Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 823

Chapter 823: Your Debt May Be Settled, But I Haven’t Started With Mine Yet

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After hearing the secretary’s notification, Long Jie raised her eyebrows and asked Luo Sheng, “Want to watch a good show?”

Luo Sheng looked at Long Jie questioningly, but nodded his head after a few seconds of silence, “Uh huh.”

“In that case, promise​ not to make a sound,” Long Jie instructed.

Although Luo Sheng didn’t understand what was happening, he didn’t​ question it. From his perspective, he knew that Long Jie would never do anything to hurt him.

Soon, the two of them reached the meeting room. Just outside the door, Long Jie turned and looked at Luo Sheng, “Stay here. Don’t come in.”

Luo Sheng nodded gently and leaned against the door.

Inside the meeting room, Mi Jie was not alone, she had brought along a knowledgeable lawyer. As soon as they saw Long Jie, they stood up and stuck out their hands, “Hello.”

Long Jie glanced at the two people and sat down in her seat, “Mi Jie, let’s just get to the point!”

Mi Jie was surprised. She didn’t expect Long Jie to know her name, “You…”

“You’re Luo Sheng’s previous manager, it should be no surprise that I know your name. Speak, what are you here for?”

Mi Jie adjusted her black-framed glasses before she instructed her lawyer to pull out some documents. She then placed it in front of Long Jie, “I came today to discuss Luo Sheng. Three months ago, he paid off his contract cancellation, but he still has a debt that hasn’t been cleared. So, we came today to clarify whether Superstar Media will be paying for him, or whether he will be handling the debt himself.”

After hearing this, Luo Sheng placed his hands on the door, ready to storm inside, but he remembered what Long Jie had told him about being quiet.

So, he endured it.

“Oh? A debt? Let me have a look,” Long Jie grabbed the documents out of the lawyers hands and flipped through it casually. She then smiled and asked, “Why didn’t you ask for this three months ago? Now that Luo Sheng’s famous, you suddenly show up asking for it. Don’t you have a bottom line?”

“This has nothing to do with bottom lines. It is only fair for someone to pay back what they owe,” Mi Jie demanded. “I actually don’t want much from him. As long as he returns to my agency for half a year, he will clear everything he owes.”

“Do you have any shame?” Long Jie asked.

“We are simply negotiating…”

“I am also negotiating with you,” Long Jie replied smoothly. “Previously, when Luo Sheng wasn’t famous yet, you kept complaining about him. Now that he’s made a comeback, you expect him to return?”

“Since you refuse to take our offer, then Superstar Media can pay his debt for him.” b.y novelfull.Com

“Fine. Next year, during the Qing Ming Festival I will burn a few extra notes for you,” Long Jie said as she slammed her hands on the table. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? How dare you try to play tricks in front of me? Would you believe that I’d reveal to the public that you are keeping three toy boys in private? Back when I was a manager, you were still playing in the sand pit. How dare you act arrogantly in front of me!”

After hearing that Long Jie knew about her secret, Mi Jie’s face turned pale.

“You…you’re talking nonsense!”

“I can speak nonsense, but evidence won’t. Not only do I have evidence about you, I also have evidence that your boss is keeping a mistress in a lake house and this mistress has given birth to two children. If I reveal this information to the public, do you think your agency will still be able to make a sound? You are completely shameless!” Long Jie immediately pulled out a stack of photos from her drawer and threw it in front of Mi Jie.

“You investigated me?” Mi Jie went from feeling fear to feeling guilt and anger.

“Did you think that I’d need to personally investigate a rubbish agency like yours?” Long Jie sneered. “Don’t think too highly of yourself. Let me tell you clearly right now that your appearance at Superstar Media was a bad decision from the start. I can make it so you no longer exist in the entertainment industry.”

“So, think it over. Do you still want Luo Sheng to pay his debt?”

Mi Jie swallowed nervously realizing that she had hit a dead end. So, she picked up her documents and got up to leave. But, Long Jie stopped her, “Wait.”

Mi Jie did not move nor make a sound.

“Your debt may be settled, but I haven’t started with mine yet. There’s no need to rush.”

Mi Jie was trembling, but she had no choice but to turn around and sit back down.

“To prevent you guys from showing up again to try and bite us like crazy dogs, I’ve prepared a contract. After you sign it, Luo Sheng will no longer have any ties to you. If your agency tries to use Luo Sheng’s name again, then we will see you in court.” After speaking, Long Jie pulled out a contract from her drawers and threw it in front of Mi Jie.

“Secondly, when it comes to Luo Sheng’s debt, both you and I know where it came from. If in future, I hear anything from the media about Luo Sheng being in debt, I won’t care who’s at fault, I will automatically hold you liable. If that happens, you will need to accept the consequences.”

“Thirdly, if we were to talk about gratitude and appreciation, Luo Sheng has not gained anything from your agency. So, don’t you dare go around claiming that Luo Sheng got to where he is today by treading on you and leeching off your hard work. He was created by Superstar Media. Don’t try to take credit for yourselves.”

“Lastly, and most importantly, don’t ever appear in front of Luo Sheng and I again. After you sign this contract, get lost!”

Mi Jie never expected that Long Jie anticipated her arrival and had already prepared a contract for her.

The funny thing was, she even thought she’d go home with some benefits.

It seemed, from now on, relying on Luo Sheng was not a feasible option.

How annoying!

Mi Jie had no choice but to sign the contract and leave.

But, as she walked out the door, she noticed Luo Sheng standing in the doorway.


However, Luo Sheng completely ignored her and walked over to Long Jie, “Let’s continue discussing my endorsement offers. I haven’t explained my decision yet.”

“OK, let’s go to my office for now.”

Mi Jie took a deep breath as a common saying crossed her mind: times sure changed!

But, Long Jie did not think that way. Luo Sheng was simply serving back what he had been dealt.

As she watched Mi Jie leave with her head between her legs, Long Jie felt especially satisfied. How amusing!

“Long Jie, thank you,” Luo Sheng said from the bottom of his heart. He knew, with Long Jie’s threat, Mi Jie would no longer act recklessly and he would be free from the rubbish agency.

“We aren’t trying to trick you into doing anything. We simply hope that one day, when you’re famous, you will remember that we helped you achieve that fame.”

Luo Sheng nodded.

“So…tell me, why didn’t you choose any of these offers? They obviously look like great opportunities.”

“I think the agency’s image of me does not suit this kind of silly and innocent style.”

Long Jie nodded and patted him on the shoulder, “Luo Sheng, you need to remember that an artist can only last if they pave their own path. A viral sensation can’t last more than three years. So, it’s important that you make the right choices while you are still on the rise. When it comes to resources, it’s not about quantity…but quality.”

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