Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 976: I'll Take You To Get Revenge

Chapter 976: I'll Take You To Get Revenge



Li Jin was so frightened that he immediately loosened his grip around Lin Qian. His expression was both shocked and surprised.

In the past, Mo Ting had also reacted in the same way.

He then covered his pale face in his hands as his eyes turned red and tears almost escaped from his eyes.

"We almost thought you were actually abandoning Lin Qian to be with Han Xiao."

After Li Jin heard this, his eyebrows furrowed, not quite understanding the hidden meaning in Tangning's words.

Seeing this, Tangning began to explain everything that happened to Li Jin.

Including all the evil things that the Han Family had done at the Han Family Home as well as at the hospital...

"If it was someone else, I bet my surname that they wouldn't have stuck around. It was only because Lin Qian was confident that she didn't get manipulated by that woman's lies," Tangning took a deep breath. "Li Jin, if you don't provide a suitable response to this entire incident, I'm going to look down on you."

After she was done speaking, Tangning left Li Jin's hospital room. She was 7-8 months pregnant and had already done what she should and could do.

After Li Jin quietly listened to everything Tangning had to say, he began to remember all the operational procedures that Han Xiao had violated during his mission. This was what eventually led to his plane crash. He had yet to chase Han Xiao down for what she had done, yet she was trying to scheme against Lin Qian?

When Li Jin thought about the pain that Lin Qian went through, his heart began to ache.

Luckily, Lin Qian trusted him throughout the entire ordeal.

As she had simply fainted from being too emotional, the hospital organized for Lin Qian to rest beside Li Jin's bed. Li Jin watched as Lin Qian slept and noticed that her face was pale. How many nights had she not had proper sleep? She even wandered into a gorge because of him.

With this thought, Li Jin began to blame himself. From the time that Lin Qian decided to be with him, she had barely experienced a day of happiness. In fact, she was often subjected to various tricks and schemes.

She was pregnant, yet she had to run around and look for her husband.

As he thought about this, he stretched out his arms and pulled the sleeping Lin Qian into his arms, protecting her like she was a precious gem.

Lin Qian was eventually awoken by Li Jin's movements. As she sensed the familiar hug, she also stretched out her arms and returned the embrace.

"Qian Qian, I'm back...and I'm sorry."

"Have you fallen for someone else? Or are you planning to divorce me?" Lin Qian teased.

"I will never divorce you in this lifetime. Lin Qian, even if I have to die, I would never betray the person I love nor our marriage," Li Jin said firmly. "Besides, I never even saw Han Xiao during my mission and my plane crash was all her fault..."

"Didn't she save you?"

Li Jin shook his head, "Qian Qian, I'm going to avenge you for everything you've suffered."

Lin Qian was moved as her eyes turned red. This man was indeed her husband. Although he wasn't much of a sweet talker or a romantic person, he protected her well.

"By the way, since you're already pregnant, why haven't you been resting at home? Why were you running around looking for me?"

"Apart from me, who would go looking for you? I don't care where you are and whether you're dead or torn to shreds, since I'm married to you, I will definitely find you even if it means that I return home with a corpse..."

After hearing this, Li Jin hugged Lin Qian even tighter, "Nothing will happen to me from now on, I promise."

Although she knew that his promise didn't apply when the country was involved, Lin Qian still felt comforted by his words.

Before the couple got to say any other words of affection, Mother Li and Father Li arrived at the hospital. When she saw that her son was safe, Mother Li burst into tears...

Mother Li was a strong woman. In Li Jin's memory, he had never seen his mother cry before.

It seemed, he had really given everyone a fright this time.

The family finally reunited.

Afterwards, Li Jin began to explain the entire incident to his parents.

After Father Li finished listening, he slammed his hands on the table and stood up, "The Han Family is much too despicable! So it was Han Xiao that caused your accident? How dare she tell everyone that she saved you? That's completely disgusting."

"I will definitely report this to the superiors. I refuse to believe that the Han Family can continue living so leisurely."

After much coaxing from Li Jin, Lin Qian finally fell asleep. Meanwhile, Li Jin's heart ached as he looked at his exhausted Qian Qian.

"Dad, I need to respond to this incident for Qian Qian's sake."

"Yes you do. If I was Qian Qian, I would have divorced you when you got back. Look at the trouble you've attracted. You're lucky that Qian Qian trusted you."

"Mom, I know what to do."

As Li Jin said these words, his gaze darkened and a rarely seen foxy slyness appeared in his eyes.

He had never been someone that one could afford to offend.

Meanwhile, the Han Family were still unaware that Li Jin had been successfully saved. In their minds, Li Jin was already buried under a tree somewhere.

To give Lin Qian a satisfactory response, Li Jin decided to befriend Constable Han as well.

"Constable Han, can I ask you for a favor? Since you need to drop by the Han Family Home to find clues regarding the two men that wanted to bury me anyway, why don't you give me a hand?"

Li Jin's motive was simple: he wanted to seek revenge on Lin Qian.

Han Yu felt that this was a very interesting proposal, so of course, he wanted to get involved. Just like Li Jin said, as soon as they found evidence, they would be able to condemn the Han Family, so he naturally had to drop by the Han Family Home to find clues. Therefore, he didn't mind going for a visit.

"When do you want me to go?"

"Tomorrow, when Qian Qian is feeling a little better..." Li Jin replied as he ran his hand through Lin Qian's hair.

"OK, you can contact me when the time comes."

Li Jin nodded and thanked him before he turned to his parents and told them to go home and get some rest. After they were gone, the room finally fell into silence. At this time, he once again pulled Lin Qian firmly into his embrace.

Over the past few days, whenever he was conscious, he repeatedly told himself to keep holding on so he could see Lin Qian again. Even if it was just one glance, he was happy.

And now, the Gods had given him the chance to not only see her, but hold her in his arms. This was perhaps the best gift from the heavens.

During this time, Lin Qian woke up a few times in anger, tears and anxiety.

Li Jin's heart ached so much that his eyes turned red. He never thought that he'd hate Han Xiao so much in his life. How dare she hurt Lin Qian to this extent?

So, the next morning, Li Jin got up nice and early even though he was supposed to remain in bed. When Lin Qian saw this, she reacted in shock, "You're seriously injured..."

"It's nothing," Li Jin chuckled, "Don't underestimate your husband. Wash yourself down a little. I'm going to take you to get revenge."

Although Lin Qian had her doubts, she did not object. After all, she had never been a kind person. This was something that she learned from Tangning.

She did not attack those that did not attack her first!

But, if they provoked her, she would pull them up from the roots!

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