Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 172: I Will 'Use' This Assistant Well

Chapter 172: I Will 'Use' This Assistant Well

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The night before Feng Cai's interview, Tangning went to the studio to film a trailer. As she left, outside the front door were a whole heap of fans.

They gave her flowers and requested to have photos taken together. Tangning politely nodded her head and agreed. After all, in such cold weather, they had waited so long outside; they must have suffered.

Of course, the thing that the fans were most curious about was the 'back-view dream man'. But Tangning simply smiled, "Remember to watch tomorrow's live broadcast of Feng Cai. I'm sure you will all be pleased with the reply I give there."

The fans couldn't help but squeal with excitement. Especially when Tangning removed her sunglasses to give them autographs.

"You look even more beautiful up close!"

"Your legs are so long."

"Sister Tangning, don't worry...we will protect you."

Tangning signed autographs as she walked. After hearing these words, she was obviously dumbfounded for a moment before revealing a smile.

Tangning noticed a 15-16-year-old girl wearing school uniform holding a banner.

This reminded her of Lan Yu; they were both in their most vibrant years. She was moved by the energy coming from these fans. They all looked roughly 15-years-old, yet they offered to protect her.

So, Tangning couldn't help but gently pat the girl on the head, "I will protect you girls and you girls should protect yourselves."

In actual fact, she noticed she had previously placed too much focus on making a counterattack. She had never considered increasing her interaction with fans. From now on, she would listen to her fans' voices.

In the end, Tangning waved goodbye to her fans and was helped into the manager's van by An Zihao.

"You're great at obtaining energy from others," An Zihao thought about the words Tangning had just said; they came from her heart.

"Of course, even a 15-year-old child is brave enough to say she will protect me. Even though she may not have the power, she has the courage. As an adult, do we have less courage than a child?"

An Zihao was speechless, he had nothing else he could say. However, he discovered a new trait of Tangning's.

Her trait was, she was always reflecting on herself!

No wonder she had an endless supply of energy.

"Tomorrow, are you really planning on revealing the 'back-view dream man'?" An Zihao finally asked after quite some time. "You won't regret it?"

Tangning smiled mysteriously. Even towards An Zihao she did not intend to give him the answer.

However, would she really be able to go on the talk show tomorrow?


Meanwhile, Li Danni and her manager sat in Lan Xi's majestically spacious office. Lan Xi had her back to the two people as she took a sip of her coffee. Her voice was calm but carried an undeniable power.

"For tomorrow's show, give your assistant a day off. I have prepared another assistant for you."

"I don't quite understand President Lan's intention..." Li Danni shrugged.

Lan Xi turned around and walked over to Li Danni. She placed one hand on her shoulder, "I am giving Tangning's assistant to you for one day. You can use her in whatever way you want."

What she meant was, Li Danni could order her around, torture her and release her anger on her.

Li Danni didn't quite understand why Lan Xi was doing this. And Lan Xi couldn't possibly reveal her true motive. So... she simply smiled and returned to her desk, "Tangning is my model. I have the right to allocate any of her resources - including people!"

However, Li Danni had no idea, Long Jie was hired privately by Tangning to be her personal assistant; no one had the right to order Long Jie around.

"Tomorrow will be her assistant. Next...will be her manager."

Hearing the word 'manager', Li Danni's eyes lit up because this meant...Lan Xi's tolerance towards Tangning had already reached its limit.

It also meant, she was prepared to take An Zihao away from Tangning!

"I understand. I will 'use' this assistant well," Li Danni exclaimed. Since this was specially organized by Lan Xi, she definitely would not disappoint.


Another day of investigations ended to no avail. Even Lu Che could not obtain any information on the whereabouts of Long Jie's grandfather. It seemed Lan Xi was extremely cautious.

Because of this, Long Jie couldn't stop blaming herself. But, there was no way she would ever do anything to betray Tangning. After all, one should never dispose of their bottom line.

"You don't need to be so anxious. After all, it involves a life; if Lan Xi stains her hands, she will eventually destroy herself, there's no way Lan Xi will take that risk," Lu Che comforted. He could tell that Long Jie had been put in a very difficult position.

If he was her, he may have already done something stupid.

"Lu Che, you definitely need to remind An Zihao and Tangning not to bring their phones to the talk show; don't let them know of my predicament."

"Are you sure you can handle it?" Lu Che was a bit worried.

"No problems."

Lu Che did not say anything else; after spending 2 days using Hai Rui's resources to search for Long Jie's grandfather to no avail, could he still sit around doing nothing while he knew Long Jie was suffering?

After returning to Hai Rui, Lu Che was still asking himself this question. Even when Mo Ting called him, he did not respond.

"What are you so restless about?"

"President, is the madam already on her way to Feng Cai?" Lu Che looked out the window and noticed the sunset.

Mo Ting closed the documents in his hands and looked at Lu Che with interest, "Is there something you want to say?"

"President..." Lu Che hesitated for a moment before telling Mo Ting everything.

After listening to Lu Che's explanation, Mo Ting looked at him with a cold expression, "You've already been by my side for 7 years. Don't tell me 7 years hasn't been enough to teach you how to deal with situations like this?"

"Did you think, by using Hai Rui's resources, you would be able to find Long Man's 1 grandfather straight away? You're being too naive!"

"Did you know, if the situation gets blown up, then that's a life you're dealing with?"

"President...I..." Lu Che couldn't explain himself because this incident also involved Tangning.

He knew of Tangning's importance to Mo Ting, so he didn't dare to drag her into the situation.

Of course...he also wanted to keep the promise he made to Long Jie.

A matter like this, he should have told Mo Ting ages ago! He couldn't understand why he didn't do it...

Mo Ting took a deep breath; it looked like he was trying to calm down his anger. However, just as he was about to take action, he received a phone call from Tangning, " Lu Che around?"


"I've thought about it carefully and feel there is something not quite right about Long Jie. Why did Lu Che tell Zihao to make sure we don't bring our phones to Feng Cai?" Tangning asked observantly.

After a moment of silence, Mo Ting revealed the entire incident to Tangning. He knew, even if he didn't tell her, she would be so worried she'd go look for Long Jie herself.

"In that case, where is Long Jie right now?" after hearing everything from Mo Ting, Tangning's voice was a little shaky.

"Hai Yi Center."

"Ting...let me handle this matter. But, let me warn you, I may need to make use of your identity."

Mo Ting couldn't help but chuckle, "Go ahead..."

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Yunyi Yunyi

Now that Tangning and Mo Ting know what's happening, I wonder how they will handle it.

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