Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 350: What About the Tang Family?

Chapter 350: What About the Tang Family?



"I trust you've already made the decision for me," Tangning said in seriousness as she looked at Mo Ting, "Plus, I'm sure it is the most suitable decision."

"I've accepted a role for you that I'm sure you will like. is a supporting character."

Tangning smiled as she held onto Mo Ting's hands tighter; in this entire world, only Mo Ting understood her.

He understood that she liked doing things the honest way and he understood that she was afraid of being framed and banned. That's why he chose to help her start from the bottom as a supporting character. He also understood that she was desperate to improve her acting skills. All this, he knew.

"I don't care whether I'm a supporting character or not, As long as I am the main character in your life, nothing else matters. After will stay by my side for the rest of my life, right?"

Mo Ting carried her in his arms towards the car. His originally stern and good looking face had now turned unusually soft, "Mrs. Mo, we are about to announce our marriage. Don't you think it's too late for you to ask a question like this?"

Tangning smiled slightly.

After boarding the car, Tangning peacefully leaned into Mo Ting's embrace.

As soon as they arrived home, Mo Ting handed her the script from the new film. With one glance, Tangning fell in love with the character.

The film was called 'Hidden Expert'. It was set during the Yue Dynasty and was about a warlord. Due to competition within the kingdom, the warlord almost died in the hands of his own twin brother, so after recovering from his injuries, he decided to hide-out in the forest. It was not until many years later that he finally returned to the palace and retrieved what was rightfully his. As for Tangning, she would be playing the role of a trouble-making girl disguised as a boy. Her character was spoilt and lazy and followed the lord for many years. In the end, she stands in the way of a sword to protect the lord and ends up dying...

A girl dressed as a boy, who was also a troublemaker...

Most important of all was the male lead...

Tangning looked doubtfully at Mo Ting, "Acting with him will put a lot of pressure on me."

"But the opportunity is rare..."

Mo Ting was already set on his decision. He wanted to give Tangning a chance to improve her acting. So...even if she had to act with an actor with a weird personality, he was still determined.

Tangning looked at the character; it definitely struck her fancy. So, in the end, she answered, "I'll do it."


Over the next few days, the words, 'Tangning's acting ability', stuck to the top of search rankings. This was due to the circulation of Tangning's audition video. Of course, having her acting ability proven was definitely a good thing, but it also created a lot of problems. For example, exaggeration was a huge problem, especially from fans. At times like this, it was easy for someone to use this against her.

Tangning knew this better than anyone, because she had once done something similar to Mo Yurou.

Right at this moment, for example, someone was comparing her to a few big names in the industry and creating enemies for her; those in the limelight always attracted problems.

Not long after, 'Gunshot' officially announced that they would be casting Zhang Yidan as their female lead. The funny thing was, everyone already knew that Tangning had rejected the role.

Everyone started making assumptions. According to Hai Rui's background and capabilities, obtaining the best resources for Tangning wouldn't be difficult - even if it meant sending her to Hollywood.

But, like this, Tangning attracted way too much attention. Even if she was to obtain the best resource, people would not be willing to accept it.

Just like the most recent recipient of the Fei Tian Best Supporting Actress Award.

The recipient's acting was obviously horrible, but because her husband had really good contacts, she ended up receiving the best-supporting-actress award.

So, no one understood the point of receiving the award. An award that didn't receive any acknowledgment, when held in one's hands, would not ignite any feelings of passion because it didn't live up to its name.

Coincidentally, at this time, a huge IP drama was also auditioning. The producer of theIP drama1mentioned Tangning's name briefly to the reporters. As a result, everyone started assuming that Tangning would become the female lead...

"Tangning's acting is decent, but didn't they previously confirm that OUR idol would be the female lead?"

"I feel the netizens have hyped up Tangning too much. She barely passes in my eyes."

"By boosting Tangning so high, aren't Hai Rui afraid she would come falling down?"

Unfortunately for the rumors, a few days later, Hai Rui officially announced that Tangning would be playing the supporting role of Xiao Xi in 'Hidden Expert' and had nothing to do with any IP drama. The main point was, she was only playing a supporting role!

Simply a supporting role!

The public were won-over. Towards Hai Rui's handling of matters and Mo Ting's EQ, they were completely convinced!


The last few scenes of 'Stupid' were expected to be completed in the next 2-3 days. As soon as Tangning finished her filming for the day, Long Jie asked for a few days break, "This time, I really can't avoid it. I need to go meet Lu Che's parents."

Tangning was in the process of removing her makeup. Seeing Long Jie's anxious expression, Tangning shook her head, "You've never been afraid of anything. Don't tell me you can't handle a mother and father-in-law..."

"I'm nervous..." Long Jie whined as she shook Tangning's shoulder. "You're only calm because Boss is holding it back for you. Once your marriage is announced, you won't be able to avoid meeting the parents either!"

"When that times, you will also worry whether you will meet their expectations."

Tangning lowered her head and felt that Long Jie was right, "Lu Che will help you."

"By the way, since I won't be around for a few days, do you want me to find a temporary assistant for you?"

"Don't worry too much, Ting will naturally make arrangements." After speaking, Tangning turned back to the mirror and continued removing her makeup.

"In that case, I'm going to leave you to it..." Long Jie looked at the time and quickly retreated, "I haven't packed for my flight tonight yet, so I'm going to leave first."

As she watched Long Jie leave, Tangning gave Mo Ting a phone call, "My filming is about to wrap up but Long Jie has taken a few days off. Ting, I need a temporary assistant."

"It seems I will need to personally provide my assistance."

"I have someone in mind, but I'm not sure if you will agree," Tangning suddenly suggested, "Xiner has almost fully recovered, why don't I call her over to help?"

"I'll get Fang Yu to contact her," Mo Ting always satisfied Tangning's requests.

"I'll wait for the good news then." After their conversation was over, Mo Ting was about to hang up the phone, but Tangning suddenly held him back, "Long Jie and Lu Che went home together. What I mean is...they went to meet Lu Che's parents. Should I also make preparations to see the Mo Family?"

"What about the Tang Family?" Mo Ting asked back. "I've already prepared a gift for your grandfather. If you still care about him, I can send someone to bring it to him."

"Only you would be so thoughtful," Tangning held back her choked up voice and melting heart. After taking a deep breath, she replied, "Send it over. After all...they should know that I've gotten married."

"OK, I'll make arrangements. You don't need to worry."

Announcing their marriage would mean taking a new step and opening themselves up to a new life...

As Mo Ting thought about being able to hug Tangning officially without any worries, he felt extremely happy and excited.

So it was true, when loving someone, one would find themselves falling deeper and deeper in love...

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