a ticking time bomb.


Compared to the warm and comforting atmosphere in the bedroom, the atmosphere in the study room between Lu Che and Long Jie was quite miserable.

One of them had to deal with the matters at Hai Rui, while the other had to look through Tangning's contracts.

But, while Lu Che was working hard, Long Jie couldn't help but smile as she peeked at him from behind...


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