Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 600: Do You Think My Hatred For Her Is Small?

Chapter 600: Do You Think My Hatred For Her Is Small?

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"Tang Xuan tried to remove Tangning's uterus and even sold information about her to others. How does she deserve to be a mother? Mothers would never be able to do something as disgusting as this."

"You guys may feel pity for Tang Xuan right now. But, I can bet, if the Tang Family hadn't taken away her child, she would have used it as leverage to threaten the Tang's."

"I really don't know how, at this point, there could still be anyone that feels sympathy for her. Entertainment gossip is just to kill time. After you've taken a look at it, then move on. Why bother attacking Tang Corps and Tangning?"

Xia Yuling's standpoint was firm. She clearly expressed to everyone that Tang Corps did not owe Tang Xuan anything and they no longer had anything to do with her.

With the addition of Hai Rui's power, Tang Xuan's incident was automatically suppressed so that it could no longer linger around to waste everyone's time and energy.

As a result, Tang Xuan injured herself for nothing.

In this world, not a simple person felt sympathy for her any more. She had completely become 'The boy who cried wolf'.

Inside the hospital room, Tang Xuan had just awoken.

She froze as she watched the entertainment news. At this time, the nurse lowered her head and said to her, "The driver that hit you has already paid for your hospital fees this time. As for the money you owed previously - based on morals - the hospital will complete your treatment without pursuing you for it. But, afterwards, we hope that Miss Tang can leave immediately."

Their so-called morals was merely fear that Tang Xuan would cause an even bigger problem.

The amount of paparazzi that surrounded them everyday, had already interfered with the order of the hospital.

In reality, the hospital had come to this compromise because they had previously received donations from Tang Corps. To stabilize Tang Xuan, this was the decision that the hospital board finally came to. Even though, up until the last votes were cast, the hospital staff did not want to accept this result.

Because, they obviously knew what type of person she was, yet they had to treat her well with good food, drink and shelter. This was like staring at a pile of sh*t, yet eating it even though one knew what it was.

If she had been a good person, they would have been more than willing.

But, for a person to be capable of receiving hate from the entire nation, regardless of their age and gender, they would have to be extremely skilled. Yet, Tang Xuan obviously achieved it.

Meanwhile, lying in bed, Tang Xuan's mind was completely blank. After quite some time, she finally asked, "Why didn't the driver just kill me?"

"Give the driver a break. He is innocent. He is a young entrepreneur that just started up his business. By running out like that, you caused him to hand over the only bit of cash that he had."

"Tang Xuan, you aren't the only person in this world. Don't think of yourself so highly; the world doesn't revolve around you."

"The difference between you and Tangning has nothing to do with appearance nor other factors. The difference is simply your heart."

"And one more thing that I almost forgot to tell you. Your left leg may be slightly crippled from now on."

After speaking, the nurse looked at Tang Xuan helplessly before she turned and left the room.


Tang Xuan suddenly burst out into tears and laughter. It seemed, everytime she thought of a way to go against Tangning, Tangning would end up better off while she would become even more pitiful.

"I give up. I can't compete with her anymore..."

"But, is there anyone that could help me?"

The answer was, of course, no!


Because of their background with Tang Xuan, Tang Corps successfully freed themselves from the incident and wasn't implicated. On top of that, Xia Yuling clearly showed that she was firm on her decision to never forgive someone that had tried to hurt her family.

Tangning did not involve herself in this incident at all, she merely stayed at home and focused on her pregnancy. Of course, she wasn't sure whether Hua Wenfeng would be pleased by this result.

At this moment, the two women were sitting in the living room watching the news. Seeing Xia Yuling appear on the screen, Hua Wenfeng turned to Tangning and asked, "Xiao Ning, when can I meet your mother?"

"Oh, mom...I'm sorry, I should have made arrangements earlier. I have been too inconsiderate," Tangning replied in a humble manner.

When one couldn't read the other person, the best option was to retreat.

By always admitting to be the one in the wrong, the other party's anger could be reduced by at least half.

"I will make a phone call to arrange it right now..."

"No rush," Hua Wenfeng put down the remote in her hand and walked over to Tangning, "Is your mother currently in charge at Tang Corps?"

"Yes. I am currently pregnant, so there are a lot of things that are inconvenient for me to handle."

"That's true. We can talk about it again after you give birth," Hua Wenfeng smiled.

From the sounds of it, Tangning gathered that Hua Wenfeng wanted her to return to Tang Corps and take over.

This made Tangning feel slightly uncomfortable. Although Hua Wenfeng did not directly cast judgment on her and Mo Ting's life, she hinted it in her words.

"By the way, I've arranged to have dinner with the professor from the biological research institute. He used to be Mo Ting's doctor and took care of him for many years. Will you have time tomorrow to accompany me?"

Tangning nodded her head to the invitation without hesitation, "Of course I do, mom."


During the battle of two flawless people, the victor could not be determined on the surface. Because neither party made any mistakes for the other to latch onto.

Tangning could open her heart to Mo Ting, but...

...she couldn't say a word of how she really felt in front of Hua Wenfeng.

Since ancient times, the study of the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, had always been difficult. Even for her, there was no exception.

Not long after, Mo Ting arrived home. Seeing the expressions on Tangning and Hua Wenfeng's face, he could roughly guess what had happened.

So, he directly sat down beside Tangning and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He then said to Hua Wenfeng, "Mom...since you're back, there are some things I need to clarify with you."

"I do not want to be a part of some rich-family drama."

"If there's something you want to say, then say it. Stop giving off a weird vibe and stop hinting things in front of Tangning. This is not how we act in this household."

"The woman that I, Mo Ting, have married, is not to be scolded or made to suffer in any way. If you need more servants, I can hire as many as you want. But, I will not allow you to hurt Tangning."

"I don't expect that you will definitely accept Ning..."

"But, please don't interfere in the way that we live our lives."

"You once said that you'd pretend that you had never given birth to me. In that case, please pretend you don't have this daughter-in-law either."

It was originally expected that after hearing these words, Hua Wenfeng would be angered. But, she continued to smile, "Son, I gave birth to you, so, I of course understand you."

"I am not the way you think I am!"

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