Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 818: Don't Provoke Me!

Chapter 818: Don't Provoke Me!



"It's a shame to not have you around. Do you know how badly I want you to return to the group? That way we could have someone to mess around with, haha..."

Luo Sheng remained silent, but he was not flustered. He grabbed onto the young man's collar and yelled, "Don't provoke me!"

Everyone was frightened by his outburst, including the member that had just insulted him.

Although someone still wanted to cause trouble for him, they were completely intimidated by the look in his eyes...

It was the kind of look that threatened to chop someone if they dared to say another word. It was a look that showed he wasn't afraid of anything.

"Hey, it's Luo Sheng. After not seeing you for a few days, you seemed to have changed a bit," at this moment, the manager of SMY appeared in front of everyone. Seeing Luo Sheng's powerful appearance, she couldn't help but feel attracted by his good looks.

He was indeed good looking. Unfortunately, he wasn't well behaved.

"I came to cancel my contract," Luo Sheng said to his manager.

"Cancel your contract?" hearing this, everyone began to laugh. "Hahaha, I didn't hear wrong, did I? You want to cancel your contract? Have you prepared $30 million in compensation? You weren't planning to negotiate using your muscles, were you?"

Everyone looked at Luo Sheng with humiliation.

Wasn't he just the son of a small business owner? Even if he ran a small store for ten lifetimes, he wouldn't be able to pull out $30 million.

At this time, Luo Sheng looked at everyone and pulled out a cheque, "I want to cancel my contract right now."

The manager looked at the cheque and her expression changed, "Have you found some financial support?"

"Any form of support is better than selling myself to you," Luo Sheng declared loudly. "Do you want the $30 million or not. If you don't want it, then I'm leaving."

After offending a big boss, Luo Sheng was bound to be banned for life from the industry. They had already spent a huge fortune to create him. If she managed to recover a bit from Luo Sheng, she would be smiling even in her sleep, how could she give up on this opportunity?

"OK, let's cancel our contract now."

The manager was a bit reluctant. She felt that anyone that signed with her was an idiot.

$30 million!

Luo Sheng wasn't worth this amount of money.

But, with this money, she could train even more people. It was definitely better than holding onto a useless piece of trash.

After half an hour, the manager followed procedures and signed a contract cancellation agreement with Luo Sheng. From that moment onward, Luo Sheng was free.

After signing the agreement, Luo Sheng stood up to leave. But...his ex-manager called him back, "I originally thought, with your stubbornness, you would never become anything. I never thought that this would happen. Luo Sheng, you need to understand the consequences of leaving this agency. You better be prepared to handle it."

"I will make you look at me in a different light." After speaking, Luo Sheng turned around and left the inhumane agency; the agency that made him feel completely disgusted.

Mother Luo witnessed the entire process.

At this moment, she even felt that no matter what Long Jie had planned, the fact that she allowed her son to get justice, already proved that she was a good person.

Afterwards, the mother and son returned to the bar across the road.

Long Jie noticed the abnormal heaving of Luo Sheng's chest. His emotions were still unsteady.

"You are now completely unrelated to the agency across the road. So now, you are going to sign a contract with us."

Luo Sheng looked at Long Jie without an ounce of hesitation and wrote down his name, "Let's pretend that I borrowed the $30 million from you. I am willing to do anything in return."

Long Jie glanced at the young man and scanned him from head to toe. In the end, she simply said, "You said it. The first thing we are doing right now, is changing your image. Congratulations, you have been reborn."

Afterwards, Luo Sheng was dragged to a styling studio and was given a new look, "There's no need to lose any weight. Just maintain your current figure. Wear more black clothes, we will help you prepare that from now on."

Luo Sheng was completely dumbfounded. Even after Long Jie escorted him home, he still did not know how to react.

"Come report to the agency tomorrow. Remember to look through your contract in detail."

After speaking, Long Jie returned home to take care of her daughter, while Lin Qian went to Hyatt Regency.

"Son, if they told you to look through the contract, then you should look through it," Mother Luo reminded.

Luo Sheng was in no rush because he didn't have his hopes up. But, after he returned home and saw on the contract that the legal representative was Tangning, he suddenly froze in shock before he jumped excitedly out of bed.

Was this Tangning...the wife of Hai Rui's CEO?

And Long Man...

Luo Sheng immediately went online to do some research. This was when he realized that Tangning's manager during her time as a model in Tianyi, was called Long Man.

Could it be?

Luo Sheng pinched himself on the thigh and felt the sharp pain as he held onto the contract; he wasn't dreaming. This was completely real. He had signed a contract with Tangning.


Tangning was recently implicated by Xu Xin's death and was being suppressed by the industry. How was she to help him?

That night, Luo Sheng thought long and hard. But, regardless of everything else, he had already signed the contract and this was a great opportunity for him.

However, he currently had nothing. How was Tangning going to help him get famous?


"I'm guessing the rascal has discovered that you are the owner of Superstar Media," Long Jie laughed over the phone. "This is honestly exciting. Tangning, I suddenly feel like we've gone back a few years to when we were filled with fighting power."

"That's enough laughing. Luo Sheng must be doubting us right now. We need to help him make a comeback."

"I'll listen to your arrangements."

Tangning hung up the phone. As she held onto Guo Guo, she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace and kissed Tang Tang on the forehead.

Seeing this, Mo Ting couldn't help but suggest, "Why don't we help the two rascals change their nicknames? I don't want them to hate their mother when they grow older."

"Doesn't Tang Guo (Candy) sound nice?" Tangning asked.

"It's not manly at all," Mo Ting laughed.

Tangning thought for a moment and replied, "But, everyone's already gotten used to it. Plus, I really can't think of any names."

"It's not that difficult. We should just call them Zichen and Zixi."

After hearing this, Tangning nodded her head, "Fine. Since Mr. Mo thinks it's time for a change, then let's call them by their real names."

"I want these two rascals to protect their mother when they grow old. I don't want them to sniff and cry alongside their mother like wimps," Mo Ting said dotingly.

After having the two rascals, Mo Ting's stiff expression began to subconsciously soften.

But, Tangning was aware that that was only on the surface.

A sleeping lion was sleeping, but it was still the invincible king...

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