Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Are You Angry Because You’re Embarrassed, Mrs Mo?

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“Xia Hanmo, a 21-year-old actress from A Thousand Pictures Media, who first made her debut in a television drama. She was famous for a short while because of the television drama, but afterwards, due to scandals about her having a sugar daddy, taking on fake godfathers and being a cheap flirt, her fame further increased. This happened over the course of four years. Because her PR team is a failure, slandering happens to her naturally. Even if she takes a sip of water, the media turns it into a complex scandal. This could be considered as a skill of hers.”

“Although she’s a little stupid, she’s kind-hearted. A lot of her scandals are due to baseless rumors and betrayal from her own agency. She’s​ honestly never done anything immoral.”

Long Jie reported her findings to Tangning, “She’s basically someone that doesn’t know how to survive in the industry.”

“She’s never thought about leaving?”

“Of course she has. But, how could someone with so many black marks against their name, hide from the media? She can’t even get through a few days of stability without being slandered. That’s why she has no choice but to remain in the industry,” Long Jie shrugged.

“People often get slandered because they are blocking another person’s way or someone is jealous of them. But, she gets slandered because she’s stupid. Her manager and the paparazzi have been working together to make money from her scandals. They are absolutely disgusting.”

Tangning received the information about Xia Hanmo from Long Jie and flipped through it casually, “She doesn’t need to clean up her image, she needs to change her brain.”

“But, her acting is not bad.”

There were plenty of people that suffered from unexpected hatred online. However, Xia Hanmo was at the pinnacle of it.

“What should we do?”

“First, let’s deal with her manager,” Tangning replied. “Normally, when an artist receives hate without doing anything wrong, it’s usually because their PR team has misunderstood them. Correcting this is the first step.”

“But, fans these days aren’t easy to manipulate. When you’re quiet, they complain that you are putting on an act. And when you respond, they say you act too much. They won’t allow anyone to complain nor refute and are difficult to please.”

But, because of this, it was more challenging, wasn’t it?

Tangning returned home with uncertainties​in her mind. After seeing her sons jumping around in Mo Ting’s arms, she immediately walked over and sat down beside her husband, “What if Xia Hanmo drags Superstar Media down? What should I do?”

“What else can you do?” Mo Ting asked as he carried the kids and looked at the information in his hands, “Can’t you resolve it?”

“Pa…Pa…Pa!” seeing that her son was still calling Mo Ting, Tangning knocked the little rascal on the head and demanded, “Call Mama!”

“Are you angry because you’re embarrassed, Mrs. Mo?” Mo Ting put down the contract in his hands with a smile and turned to look at Tangning. “You’ve already saved Luo Sheng and Xing Lan, what’s one more? Plus, cleaning images is your specialty.”

Tangning’s eyes lit up with clarity and confidence. Mo Ting knew she’d find a resolution.

The industry was sometimes tricky, but Tangning knew how to use these tricks. This was beyond a doubt.

In the end, the people that she needed to go against were not specific people, but the internet.

The biggest black mark against Xia Hanmo was the idea that she was a flirt. In the eyes of her fans, she had no dignity, and this was largely because of her manager. So many photos had been released online by this point that it was practically impossible to clean her image.

After thinking over the situation clearly, Tangning gave Xia Hanmo a reply. She decided to sign a contract with her and made an appointment to see her in the office the next day.

Of course, Xia Hanmo’s manager was still oblivious to what was happening. If she knew what she was up to, things would not be so quiet and calm.

The next morning.

Xia Hanmo appeared extra early at Superstar Media because she didn’t want to be spotted by any reporters. Afterwards, Tangning took her to her office and the two women sat down face to face to negotiate their contract.

“Are you aware of what your manager has done to you?” Tangning asked straightforwardly.

“What did my manager do?” Obviously, Xia Hanmo had no idea.


Tangning wanted to swap out Xia Hanmo’s brain.

“Your manager has been taking photos of you and selling them to the paparazzi for profits. This is why you’ve been constantly slandered,” Tangning explained.

After hearing this, a bitter smile appeared on Xia Hanmo’s face, “I was wondering why she was so willing to help me. It turns out…she was sucking my blood dry. Yet, I was being so nice to her…”

After hearing Xia Hanmo mumble these words, Tangning suddenly lightened her tone in order not to upset her, “Not everyone in the world knows how to appreciate your kindness.”

Xia Hanmo nodded and took a deep breath, “What should I do now?”

“You should stay at home and enjoy being doted on like a princess rather than working hard for money.”

“You already know my background, why must you trigger a painful past? My brother is in hospital and needs money…” That’s why she persisted even though she was being slandered.

Xia Hanmo did not have a strong family background. She actually knew a long time ago that she wouldn’t make it very far as a celebrity, but she persisted so her brother could get better hospital treatment.

“Get to the main point. I don’t think it’s necessary to waste time on pointless words.”

Xia Hanmo was a loyal person. Her parents passed away at an early age and she had been living with her brother. Unfortunately, her brother got hooked on gambling and even used her as a guarantee for a loan. Originally, Xia Hanmo thought she could brush her brother off after she became famous. But, her brother ended up jumping off a building after being pursued by debtors and Xia Hanmo couldn’t abandon her only relative.

Her weakness was that she prioritized her relationships too much!

“Tangning, you need to help me…”

Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo’s manager came looking for her regarding business, to find that she wasn’t home. As soon as she finally saw her return home on her own, she asked suspiciously, “Where did you go?”

“I went for a walk,” Xia Hanmo replied casually.

“I know you were bothered by the recent photo of you accidentally exposing your underwear, but you’ve already pulled through so many years like this. You shouldn’t care what the media says.”

“I’m fine…”

“Good. Don’t forget that you have an event tonight. I’ll get going first,” the manager said before she left.

However, halfway to the car, she received a phone call from a paparazzo, “I’ve sent you the money. The rules are the same as usual.”


“I heard your contract with Xia Hanmo is expiring. How many more times can you betray her?”

“With the relationship that we have, it shouldn’t be hard to get some nude shots of her. This can be my farewell gift. What do you think?”

The paparazzo laughed, “She’s already been with you for four years, yet you are ruthless enough to do that to her. Women are sure evil.”

“I’m helping you make money, how could you have so much to say?”

Meanwhile, Xia Hanmo followed Tangning’s instructions and pretended to drop something on the floor at home. She then turned on the flashlight on her phone to search around. Her motive was to find a hidden camera.

It turned out, her manager was willing to do anything to monitor her…

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