Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 824

Chapter 824: Is She Planning To Make A Comeback?

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“How about ‘that person’? Is she planning to make a comeback?”

Long Jie understood who Luo Sheng was referring to and smiled, “Does she need you to worry about her? If she managed to pull you up from the dead, do you think that she’d be held back by a few rumors? She will naturally return when she feels like it.”

After hearing Long Jie’s words, Luo Sheng’s respect for Tangning grew deeper.

Exactly how impressive was Tangning’s abilities?

Even Mo Ting wouldn’t be able to answer that question.

Regardless, there was one point that was absolutely undeniable: with Luo Sheng’s current results, he was still far from Tangning’s standards.

“Long Jie, help me schedule more jobs. I don’t care how tough or exhausting it is. I can handle it.”

“We don’t need you to endure anything, we simply hope that you don’t complain about anything that we arrange for you.” Afterwards, Long Jie added, “Regardless of whether you want to be an actor or a singer in the future, you need to be capable of everything. Don’t think that just because you are a main vocal, you don’t need to worry about acting. Which actor doesn’t want to pursue more than one field these days? So, after your small taste of fame, Tangning has asked you to think clearly about of your standpoint.”

“Following on, we have booked you in for a few more acting roles. They will all be supporting characters; no mains. You need to understand how it feels to be a supporting actor first. Hai Rui only wants the best.”

“Hai Rui?” Luo Sheng was surprised by the mention of this name.

“That’s right. We have a partnership with Hai Rui. As long as an artist qualifies, they will eventually end up signing with Hai Rui. So, if you want to go there, you will need to work hard.”

After hearing this, Luo Sheng felt an increase in motivation.

Entering Hai Rui meant that he could become a future legend.

If someone else had said the same words to him, he would have felt that they were making empty promises. But, when it came from Long Jie, it meant that it came from Tangning. If this was the case, it was impossible for him not to believe it.

“Don’t worry, Long Jie, I can handle hard work.”

Long Jie gave him a secretive smile and placed a new script in front of him, “Have a look at this and report to the set as soon as possible.”

Luo Sheng would never forget that his second acting role was a villain. In fact, it was a role where he wore a mask for majority of the time…

But, Luo Sheng was prepared. Since Tangning picked it, then she definitely had a reason for it. So, a few days later, Luo Sheng held onto his script and arrived on set.

Seeing Luo Sheng’s seriousness, Long Jie finally relaxed. As a result, when it came time to report to Tangning, she put in a few extra words of praise for him.

“Should we hire an assistant for the young man?”

“No rush,” Tangning replied. “He is just a secondary lead at the moment and doesn’t need much help. He’s already experienced a lot in the past; he’s not that prissy. Plus, we need to focus on signing another artist after he’s done with this drama.”

“Have you already picked someone?” Long Jie lit up with excitement.

“Lin Qian is currently keeping an eye on her,” Tangning replied.

“A few days ago, Luo Sheng asked me when you’d be making a comeback.”

“When Superstar Media becomes famous,” Tangning replied.

But, this time, she had no intention of returning as a model nor an actress. She would be returning to the industry as a manager and boss. Perhaps, by that time, the two little rascals would be able to accompany by her side.

“I look forward to that day,” Long Jie said before she hung up the phone, tidied her stuff and drove home. However, as soon as she stepped in through the front door, she felt the atmosphere was a little odd.

It turned out, Mother Lu had arrived.

Lu Che was still at work, so the nanny was currently taking care of their daughter.

As soon as the nanny saw Long Jie, she glanced at her awkwardly, gesturing that she didn’t want to get involved in their battle.

So, Long Jie nodded her head, allowing her to leave.

After the nanny left, the only adults left were Long Jie and Mother Lu. At this moment, the atmosphere felt extremely hostile.

“It’s only been a little over a month. How could you abandon your child and go to work? Can’t Lu Che afford to feed you?” Mother Lu challenged. “When I asked you to have a son, you made it seem so tough. Yet, you have so much energy to go to work.”

“Mom, don’t make it sound so bad,” Long Jie said calmly, trying to show respect and virtue to the elderly.

“Do you and Lu Che have any consideration for me?”

“No we don’t, so, you have no point being here,” Long Jie replied smoothly. Now that she returned to work and socialized a lot more, her response came a lot more naturally. Afterwards, Long Jie went into the nursery to look for her daughter. However, she discovered that the crib where her daughter was supposed to be, was empty.

“You can give up your search, I’ve already taken the child away. Since you don’t know how to take care of your own child, I’ve found someone to take care of it for you,” Mother Lu growled.

At this point, Long Jie could no longer tolerate the old woman. So she walked over to her and asked, “Is there something wrong with your brain? Since you look down on my daughter, what does my child have to do with you? You’re a f*cken psycho! I will have another child, only if I feel like it. In other words, it is none of your business!”

“Would you talk to me like that when Lu Che’s around?” Mother Lu yelled.

“Don’t bring up Lu Che. Even if the king appeared in front of me, I would still talk to you like this. Who do you think you are?” Long Jie replied as she pointed to Mother Lu. “You better return my daughter to me before I treat you like an outsider.”

However, Mother Lu simply smirked and turned to leave. But, Long Jie quickly stopped her, “If you don’t hand over my child, you’re not going anywhere.”

Soon, Lu Che finished work and returned home. Sensing the intense atmosphere, he simply had to take one look at the mother and daughter-in-law to know what was happening.

“Your mother took our child away. Tell her to give her back. From now on, I refuse to be in the same place as her. She’s a f*cken crazy psycho!” Long Jie said before she stormed into the bedroom.

Lu Che took a deep breath and looked at Mother Lu, “Why must you ruin our mother-son relationship?”

“You should have expected this day to come when you first married this woman.”

“Give me back my daughter. Otherwise, you’re going to suffer,” Lu Che’s voice was calm, but it contained a serious threat. “You’ve already made Xiao Man upset. Don’t you think you’ve done enough?”

“All you care about is that woman. Have you considered your mother at all? You want your daughter? Give me a grandson in exchange. Otherwise, I’d rather die than let you find your daughter! Don’t even dream about it…” b.y novelfull.Com

“If your wife refuses to give birth to one, then give me a sample of your sperm, I’ll take it to do IVF…Medicine has advanced a lot. You don’t necessarily need her. Lu Che, I really want a grandson…”

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