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Chapter 815: Not Only Does She Have A Bottom Line, She Also Holds Grudges

Chapter 815: Not Only Does She Have A Bottom Line, She Also Holds Grudges

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It was already unclear how many times Tangning had called for a press conference since her debut. So, this time was no different to previous times. There were plenty of reporters accompanied by the sounds of shutters coming from a sea of black cameras.

These people wanted the most shocking piece of news even if it wasn’t true.

Not only this, they all arrived with interrogative eyes, like they were a bunch of heartless machines.

Even though Tangning had nothing to do with Xu Xin’s death, she still showed her respect by wearing a long black dress and not applying much makeup.

Everyone watched as she stepped onto the stage with her black high heeled shoes, accompanied by some bodyguards. Meanwhile, Mo Ting sat below the stage. His role today was simply an observer.

But, the sight of Mo Ting naturally created fear and a mix of complex emotions for the reporters.

Tangning turned and looked below the stage at the multiple pairs of ‘truth-seeking’ eyes. She then said to everyone, “Good afternoon.”

“Tangning, everyone’s been waiting to hear your thoughts regarding Xu Xin’s incident,” the reporters said impatiently. “Can you tell us which rumors are true? What was the reason for Xu Xin’s suicide?”

“That’s right, Tangning, Xu Xin’s death has been a mystery for everyone. Can you tell us what happened?”   ( Updated by NovelFull.Com)

“A mystery?” Tangning couldn’t help but repeat these words. “How is it a mystery? The police have already closed the case. You are the one’s that refuse to believe it.”

The reporters looked at Tangning with doubt. They refused to believe that the answer was so simple.

It was only because of their fear towards Mo Ting that they hadn’t used any harsh words yet.

“Xu Xin’s matter has already impacted your career. Regardless of the reason, you should tell everyone the truth.”

The reporters tried to pressure Tangning with the mention of her career…

Tangning smiled and looked at the reporters. After a short moment, she finally said, “Fine, if you want the truth, then I’ll give you the truth.”

Hearing this, the reporters’ eyes immediately lit up.

Whether Tangning was revealing the truth or creating a story, it simple meant headlines, popularity and a reward for completing their mission.

“Xu Xin and I have simply cooperated in a film. We don’t know each other very well and are not competitors in any way…”

“Are you trying to deny any relationship with Xu Xin?” a reporter asked. “Are you brave enough to say that you didn’t suppress her in any way?”

Tangning responded to the sharp question with a giggle, “Yes, I suppressed her.”

Tangning had always been flawless. Yet, she was admitting to suppressing Xu Xin in front of everyone!

She suppressed Xu Xin!


“Since you suppressed her, why aren’t you admitting that her death was related to you?”

“Don’t you want to know why I suppressed her?” Tangning’s voice suddenly got louder. “One night, Mo Ting came to visit me on set. But, due to the fact that he left early in the morning, he did not notify the staff of his visit.”

“While I was seeing him off, Xu Xin captured a photo of Mo Ting’s back. She did not recognize him and thought I was cheating.”

“Because of this, Xu Xin tried to threaten me and told me to help her secure resources. She then asked for my assistant, Lin Qian, to contact the editor of Global Style, so she could secure the front cover of their May edition. But, I directly told the magazine not to ever use her instead. Afterwards, my husband visited me on set again to clarify the matter. This was the entire sequence of events.”

“She threatened me, so I didn’t allow it. But, I didn’t expose her dirty methods to anyone. What else did you want me to do?”

“After that incident, we were no longer involved with each other. So, why should I be held liable for her death?”

“In that case, why was she scolding you even in her last minutes before death?” a reporter asked.

“I think you should ask Xu Xin that question instead,” Tangning replied.

“Tangning, you need to be aware of the situation you are in. You called for a press conference today so you could save your already failing career.”

“I’m sorry, my career is important, but I’m not going to go against my will and apologize to you. Why should I lower myself in front of you?” Tangning asked powerfully. “Even the police haven’t made things so difficult for me? Who do you think you are?”

“You are an artist, so we have the responsibility to monitor your actions.”

“Then, as a normal citizen, have you done your part by trusting in the law and respecting the legal system? As a provider of the news, have you pursued the truth and respected the reality without any bias? I can’t create the story that you want, nor will I create it. You want to monitor me? You’re simply here to doubt me…”

“We are simply pursuing the truth…”

“Xu Xin’s death has nothing to do with me. That is the truth,” Tangning replied firmly. “Even though I know you won’t trust me even if I talk until my mouth is completely dry, this is the truth. If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do.”

“As for my career? If I can’t even protect my dignity, what use do I have for my career?”

After taking a deep breath, Tangning calmed herself down, “I will remember every single reporter that is present today. After three years, let’s see if you are still standing or whether I am.”

“You’ve almost become nothing, yet you’re still trying to argue with us.”

“For the last time, I have nothing to do with Xu Xin’s death. It is your choice whether you believe me or not!” After speaking, Tangning left the stage, leaving the reporters completely disappointed.

What happened to Tangning’s usual PR methods?

Why did she do nothing this time?

Reality proved that even someone with a strong backing in the entertainment industry, still had the ability to become a fallen star.

And Tangning’s press conference today meant that she was about to lose the status that she had developed over the past two years.

The reporters originally had the intention of making things difficult for Tangning, but they realized that Tangning’s response today made them appear especially nasty and mean.

The newly crowned Best Actress was cornered by reporters to this extent. It was clear to see how fierce Beijing’s reporters were.

That day, Lin Chong from Hua Rong was also present. But, after being convinced by Tangning in the past, he no longer partook in activities that involved pressuring Tangning.

He simply laughed at the reporters around him, “She honestly had nothing to do with Xu Xin’s death.”

“Pfft, you’d trust anything she says.”

“Of course. She’s a person with a bottom line; unlike you and me,” Lin Chong said, before he grabbed his camera and returned to his studio.

Tangning had helped recommend his studio and he had been managing it well.

“These people have no idea that Tangning not only has a bottom line – she also holds grudges.”

“Every reporter present today is going to receive their retribution…”

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