Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 450: Follow The Doctor's Instructions

Chapter 450: Follow The Doctor's Instructions

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By the time Tangning returned home, the sun had just set, so Mo Ting was still at work.

Tangning stood in the living room and scanned the home that they had created together. As she thought about the life they had shared for the past year, her heart filled with sweetness.

Tomorrow was their wedding anniversary. In the past year, she had been through many ups and downs, and pulled through many storms. The only thing that kept her happy, was the fact that Mo Ting was still by her side.

As she looked at the time, she noticed it was still early. Initially, she wanted to prepare a delicious dinner for Mo Ting, but then, she suddenly received a phone call from Long Jie.

Tangning thought Long Jie called to congratulate her on her wedding anniversary. But, when she picked up, all she heard was Long Jie's anxious voice, "Tangning are you on set? I'll come look for you right now."

"I'm at home, what's wrong?" Tangning felt her entire body tense up because of Long Jie's tone.

"I don't know who to turn to. I can only talk to you..."

"Tell me, what's wrong?" Tangning could tell that Long Jie was crying. But, logically speaking, Lu Che couldn't have possibly bullied her.

"I am in the obstetrics and gynecology unit of Beijing hospital."

Tangning froze. Long Jie had been trying to get pregnant for a while, but had not had any luck. Was it possible that there was something wrong with her body? Tangning did not think any further into it. She simply comforted Long Jie, "Don't panic. Send me the address and I'll come straight away."

"Don't tell Lu Che," Long Jie said in between sobs before she sent her location to Tangning.

In order not to be recognized, Tangning put on a light disguise and started driving to the hospital. 40 minutes later, she entered the hospital frantically as she tried to look for Long Jie. Finally, she spotted her sitting in Clinic 2.

"What happened?"

Long Jie's eyes were red and swollen as she leaned over and whispered in Tangning's ear. Tangning was stunned for a moment, but quickly tried to comfort her, "You'll be fine. Follow the doctor's instructions."

It turned out, she had been bleeding abnormally and the doctor suspected that she was pregnant, but had a miscarriage. Long Jie was terrified, so she immediately gave Tangning a phone call.

"Why didn't you call Lu Che?"

"He has been very stressed at work lately. I don't want him to feel disappointed," Long Jie sighed. Her gaze was filled with guilt and anger, "How could I be so careless? We tried for so long to have a child..."

"Don't scare yourself," Tangning comforted as she hugged her. "Let's do the examination first."

"I'm not brave enough," Long Jie was afraid. She was afraid that the results would be exactly what the doctor predicted; that she had been pregnant, but unfortunately had a miscarriage.

If that was the case, how was she to accept it?

"I'm​ really scared...I really want to give Lu Che a child."

"How about we do the exam together, then?" Tangning thought of a way to encourage Long Jie. "The doctor is only guessing at the moment. You still need to go through a thorough examination. Since I was supposed to do an exam tomorrow anyway, I might as well do it with you right now."

"Plus, what if you are actually pregnant and did not have a miscarriage. If you don't get a proper check up, have you thought about the consequences?"

After hearing Tangning's words, Long Jie was convinced, so she finally nodded her head, "Let's do it together then..."

"Yes, I'll do it with you."

Tangning asked the doctor to immediately prepare, but because there were too many people waiting to be examined, the doctor first arranged for them to do a hCG blood test just in case the ultrasound wasn't clear.

The hospital was very thoughtful. Because of Tangning's identity, they tried their best to maintain confidentiality as they did the test her.

"Miss Tang, you can get your results in roughly 6 hours. Will you be waiting in the hospital for it?" the doctor asked.

"I'll first accompany my friend for an ultrasound."

"OK, we will organize your ultrasounds as soon as possible." After speaking, the doctor turned to leave, but Tangning suddenly held him back and said in a gentle voice, "Don't worry about doing the ultrasound for me." After all, they did not have proper confidentiality procedures in place, if anyone snapped a photo of her, she would end up on the headlines again. She had merely agreed to a blood test to convince Long Jie, but there was no need for her to do an ultrasound as well.

"OK," the doctor nodded and turned to leave.

Tangning accompanied Long Jie in the doctor's office as she tried to calm her nerves. A moment later, she received a phone call from Mo Ting asking if she was still on set.

Tangning looked at Long Jie and saw her shaking her head, so she replied, "I haven't seen Long Jie in a long time, so we're just catching up. I'll be home later tonight."

"In that case, do you want me to cook dinner and wait for you?"

"It's fine, Ting. You eat dinner first and get some rest."

Mo Ting did not ask any further. He simply reminded her to stay safe and not to stay out too late.

After hanging up the phone, Tangning continued to keep Long Jie company at the hospital. A little while later, the doctor notified Long Jie that she could begin her ultrasound.

Long Jie gripped onto Tangning's hand nervously, so Tangning had no choice but to enter the room with her. At first, the doctor furrowed his brows at what he saw. He then explained, "You aren't pregnant. I think it's just your period. There's nothing to worry about."

After hearing her results, Long Jie was disappointed at first, but then she quickly comforted herself: at least she did not have a miscarriage...Things could have been worse.

"What about my body..."

"Your body is fine, there is nothing wrong with your health. Don't scare yourself," the doctor smiled as he put down the equipment in his hands. "Pregnancy sometimes depends on fate. Don't force yourself too much, it will make it harder for you to fall pregnant."

Tangning helped Long Jie out of bed and helped her change her clothes, "Do you feel better now?"

Long Jie contemplated for a while and finally let out a sigh of relief. At least there was nothing wrong with her body. However, she still felt her knees were weak and body cold.

Not long after, the two women left the hospital. Tangning looked at Long Jie and asked, "Why do you always keep this stuff to yourself and not tell Lu Che?"

"Can't you trust him?"

"It's not to do with trust...It's because I care about him too much and am afraid he would be disappointed."

Tangning looked at Long Jie and wondered when Long Jie started devaluing herself in the marriage. After all, Lu Che was also putting in a lot of effort.

"From now on, if you have issues like this again, it's either you tell him or I'll tell him - your choice," Tangning said firmly. "Stop assuming things and making it difficult for Lu Che."

"Would he feel that way?" Long Jie asked cautiously.

"If I was Lu Che and I found out that you hadn't called me first, I would be quite upset," Tangning said straightforwardly. "Lu Che likes you for you. But, for the sake of having a child, why do I feel like you haven't been yourself lately?"

"Do you want to leave after getting your blood test results?" Long Jie reminded as they wandered further from the hospital.

"It's not important. I've left my phone number. They will contact me when they have the results..."

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