Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 937

Chapter 937: At Your Highest, We Will Genuinely Cheer For You



At the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony.

Tangning arranged for Luo Sheng and Lin Qian to walk down the red carpet together. On the surface, Lin Qian was there to support Luo Sheng as a representative of Superstar Media. But in reality, Lin Qian was actually there to accept an award on behalf of Tangning.

The red carpet was littered with stars. As Lin Qian watched Luo Sheng interact with people within in the industry, she was pleased by his maturity.

Within Superstar Media, Luo Sheng was the youngest, but he had already experienced the fickleness of human nature. As it wasn't easy for him to get to where he was today, he was especially grateful for everything he had.

"The President Huang that I just shook hands with tried to offer me a crazy amount of money to transfer to his agency," Luo Sheng said to Lin Qian as they walked down the red carpet.

Lin Qian was a little surprised as she turned to look at the popular young actor beside her and smiled.

"But, I rejected him because I would never become a second Xia Hanmo."

As a man, Luo Sheng would forever remember the hope that Tangning gave him. Even if the women he loved decided to become enemies with Tangning, he would never betray Tangning and Superstar Media.

"We are one big family."

Lin Qian nodded her head and smiled, "Don't worry. Superstar Media may not give you the best, but we are willing to do all that we can for you. When you are at your lowest, we will help you plan a way out; when you are at your highest, we will genuinely cheer for you."

Upon the glamorous red carpet, Luo Sheng looked at Lin Qian and revealed his most dazzling smile.

Joining Superstar Media was the best decision he had ever made.


Soon, the two entered the venue. But, before the ceremony officially started, Feng Jing spotted Lin Qian sitting in the front row. So, she deliberately swapped seats to sit next to her.

"I never thought I'd see you here. As I'm aware, managers and assistants aren't usually invited."

Lin Qian couldn't be bothered responding.

"Since you have the right to appear at big events like this, why are you clinging to an old woman and not debuting yourself?"

After hearing this, Lin Qian glared coldly at Feng Jing, "Don't worry. I'm not like you. I'm not going to steal what others have achieved."

Feng Jing's expression turned cold as she turned her attention to Luo Sheng, "You're actually no different to me. I know you want more than what you already have."

Understanding what Feng Jing meant, Lin Qian looked at her with an annoyed expression, "I'm not as disgusting as you. Go back to your original seat, I don't want to spend another second looking at you."

After hearing this, Feng Jing helped Lin Qian tuck a loose hair behind her ear and said, "We're mother and daughter. You don't need to be so heartless every time you see me."

"You have yet to see my heartlessness."

Feng Jing returned to her seat and glared at Lin Qian's back with hatred.

She was just a mere manager. What was she being so arrogant about?

"Was that woman the one that's been in the news recently?" Luo Sheng asked after Feng Jing left.

"Yes," Lin Qian nodded. "Just pretend she doesn't exist. There's no point wasting your time on her."

Luo Sheng turned around to glance at Feng Jing and nodded his head, "I can tell that she's a bad person at first glance."

After hearing this analysis, Lin Qian did not respond. After all, a good show was about to start.

8pm. The ceremony officially started. Just like previous years, the host was still the same. The only difference was, Tangning wasn't here tonight.

Following convention, the Fei Tian Awards always started with the newcomer categories. So, Luo Sheng ended up going home with the Best Newcomer Award and the Most Potential Newcomer Award. This was Superstar Media's first mainstream award received by one of its artists and was great for the agencies reputation.

As the spotlight focused upon Luo Sheng, Lin Qian couldn't help but cheer for him. She knew exactly how much he had sacrificed to get to where he was.

Afterwards, Luo Sheng stepped onto the stage and received his trophy from the guest presenter. He then stood emotionally in front of the microphone.

Firstly, he raised his trophy and thanked everyone. After he was done, he began to give his acceptance speech, "I've honestly experienced a lot in the past 1-2 years. Standing up here makes me extremely nervous."

Luo Sheng paused for a second as he turned and wiped his tears. He then continued, "As I hold my first ever award today, I would like to thank my management agency, Superstar Media. I used to think that I was made for singing and didn't understand why Tangning made me act."

"I even doubted myself at one stage. But, in the end, I finally understood Tangning's intention. She discovered the talent I had hidden inside of me and told me that I would reap the rewards for my hard work, regardless of whether it's singing or acting."

"I love Superstar Media. I love this big family that has nurtured and supported me. At the same time, I would like to tell all the agencies that are trying to win me over, that I will never leave Superstar Media. Thank you for your appreciation, but I feel that a person should understand gratitude. Only then can we keep moving forward. I hope me and my agency will continue to improve. Thank you, Ning Jie; thank you to my family; and thank you to my fans."

The majority of Luo Sheng's words were targeted towards Xia Hanmo's incident.

And the fact that he chose to say such words at a place like this, meant that he wasn't afraid of offending others. He simply wanted to stay with Superstar Media for life.

As Tangning watched the live broadcast on television, she couldn't help but smile. All her hard work hadn't gone to waste.

Although someone like Xia Hanmo existed in this world, anyone that knew how to be grateful, would be like Luo Sheng. Even if they had to turn against the world, they would still remain as Superstar Media's beloved artist.

Mo Ting sat beside Tangning and saw what happened. As he patted her on the head, he asked, "You're not planning to send him to Hai Rui?"

"Huh?" Tangning looked at Mo Ting confusedly. "What's wrong?"

"I will return Xing Lan to Superstar Media and keep Luo Sheng with you as well," Mo Ting said. "I know they will become Superstars if they remain with Superstar Media. Meanwhile, all I need is you and I'm satisfied."

"Oh you. As long as I'm still at Hai Rui, Superstar Media will never truly be out of your control. You've already thought this over," Tangning giggled. "Thank you, Ting..."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning gently and ran his fingers through her hair, "If you really want to thank me, you should take good care of yourself."

"Understood. Let's continue watching the broadcast."

Awards continued to be presented until 'Survivor' dominated the ceremony with the director taking home a few awards. This year was a good year for him, thanks to the trust he had in Tangning.

So, he was certain that Tangning was his lucky star...

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