Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 846

Chapter 846: Even If The Sky Falls Down, I’ll Hold It Up For You!

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After putting the two kids to sleep, Mo Ting carried Tangning in his arms over to the bed. He then lay down on top of her and pressed his nose against her nose…

“You seem to be having fun, but you’ve neglected your husband for quite some time…”

“Hey…” Tangning wanted to refute. This man was wrongfully accusing her. She practically wanted him every night. How was this considered as neglecting him?

But, before she could complain, Mo Ting silenced her with his kiss.

Afterwards, all that could be heard in the room was the sound of Tangning’s pajamas being torn apart…

For some reason, even though Mo Ting was 34, Tangning found she had become more obsessed with his body. She especially liked his neck. This was a habit that would likely never change…

“No matter what you do, I will support you. Even if the sky falls down, I will hold it up for you!”

These were the words that Mo Ting mumbled beside Tangning’s ear just before they slept.

Tangning gave a gentle grunt. It wasn’t clear whether she had heard Mo Ting, but she subconsciously wrapped her arms around his waist and quickly fell asleep.

Xing Lan successfully advanced and Luo Sheng secured a huge job.

Tangning powerfully changed their fates and gave Superstar Media a good start.

Because of this, those that denied they needed help but couldn’t lie to themselves, ended up contacting Tangning through Long Jie. They wanted to join Superstar Media and get some training.

“Haha, these people finally know who to suck up to,” Long Jie completely ignored all the requests. “If these people don’t know how to make use of their opportunities, do they really think they’d gain a shortcut by joining Superstar Media? We have no time to deal with them.”

“Those that are famous will always want to be more famous,” Tangning replied.

“In that case, are you planning to attend the interview for the Celebrity Column?” Long Jie asked as she waved the invite in front of Tangning.

“Isn’t this the benefit of being a manager? I can reject whomever I want to,” Tangning said with a raised eyebrow. “Tell them that I’ve retreated behind-the-scenes and no longer want to appear onscreen.”

In reality, Tangning was busy scouting other artists!

She no longer had to worry about Luo Sheng and Xing Lan was already on the right path. So, she didn’t need to exhaust her energies on them anymore.

But, at this time, there was a small interlude.

Someone wanted to meet Tangning and they were extremely secretive about it, requesting specifically to meet at night.

After she stopped being an actress, Tangning had a lot more freedom. After all, she no longer acted, so she no longer had to be wary of the media.

So, later that day, Tangning and Long Jie arrived at the agreed meeting location. Of course, the person that wanted to meet Tangning was no newcomer. To be exact, she wasn’t unknown in the industry. However, her fame was due to her bad reputation. In other words, she needed Tangning to help clean up her image.

“I think you’ve come looking for the wrong person…” Tangning responded.

“Why? You helped both Luo Sheng and Xing Lan clean their images, why can’t you help me?” the woman appeared disappointed. “I have difficulty sleeping every night because of the rumors and gossip that are going around. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper night’s sleep.”

“I didn’t clean up anything, they were never wrong to begin with,” Tangning said with raised eyebrows. Obviously, she was hinting that this woman was different to Xing Lan and Luo Sheng.

Tangning had already heard the rumors regarding this woman. She had done many stupid things in the past and, in the eyes of the public, she was full of acting and flaws. So, for many years, she had been ranked as the most hated artist.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” the woman replied candidly.

Tangning looked into her eyes. They stared at each other for a good ten seconds. But, in these ten seconds, the woman did not avoid Tangning’s gaze even once. What did this mean?

It meant that she wasn’t lying.

“This must be a challenge for you as well, right? If you manage to clean up my image, then it would prove that you can make anyone famous.”

“I need to analyze the situation first,” Tangning replied honestly. “I don’t believe you 100% yet. I need to do a thorough investigation. After I’m done, I’ll contact you.”

“My contract with my current agency is almost coming to an end. Although my fame was due to my bad reputation, I still made a lot of money for them. As you know, once someone loses value in the industry, their agency is bound to betray them, sooner or later.”

Tangning looked deep into the woman’s eyes, unsure why her gaze slightly upset her.

She seemed to remind her of herself…

Afterwards, Tangning and Long Jie left the hotel. However, on the way home, Tangning did not say a word.

Long Jie didn’t know what Tangning was thinking, she simply spoke her mind, “We initially formed Superstar Media because we wanted to create a change in the entertainment industry and influence actors to place more focus on acting and singers to produce more professional singing.”

“Although logic tells me not to get involved with this woman, my heart tells me to help her. Just like the way I helped you in the past.”

“Both you and I know how tough this industry is. Some people are lucky, they come across decent agencies that know a few tricks to help them gain fame and appreciation. But, more often than not, people come across immoral ones that simply care about profits. I’m sure you know this better than I do since you already experienced it in the past.”

“I don’t want to interfere with your decision. After all, signing this artist is a huge risk and may even ruin our reputation forever.”

“So, it’s entirely up to you…”

Tangning lowered her head in deep thought. After quite some time, she finally replied, “Get me all the information you can find on this artist as soon as possible. If you discover anything wrong with her, I’ll immediately take her out of consideration.”

“Don’t worry, I will do all necessary checks.”

Making Xing Lan and Luo Sheng famous was easy. But… trying to clean the image of someone that was consistently being scolded…

…seemed a bit difficult. This was very different to simply saving her career.

It was like asking someone to suddenly like a person they had hated for a long time. In that case, perhaps amnesia would be the only way to turn the tables.

After returning home, Tangning recalled what happened to Mo Ting.

After hearing her recount, Mo Ting smiled handsomely, “Your expression tells me you are already paving her path in your mind…”

“Is it that obvious?” Tangning asked.

“It’s not that obvious. I just understand you. This is a big challenge and I know you like the excitement…” After speaking, Mo Ting pulled Tangning into his embrace. “Admit it, Mrs. Mo, you love the feeling of successfully convincing people.”

“But, if you really want to sign this artist, you can’t reveal it to the public. Otherwise, your intention will backfire.”

Deliberately trying to clean a person’s image was much too obvious.

“Understood, Mr. Mo,” Tangning said as she kissed Mo Ting on the lips.

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