Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 812: People Refuse To Believe You When You Tell The Truth

Chapter 812: People Refuse To Believe You When You Tell The Truth

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“What would you consider as extreme?” Tangning asked.

The officer looked deep into Tangning’s eyes and discovered that the legendary woman’s gaze was especially calm, making her very convincing.

“Also officer, Xu Xin’s management agency tried their best to hide the truth, but Hai Rui’s sources have managed to find that Xu Xin had a history of mental illness. You can look into it further if you want.”

The police officer nodded his head. It seemed, he had discovered another breakthrough from Tangning.

After all, it had never been normal for a person to take such extreme measures due to anger.

“The rumors from the public must make things difficult for you,” the young officer suddenly changed the subject. “This is the trend. People refuse to believe you when you tell the truth, but when you tell a lie, you end up receiving a huge round of applause. No one wants to witness a simple plot, they prefer drama; the more drama the better.”

“I’ve already gotten used to it,” Tangning replied with a smile.

“In that case, the police will try to find the truth as soon as possible and get justice for you. But, to be honest, for a person to express their hatred towards you even at their time of death, is something that is bound to attract suspicion. That’s why there is such a big reaction from the public,” the officer sighed after he was done with questioning. “I can only say that you were unlucky.”

“Time will reveal the truth.”

“I’ll escort you. It’s safer for you to leave in a police car than to walk out on your own.”

After all, a crowd of reporters were waiting for Tangning.

“No need. My husband is waiting for me outside.”

After speaking, Tangning bowed to the officer and quickly walked towards the back door of the police station.

Although Mo Ting had been careful, it was likely that someone inside the station had notified the media. So, the reporters quickly gathered around the back door and surrounded Tangning.

“Tangning…Tangning, please don’t leave yet. Let us interview you first. Everyone is saying that you forced Xu Xin to kill herself, is this true?”

“Your relationship with Xu Xin isn’t as simple as the police concluded, is it?”

“Xu Xin clung onto you because you used extreme methods against her, didn’t you?”

Tangning furrowed her brows and ignored the cameras. However, she was completely surrounded, so she was being pushed left and right, but she couldn’t find a way out.



“Everyone stop pushing, stop pushing!”

From the looks of it, these reporters weren’t planning to give up until they had thoroughly torn her apart.

“Tangning, you mustn’t have expected to kill Xu Xin, right?”

Tangning wanted to step forward, but a reporter held onto her from behind, not letting her go.

At this time, a loud voice echoed through the crowd, “Move out of the way.”

Everyone realized that the voice came from Mo Ting, who had just stepped out of his black car. He quickly walked towards the crowd. While everyone was staring at him in shock, he broke through their defenses and pulled Tangning into his arms, “You want an interview? Fine. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me.”

Everyone was stunned. Even though this was Mo Ting, noone wanted to let go of this chance, so they gathered their courage and began to ask, “President Mo, did Tangning force Xu Xin to die?”

“She slit her wrist and stabbed herself in the chest. It was a suicide!” Mo Ting replied coldly.

“No, what I meant was, did Xu Xin kill herself because Tangning’s oppression left her with no choice?”

“The police have already told you the truth. What story do you want to hear?”

The questioning reporter was obviously frightened by Mo Ting’s powerful response, so he opened his mouth, but was too afraid to say anything.

“Any other questions? If not, then move aside!”

“But, Hai Rui may have bribed the police…”

As soon as Mo Ting heard this slight mumble from the crowd, he suddenly stopped in his track.

“If the police can be bribed by Hai Rui so easily, why don’t I go run for the country’s President tomorrow?” Mo Ting asked coldly. “You are all grown adults. I know that for the sake of survival, you must do some despicable things. But, the fact that you look down upon our legal system, clearly shows why you can only be a mere entertainment reporter.”

“If killing a person is so easy, then you should all take note of your safety…”

Everyone looked at each other, too afraid to say another word.

Sometimes, they also didn’t understand why people were so persistent at chasing for the so-called ‘truth’. The police had already given them the truth, yet no one believed them. No one!

“Let’s go.”

This time, no one dared to stand in Mo Ting’s way. They could only watch as he led Tangning out of the crowd.

Perhaps due to the fact that this incident involved a death, everyone within the industry avoided mentioning it.

Those that had previously worked with her or come in contact with her, were certain that Tangning wouldn’t be able to dig herself out of this grave. Because a matter that couldn’t be clarified, would forever leave a black mark against her name.

Meanwhile, even though Hai Rui’s artists knew how Tangning was like and weren’t afraid of telling the truth, their managers thought it was best for them to keep quiet about the matter and avoid ruining their careers over a moment of righteousness.

In fact, as she stepped into the building, everyone’s gaze gradually changed. However, one thing that didn’t change was Lin Qian, who appeared in Mo Ting’s office.

“Everyone is currently treading on me while I’m down, so I won’t be needing an assistant for a while. You can…”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like I have to be an assistant. I’m simply doing this because of you,” Lin Qian replied.

Tangning smiled. Afterwards, she asked Lin Qian, “How did you go with the task I previously gave you?”

“I’ve already placed a list of names on President Mo’s desk,” Lin Qian said as she pointed to Mo Ting’s desk. “What are you planning to do?”

“I feel like it is a waste for you to be my assistant. How about doing something else?”

Lin Qian started at Tangning blankly.

“You’ll find out very soon.”

“Why aren’t you in a rush to clear your name?” Lin Qian was curious what Tangning was thinking. If someone else was in her position, they would be sitting at home crying. Yet, she appeared like nothing had happened.

“Right now, no matter what I do or say, it will simply look like I am making excuses,” Tangning shrugged helplessly.

“Although Xu Xin is no longer around, I still feel disgusted by her,” Lin Qian said honestly. “By the way, the director couldn’t contact you, so he called me to explain that ‘Survivor’ is no longer scheduled to be aired. It seems, the government feels that you are an actor with a ‘bad image’, so they can’t let you set an example for others. Hence, they’ve decided not to invest in the film anymore and give up on it. However, the director still plans to finish filming it.”

“He has offered to pay the rest of the costs and has asked you to return to set when you have time.”

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