Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 100: Mo Yurou's Precautions

Chapter 100: Mo Yurou's Precautions

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The Beijing night sky was filled with twinkling stars. As she hadn't left her room in days, Mo Yurou stared eagerly at the sky. Ever since her abortion, her body had been weak; to hide from the media, she hadn't had the chance to go to the hospital for an examination.

Of course, she also didn't have the money!

"You Ge, wait until I recover my jobs, I will buy the property beside Xiangxi River. When that time comes, we can go back to how we once were and live the wealthy life. I have faith, all this suffering has not knocked me down. Since we've escaped death, I'm sure good things are awaiting us."

You Lin didn't speak, he just revealed a forceful smile.

"Are you still angry? I only took your money to buy clothes, do you need to give me attitude?"

You Lin remained quiet. The money was given by Tangning so he could take his daughter to the doctor...

However, Mo Yurou took his money without a word and went to buy clothes and accessories.

"Yurou, what do you think of how I've treated you over the years?" after enduring for a while, You Lin could no longer hold back. His voice trembled a little, but he hid it well.

"Good..." Mo Yurou responded casually, "Do you need to ask me this? I am about to go shoot a magazine. When I make the money, I'll give it back to you, why are you so petty?"

You Lin looked straight ahead; his throat was dry and burning

He finally understood the difference between Mo Yurou and Tangning. While Mo Yurou was doing whatever she wanted, Tangning was planning out her future. Although he knew he was also a part of Tangning's plan, he was still willing to do things for her, because she treated him like a person - that was one of the most impressive things about Tangning.

"That was money I needed to save my daughter," after a while You Lin finally spoke up. His voice was filled with sadness.

Mo Yurou was stunned for a moment before turning to look at You Lin, "Well, I used it already, what can you do about it? Isn't your wife at home? If I dress all sloppy, people will look down at me..."

You Lin's face turned pale. Mo Yurou's narcissism was overwhelming. She had already reached this point, she was already known as a bed-climber, why couldn't she reflect on her own actions and change? Was pride really that important?

Not long after, the two finally arrived at Glory Hotel's entrance. For the sake of her pride, she even hired a car.

As usual, Mo Yurou acted like a big-shot; wherever she went, it was like she was a superstar making an appearance. Maybe this was Mo Yurou's only way of clinging onto her pride. It seemed, even at this point she still did not want to admit defeat...

The two people entered the main hall of the hotel, however, the staff behind them were pointing and whispering.

"Isn't that the bed-climbing model, Mo Yurou?"

"It's her, yes it's her. Amazing, she just had an abortion and she's already out looking for her next target."

"Seems like there's something new to gossip about..."

It's not that Mo Yurou didn't hear them, she just simply gave a "hmmph" and pretended like she didn't care.

Afterwards, the two entered the room they had agreed to meet in. However, from the moment Mo Yurou entered the room, she ended up waiting for 2 hours. Her face went from full of confidence to a lifeless expression, "You Ge, do you think they're not coming?"

You Lin was silent. Deep down he knew they would definitely be making an appearance.

"Don't worry, they will definitely come."

Mo Yurou tried her best to endure, until finally, a hotel staff pushed open the door. She focused her gaze and was surprised to see Tangning and Long Jie. Mo Yurou's heart nearly jumped out of her chest as she stood up and pointed at Tangning, "Tangning, you are amazing! How could you fight with me over even a men's magazine front cover?"

Tangning was silent, her expression was calm as usual. However, Long Jie couldn't help but giggle behind her, "Does our Tangning need to fight with you over a magazine that doesn't even exist?"

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, the boss of the magazine is Tangning," Long Jie told Mo Yurou in a pitying tone.

Mo Yurou suddenly turned her head to look at You Lin as You Lin looked back at her sadly. Their eyes met. Mo Yurou's expression was one of disbelief, "You...betrayed me?"

You Lin scoffed as he shook his head. His voice was calm, "The word betray doesn't sound too good. Mo Yurou, I've already done all I can for you, yet you even took my daughter's life-saving money. I really don't owe you anything."

Mo Yurou looked at You Lin angrily, at the man that once promised he would never leave her; she was so angry her heart felt like it was about to burst open.

"Is it really because your daughter's sick? Isn't it because I no longer have money and power? Don't you dare use your daughter as an excuse."

Tangning glanced at Long Jie. Long Jie immediately pulled a card out from her wallet and handed it to You Lin, "There's not much money in here, but there is enough to save your daughter."

You Lin's hand trembled as he received the card. He swallowed and responded, "Thank you."

"Are you crazy? You Lin? How dare you betray me because of money? I hope your daughter dies a painful death!"

You Lin never expected Mo Yurou would say such horrible words. So he sneered and replied honestly, "Mo Yurou, truthfully, you can never win against Tangning. You just wait and see."

After speaking, You Lin stumbled out of the hotel, leaving the trio behind.

Tangning remained calm. Even at this time, she didn't reveal any trace of emotion.

Mo Yurou, on the other hand...

...was extremely cautious.

The fact that Tangning had made her stay must be because she had something bad planned. So she quickly looked around, afraid that there was a hidden camera or voice recorder.

"Tangning, what do you want to do with me?" Mo Yurou was on her own, so she was cautious. After all, Tangning also had Long Jie and everything in front of her was possibly a trap.

"Don't be so anxious, Mo Yurou. Just act like you normally do. I just want to share my thoughts with you; I feel like we have a lot to talk about."

"What do you want to talk about? About how I stole Han Yufan from you? Tangning, even if you are more powerful than me at the moment, you can't change the fact that I stole Han Yufan from you," Mo Yurou said to Tangning; forcing herself to be brave.

It's not that she was afraid of defeat. She was just afraid of being defeated by Tangning!

The thing she wanted the least, was for Tangning to see her live such a hopeless life.

"Do you know how intimately affectionate we were the night before you and Han Yufan were to get married? He said you were shamelessly following him around, he was sick of you!"

Mo Yurou thought she could anger Tangning, but...

"Actually, I really should thank you..." Tangning sat on a chair and looked at Mo Yurou with a smile, "Because you must not know...on the day you pretended to be injured and prevented Han Yufan from marrying me, I...ended up marrying someone else."

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