Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 650: Indecent Relationship

Chapter 650: Indecent Relationship

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As it was late at night, An Zihao did not go to Chen Xingyan and Annie's apartment. He instead told Chen Xingyan about the changes over the phone so she could be prepared, in case 'The Savage Wars' was sly enough to announce the changes publicly and shock her.

But, An Zihao didn't know how to tell her. As soon as he opened his mouth, all he could say was, "Have you ever been replaced for no reason when you were an extra?"

Chen Xingyan was smart. From An Zihao's tone of voice, she could tell what he was hiding, so the corners of her lips twitched as she asked, "Can I still trust you as my manager? How could a simple action role be replaced?"

"A representative called me directly to say that they were replacing you. In fact, they completely overthrew the contract we had already signed. I'm assuming someone ordered them to do so. I haven't looked for the producers yet, so you should be prepared for the worst."

"I don't know if this incident is an attack on you or me. So, be careful."

Chen Xingyan lay in her bed and rolled her eyes. She may not have many strong points, but she had experienced many ups and downs. Even if she got replaced, she would not feel defeated like Annie.

"That's why I refused to film an American sci-fi film. How could the Americans be trusted?"

"Think of it as experience. Although I don't like the Americans either, I can't deny that they are, in some ways, better than us." After speaking, An Zihao remembered the pain around his hip bone, "By the way, did you kick me yesterday?"

"Yes, I kicked you!" Chen Xingyan revealed straightforwardly. "Did I forget to tell you that I hold grudges?"

"An Zihao, you are very fortunate that I only kicked you three times. I've already noted down the way you've angered me."

An Zihao let out a gentle laugh. His head hurt because of Chen Xingyan; it was too hard to determine her motive and thoughts.

But, it was fine...

Because, taming a person like this was exciting and challenging.


Chen Xingyan answered her phone while she was in the dining room, so Annie practically heard her entire conversation with An Zihao. After all, Chen Xingyan had never been a secretive person, so she never considered keeping her voice down when talking.

"Have you been replaced?" Annie stood in front of the dining table with a glass of milk. Of course, she wouldn't easily give up on a chance to mock Chen Xingyan.

"Yep, I've been replaced. Your wish has come true," Chen Xingyan wasn't upset nor discouraged as she looked at Annie calmly.

"You're not upset?"

"It depends who I'm facing," Chen Xingyan smiled.

"Xingyan, I don't have another meaning to my words..."

"It doesn't matter whether you do or not."

"Since it doesn't matter, let's have a drink to celebrate our losses."

Chen Xingyan thought she had expressed herself clearly: she did not want to talk to Annie anymore. But, Annie ended up approaching her with a wine glass and a bottle of wine. In fact, it was a fairly expensive bottle of red wine.

"This bottle of red wine was prepared by my father to celebrate me securing the role in 'The Savage Wars', but..." Annie explained as she filled Chen Xingyan's wine glass.

Chen Xingyan did not respond at first. Was she kidding? From an early age she had already learned to be wary of others. So, she pretended not to accept Annie's offer and remained seated on the sofa.

Annie appeared relaxed. She did not care what Chen Xingyan was thinking as she picked up her wine glass and inhaled the drink.

After making sure that Annie was fine, Chen Xingyan finally took a small sip.

The two women did not say a word as they took turns drinking from their glass. By the time midnight came around, they were both already on the floor, still holding onto their glasses with flushed cheeks.

Chen Xingyan was an average drinker. Whenever she drank, her body would quickly heat up.

Seeing the situation, Annie spotted her opportunity and gave An Zihao a phone call, "Mr. An, are you asleep?"

"What do you think?" An Zihao was sitting in his study room trying to resolve Chen Xingyan's​ problem.

"Well...Xingyan is a bit upset about being replaced, so she had a few drinks with me tonight and is all heated up now. I originally wanted to take care of her, but I'm not feeling too well either. I was wondering if you could send someone over to take care of her. I'm a bit worried that she's got alcohol poisoning."

"OK, I know what to do. You can go to sleep first," after listening to his phone, An Zihao convinced Annie to sleep first before he stood up, put on his jacket and headed for Chen Xingyan and Annie's apartment.

After arriving at the apartment, the first thing he saw was Chen Xingyan sitting on the floor with a wine bottle in her hands. He shook his head at the sight. Didn't she act like she didn't care about being replaced?

In reality, Chen Xingyan didn't actually care about being replaced. She simply wanted to drink...

An Zihao crossed his arms and let out a laugh before he relaxed and knelt down before Chen Xingyan. He then gently slapped her face, "Wake up, you drunkard!"

Chen Xingyan opened her eyes. Seeing the man in front of her, she couldn't help but touch his body, "Why does my dream feel so real. I can even touch you."

An Zihao: "..."

"Don't think that if you enter my dreams, you have the right to bully me as you please. Let me tell you, I can still bite you!" After speaking, Chen Xingyan pounced onto An Zihao and forced him onto the ground. She then aimed for his neck and bit down without hesitation.

An Zihao couldn't make a sound. He simply held back the pain, "Are you a dog?"

Chen Xingyan was satisfied with her bite. So she lay down on his body and fell asleep.

However, just like Annie had said, Chen Xingyan's body was heating up.

It looked like alcohol poisoning.

An Zhao immediately carried Chen Xingyan into her room and tried to lower her temperature. However, the innocent gesture was painful to watch for Annie.

So, the sight of the two people being affectionate was turned into photos and stored in Annie's phone...

"An Zihao, you just wait to be destroyed."

Annie was determined to completely destroy the two people. In fact, she felt like she could give An Zihao a huge blow.

However, she never imagined, the people she was getting herself implicated with, was Mo Ting's sister and Tangning's good friend...


[Tangning's secret lover involved in another scandal: Takes things too far with stunt double.]

[Exposed: An Zihao treated young models indecently when he was still a manager.]

[Yunxin's death caused by An Zihao's player-like behavior!]

By buying a place on the search rankings, posting a GIF online and allowing the media to hype up previous news, the video of An Zihao and Chen Xingyan quickly appeared on the biggest media outlets.

"People in the entertainment industry have always been this dirty. Isn't An Zihao the director of 'W.H.'? I quite liked him before, but I never imagined him to be so 'liberal'."

"Same with the stunt double. She directly pounced over and bit him."

"The media should learn from this. This is what you call true evidence. We can clearly see them cuddling and entering a room together. This is how you expose someone!"

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the producers of 'The Savage Wars' grabbed onto the perfect timing to announce their reasoning for replacing Chen Xingyan.

"After discovering that the two have an indecent relationship, the producers of 'The Savage Wars' have decided to replace Chen Xingyan."

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