Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 300: To Go Up Against Mo Ting, I Need Some Weight Behind Me

Chapter 300: To Go Up Against Mo Ting, I Need Some Weight Behind Me

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"Taking over Hai Rui..." Lin Chong repeated. He then replied, "Although I don't want to admit it, Mo Ting is indeed a very capable leader, no one can deny it. Plus, with Mo Ting around, the unfairness in the industry is currently being controlled. Without Mo Ting, Hai Rui will just be another typical entertainment agency."

"The entertainment industry has always served the purpose of fame and fortune. Haven't you been trailing Tangning for the purpose of fame?" the man sharply pointed out Lin Chong's hidden desire. "The entertainment industry I want is prosperous and filled with competition. Not the entertainment industry that Mo Ting wants, which keeps everyone in their place."

"Plus, did you really think Mo Ting is just and fair? At least when it comes to Tangning, Mo Ting is no longer the same Mo Ting."

"I need to think about it," Lin Chong handed the cheque back. "After all, to go up against Mo Ting, I need some weight behind me."

"Up to you," the man said without a care. "Just don't blame me for not warning you. After I take over Hai Rui, you will no longer have a place to survive in Beijing."

Lin Chong wasn't stupid, he wasn't going to let a few words scare him into siding with the man. But, right now was indeed not the right time to deal with Tangning.

She had already been labelled as 'Mo Ting's woman'.

Plus, Hai Rui had just settled some chaos.


As the car drove into Hyatt Regency, it was already midnight. The couple silently entered their home. As soon as Tangning turned on the lights, Mo Ting stretched out his arms to hug her as he whispered in her ear, "Let me hug you like this for a bit."

Tangning did not say anything. She simply felt, the weight on Mo Ting's shoulders, were so heavy it made her heart ache.

Taking over Star King didn't make her happy. It wasn't something Mo Ting had ever wanted.

"In front of me, you are allowed to show your weaknesses," Tangning patted Mo Ting's back, "When you need me, I can be your most stable and reliable shoulder to lean on."

"I can't believe Old Man Quan passed away old and lonely...I suddenly feel a little scared. If you had not appeared in my life, perhaps in the end, I would have died all alone too."

Tangning could sense Mo Ting's embrace tightening around her. So she removed Mo Ting's jacket and buried herself in his arms.

"It turns out, loneliness is such a scary thing."

"You must be tired. Let's have a bath and then go get some rest..." Tangning eventually turned on all the lights, held onto Mo Ting's hand and led him to the bedroom.

While she was filling up the bathtub, a question suddenly popped up in Tangning's head.

All along, she had been well aware of her own goals. She had a dream; she wanted to become an international supermodel.

But, what about Mo Ting?

He had never mentioned his goals to her. He spent every day occupied with helping others get rich and famous, but never stopped to think or do anything for himself.

"What are you thinking about?" Mo Ting entered the bathroom and asked as he saw Tangning in a daze.

"I was wondering whether becoming the CEO of Hai Rui was your dream?" Tangning replied.

Mo Ting removed his robe and stopped in his tracks. After stepping into the bathtub, he finally shook his head, "No."

"Then, what was your dream?"

"Becoming a screenwriter," Mo Ting laughed. He then waved at Tangning, "Come in."

Tangning smiled as she removed her robe and stepped into the bathtub. She then leaned against Mo Ting's chest. Of course, before she did this, she had to double check Mo Ting's injury, "In a minute, I'll help you rebandage it."

Mo Ting had achieved the dream that others wanted. But, no one knew what he truly wanted. Tangning's previous assumptions were right, 'Stupid' definitely had something to do with Mo Ting. Back when Mo Ting explained the story to her, she had already sensed that Mo Ting's expression was different to when he talked about other things.

"I haven't asked you, have you decided on the female lead for 'Stupid'?"

"Not yet," Mo Ting replied with his eyes closed, "I haven't found anyone suitable."

"Oh," Tangning replied gently without continuing with the topic. After quite some time, she suddenly said, "I want to have a look at the script."

Mo Ting looked like he had fallen asleep, so Tangning assumed he hadn't heard her. But, after the couple returned to the bedroom, Mo Ting suddenly retrieved the script from his drawers and handed it to Tangning, "Have a look at it when you have time. It is too late right now."

"Uh huh," Tanging nodded her head. "By the way, can you give me your login details for your social media account? I want to go look at some of the comments..."

Mo Ting pulled out his phone, entered his login details and handed it to Tangning.

Tangning had a quick browse on the phone before closing it up and entering into dreamland with Mo Ting. However...

...the next morning, Mo Ting's social media account once again exploded. Because underneath Mo Ting's revelation post, Tangning had left a message. Of course, she had typed it using Mo Ting's account, making him sound like he was talking to himself, but the fans quickly understood what was going on. The content of the message undoubtedly sounded like Tangning, "At that time, my shoes were too tight and rubbed against my feet as I walked. So, President Mo said, 'Hop on, I'll carry you'."

The fans were fed a mouthful of dog food. Being able to witness the interaction between the couple so early in the morning, lightened everyone's mood.

"I don't care. I plan to be infatuated by this couple for the rest of my life."

"Oh Oh Oh! Tangning left the message at 1am in the morning. What were they doing together so late at night?!"

"The commenter above, don't be so dirty minded, a lot happened yesterday. Someone said they spotted them at the hospital, you can find photos online. Tangning rushed to the hospital bare-faced. It seems President Mo was injured."

"What? Injured? Was it serious?"

"Haiz...I really want to know the latest news regarding them, but I haven't received any updates. This feeling is such torture."

Mo Ting's feed was filled with the cries of fans. However, towards his relationship with Tangning, they gave their well wishes and supported it. According to fans, the couple's secretive relationship was different to the hype created by celebrities. With one glance, it was obvious to see that Tangning and Mo Ting were meant to last a lifetime.

Actually, there were plenty of clues online that led to the idea that the two had been together from a long time ago. But, Tangning had never used her relationship with Mo Ting to help herself advance. This made many people believe that they were truly in love and refused to use each other for personal gain.

Fans even questioned a few so-called entertainment bloggers for their thoughts.

The response they got was, "Within the industry, they have long been in a semi-announced state. Simply looking at President Mo, it is obvious to tell he is truly in love. As for Tangning, she too loves President Mo. The couple don't put on any acts and is exactly how they appear."

"I have my hopes up for them. If you don't believe me, I hereby declare on this post that 10 years from now they will still be together and still as much in love."

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