Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 866

Chapter 866: No One Should Blame Superstar Media For Ignoring Them

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After Luo Sheng was injured, ‘Red Flame’ replaced him without a second thought and canceled his contract. On the surface, this was only reasonable. After all, it cost a lot to produce a drama, so the staff couldn’t just sit around waiting for a person that may or may not return.

But, from Tangning’s point of view, even if they didn’t do anything wrong, she wasn’t about to let them leave so easily.

If they wanted to cancel their contract, she had no problem with it. But the fact that they abandoned Luo Sheng within a day made them suspicious of striking a man when he was down.

Naturally, this ignited disgust from the audience. After all, the public always liked to support the weak and Luo Sheng was extremely pitiful.

Tangning took the opportunity to hold an explanation session to explain Luo Sheng’s condition to the public. She also declared that Superstar Media would never abandon Luo Sheng. In other words, Tangning was hinting to the public that they could bully Luo Sheng as much as they wanted for now, but, they had to remember that she helped him make a comeback once and could do it again.

And when that time eventually arrived, no one should blame Superstar Media for ignoring them.

Meanwhile, the reporters were most curious about the culprit behind the entire incident. But of course, Tangning knew that this question kept Luo Sheng as a hot topic. So, she did not reveal anything.

At this time, Lin Qian was accompanying the police inside an estate. They were looking for evidence from the property owners.

Eventually, they knocked on the door of a military household.

As soon as the person that answered the door saw Lin Qian, he was a little surprised, but he did not look at her like she was a stranger. Meanwhile, Lin Qian simply thought the man was really tall!

His eyes were calm, complementing his sharp, defined face which suited the military uniform on his body.

“Hello sir, can I please ask you about something?”

“I just returned from the army. I don’t know anything,” the man replied in a slightly stiff voice.

“I want to see the surveillance footage from the camera outside your house. Is that possible?”

After hearing Lin Qian’s request, the man looked at her threateningly and replied in a casual voice, “It is confidential. I’m sorry, but I can’t show it to you.”

Lin Qian: “…”

“Miss Lin, let us take over this conversation,” an officer said after seeing what had happened. However, just like Lin Qian, the police were unsuccessful with their negotiation. This was because, as soon as the man showed them his credentials, there was nothing they could do.

So, in the end, the police could only persuade Lin Qian to leave, “Miss Lin, let’s go. This is indeed confidential.”

“What are you talking about? I just want to take one look. I have no interest in his confidentiality,” Lin Qian replied in anger. “I don’t know what his identity is, but if he managed to film the entire incident, isn’t it his responsibility to cooperate with the police?”


Luo Sheng hadn’t woken up yet, and even if he was to wake up, no one could guarantee how he’d end up. So, their only evidence could only come from cameras. Lin Qian didn’t want to give up, so, she returned to the house and knocked on the door.

The man was obviously shocked as he looked at her questioningly.

“I don’t need to see it. I just want you to confirm if your camera captured anything important. Is that possible?”

The man remained silent for a few seconds and finally buckled, “You can come in, but you will need to face the consequences.”

Lin Qian did not believe that this man would do anything to her, so she followed him inside.

The man admired Lin Qian’s bravery, but he did not support it.

After all, entering a man’s home was a very dangerous move.

But, he still went ahead and checked the footage for Lin Qian. He then returned with a USB stick and handed it to her, “The thing you are looking for is inside here.”

Lin Qian’s eyes lit up.

“Thank you.”

“If you really want to thank me, then leave it for next time.”

At that time, Lin Qian hadn’t fully understood what the man meant because her focus was completely on the USB.

Afterwards, Lin Qian handed the USB to the police so they could confirm it and the police quickly returned with a result.

“The surveillance footage captured Luo Sheng hitting a person with his car and quickly stepping on the brakes. He then got out of his car. But, before he could even check what he had hit, someone approached him and hit him on the head. Most importantly, this person drove away with Luo Sheng’s car.”

“Is it possible to identify the culprit?” Lin Qian asked.

“The rain was too hard and the headlights were too bright. It’s impossible for us to confirm anything. But, we will continue to investigate what happened to Luo Sheng’s car. Of course, the best situation would be for Luo Sheng to wake up and provide us with some useful information himself.”

“However, one thing was very strange. Logically speaking, the angle of this footage doesn’t look like it came from the military officer’s home.”

As the man only gave them one clip, there was nothing that the police could confirm.

But this was only normal because the man had hacked into someone else’s camera to get this footage. Footage that would be of use to Lin Qian.

However, Lin Qian had no idea of this.

As for the official target of the attack, it was still unsure whether it was Tangning or Luo Sheng.

All they could hope for, was for the mystery to be solved soon.

During this time, Lin Qian had been temporarily living at Xing Lan’s home. After returning home that night, she saw a photo in Xing Lan’s hand and leaned in to have a look, “Who’s that?”

“My cousin,” Xing Lan replied. “Isn’t he handsome? He’s the one I said I’d introduce you to…”

Lin Qian felt that the man looked familiar. After staring at the photo for a few seconds, she finally realized that it was the same man she had pleaded to earlier today.

“This is your cousin?”

“What’s wrong?” Xing Lan asked. “I didn’t have much contact with him in the past, but lately, I’ve grown closer to my uncle. Knowing that I know quite a lot of people, my uncle had this strange idea that I could…”

Obviously, he wanted her to find his son a girlfriend.

“Does a handful like that need introducing?”

“He is a stone-faced military general that all girls are frightened by. Who would date him?,” Xing Lan snorted. “But of course, you are different. You are a powerful woman.”

“What’s his name?”

“Is Manager Lin interested now?”

“No…” Lin Qian was focused on the matter with Luo Sheng. “That’s fine, keep this as a memento,” Xing Lan said as she placed the photo into Lin Qian’s bag.

That night, Lin Qian reported to Tangning and warned her that there may still be people that were targeting her.

It wasn’t that Tangning didn’t understand the warning, but she had always faced these kind of problems head on.

“I received a phone call from Long Jie not too long ago. Luo Sheng has awoken, so I’m heading to the hospital now.”

“He’s awake? Does that mean we can ask him about the incident?”

This was yet to be determined. Because, in the short term, it was quite possible that Luo Sheng wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone.

The industry was filled with dirty incidences. People were brave enough to do things and admit to it after. Tangning was quite surprised by the instigator, but she was completely disgusted by their methods.

All she could hope for now was for Luo Sheng to try his best…

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