Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 50: The Eve of the Magazine Release

Chapter 50: The Eve of the Magazine Release

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Tangning kissed Mo Ting's ear as her body heated up like fire; her eyes were in a trance. She leaned in and whispered, "I want you..."

Mo Ting's eyes turned red as he got up for a moment to grab a condom from the drawers. He thoughtfully shielded himself to protect Tangning - he knew her career was currently on the rise and couldn't afford to have a child. Why was there such an item in their bedroom, though? Tangning wondered.

Mo Ting returned to Tangning's body and stared into her eyes. Noticing a coldness in her gaze, he realized she may have had a misunderstanding as he explained, "We are husband and wife, I am always prepared. It's not something left over from someone else. I've been waiting for you all along."

"I haven't...done it with anyone else. I've only gone as far as the halfway experience we had on our wedding night..."

Upon hearing this, Tangning's eyes twinkled as she kissed Mo Ting between the hollows of his throat, "Sorry..."

"It will still hurt a bit," Mo Ting tried his best to hold back as he gently reminded her.

Too afraid to look down at the place that made her shy, Tangning simply nodded her head in certainty, "It's alright...I've experienced the pain once before."

Mo Ting wrapped his arms around her shoulder, making sure to pay attention to her feelings. While kissing her cheek, he slowly made her his. He patiently moved inch by inch, until...he felt himself inside her.

In this world, nothing was more beautiful than sharing an intimate moment like this, where two souls became one. Mo Ting looked at Tangning and watched as the pain dissipated, before he slowly started moving. He wanted to give her the best first time - he wanted her to remember this for the rest of her life...

After this, they would truly belong to each other...

Outside the window, the moon was quietly hanging above the treetops. While, inside, an activity that made one's face blush and heart race had just finished.

After experiencing the full force of Mo Ting's energy, Tangning was so tired she couldn't open her eyes. Her body felt weak and her mind was half awake. At this moment, she felt someone wiping down her sticky body before helping her change into a tidy set of pajamas. She then felt a gentle kiss on her forehead ushering her to sleep.

All this, she did not regret at all, because she knew, it was all worth it. Deep in their sleep, the married couple clasped onto each other's hand tightly. Mo Ting embraced Tangning as he gently kissed her on the forehead.

"Hello, Mrs. Mo."

The next morning, Tangning awoke in Mo Ting's arms. Looking at the man that now belonged to her, a satisfied smile appeared across her face. From now on, no matter how dirty and filthy the entertainment industry was, she had someone to rely on - her heart was filled with faith.

Unfortunately, this happy moment didn't last for 3 days like Mo Ting had hoped. Because early in the morning Lin Wei started knocking on the door. Mina from Secret had invited everyone from Tianyi to lunch and of course, Tangning had to attend.

Secret's magazine was currently in full swing and Tangning's dedication to her job wouldn't allow her to be called arrogant the day before the magazine's release.

She just never thought, Han Yufan and Mo Yurou had planned another attack on her at this event.

In front of everyone at lunch, Han Yufan and Mo Yurou announced, they were getting engaged!

Han Yufan was tall and handsome, while Mo Yurou was delicate and lovely. Their hands were held tightly together as they stood side-by-side, looking like the perfect match.

Apart from people from Tianyi, there were also a few higher-ups from Secret in the room. They weren't aware of the relationship between Tangning and the two, so they stood up and clapped their hands to congratulate the couple. Only Tangning, Lin Wei and Long Jie stayed still.

"Tangning, aren't you going to congratulate them?" Han Ruoxue held up her glass as she forced Tangning. She wanted to revel in the sight of Tangning being heartbroken. No matter how unaffected she looked on the outside, inside she must be in torment, in pain, dripping in blood...

"Oh yeh, that's right, with your temper, there's no way you can congratulate others. Even if you were once Han Yufan's fiancee, that is now in the past. Since you are in this industry, you should be prepared to have things snatched from you at all times. You should be more open-minded..."

"When will they be officially engaged?" Tangning asked calmly.

"After the huge sales of Secret Magazine..." Han Ruoxue said confidently. With the aid of Han Ruoxue's PR, Mo Yurou still had articles written about her back in China. On top of that, the discussions amongst fans had made Secret famous even before it's release.

Although the news about Mo Yurou being a mistress couldn't be cleared, because of her popularity, a few companies had already contacted Tianyi for collaboration. She had high hopes for the Top Ten Model Awards...

So, Han Ruoxue was confident, Secret would have a huge number of sales.

"Then I have to say congratulations in advance," Tangning maintained her smile as she also raised her glass at the couple across from her. However, as these words landed on Mo Yurou's ears, they somehow didn't sound sincere.

"Tangning, stop acting. I know you don't actually want to see Han Yufan and I get engaged. You hate me so much."

"Don't tell me I'm supposed to like you?" Tangning laughed questioningly.

Mina watched blankly as they argued. From the translator, she found out about their relationship as she looked at them in surprise. No wonder they were against Tangning from the start.

She was accustomed to the bias nature of the industry; it was normal to see people take advantage of situations to promote themselves as well as people humiliating others right in front their face. But, wasn't Tianyi aware of Mo Yurou's level?

Mina looked deep and meaningfully at Tangning before retreating from Tianyi's internal argument.

After lunch, Secret's staff all left, leaving the few of them behind. Mo Yurou took advantage of the situation to point at Tangning and laugh, "Did you think, by obtaining a semi-independent contract from Tianyi, you would really be able to find a way out? Let me tell you, without Tianyi, you are nothing. Tianyi can support you, at the same time, they can also step all over you."

"You've wasted so much energy to create all these schemes. In the end, you've only been helping me prepare for my wedding. Both Yufan and the title of international supermodel are mine. Whereas, you can only return to your position as an outdated model with no way to make a comeback!"

"Yes, you're right, you're much more amazing than me. After Secret's magazine is released, your popularity will rise dramatically, whereas I'll be left with nothing," Tangning agreed with Mo Yurou.

Mo Yurou never expected Tangning to admit defeat. Seeing Tangning give up, she felt a sense of satisfaction she had never experienced before.

"Since you are aware of your status, after we return home, as long as you stay within your boundaries, Yufan will still accept jobs for you. But...if you still have the intention to rise above me, then don't blame us for being ruthless!"

"That's enough babe, let's sit down and talk." Han Yufan was affectionate towards Mo Yurou as he slightly lifted his gaze to Tangning, "Tangning, you heard what she said?"

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