Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 169: Forced

Chapter 169: Forced

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This was the first time one of the company's artists dared to hang up on Lan Xi!

An A-Grade model called Tangning.

Lan Xi endured her anger and held back her temper as she phoned An Zihao. After looking through Tangning's schedule, An Zihao replied, "Since you gave all of Tangning's previous jobs to Li Danni and Hua Yuan, Tangning ended up accepting other ones. Her schedule is already full. I'm sorry, but it is not our problem."

Of course, it wasn't Tangning and An Zihao's problem.

Lan Xi only had herself to blame.

She had never imagined Tangning would become so popular because of LM's highlights. And she definitely did not expect, her clients would insist on using Tangning.

Losing a bit of compensation wasn't a huge deal. But... the CEO of Cheng Tian with ultimate authority and power, how could she let a model mess around with her?

Lan Xi hung up the phone. If Tangning was in front of her right now, she would pounce on her and tear her to shreds.

After a moment of quiet thought, Lan Xi called Luo Hao into her office. She placed one hand to her forehead as she spoke in a tired manner, "That Long Jie, who else does she have at home?"

"Her parents passed away early. She only has a grandfather."

"Then what are you waiting for? There are only 2 days left until Tangning goes on Feng Cai. Immediately send someone to pick up Long Jie's grandfather. Make sure to be discreet..." Lan Xi dropped her arms to her sides and walked over to the window. She looked out into the distance.

"Lan Xi..." Luo Hao looked at Lan Xi with a deep expression. He had never seen Lan Xi do something so disgusting out in the open.

"I want Tangning to fall into my trap. I want her to know that I am the one in charge!"

Now that things had gotten to this stage, it was no longer a simple internal fight. As Lan Xi and Tangning's relationship deteriorated, there was bound to be a bloody battle; neither party wanted to bow down to the other.

Luo Hao looked at Lan Xi's confident expression before nodding his head, "I understand...I'll handle this matter well."

"We need to use extreme methods to deal with extreme people."

In reality, Tangning had always been passively revolting against Lan Xi; she didn't want to end up being stepped over by Lan Xi. After all, in Lan Xi's eyes, her models either had to be like Li Danni with a bit of overconfidence and easy to control or like Hua Yuan who could differentiate from right and wrong but had to follow the crowd.

Tangning wasn't willing to do any of that, she just wanted to be herself...


After confirming Feng Cai's appearance time, Tangning went to a few magazines that were arranged by An Zihao for some interviews. In the evening, Tangning suddenly received a message from Mo Ting, "Come to Crown Hotel tonight, I have booked a candlelit dinner."

Tangning glanced at the date on her phone before smiling, "What is it? It's not like today is our wedding anniversary..."

"I want to show you the best view in Beijing."

Tangning put away her phone and turned to look at Long Jie and An Zihao. She originally wanted An Zihao to drive her to Hai Rui, but Long Jie suddenly said, "My grandfather has come to Beijing to visit me...I need to hurry home."

"How about we go see your grandfather together."

"No need. Tangning, according to your popularity, you have fans everywhere you go, you should let my grandfather off," Long Jie pressed her palms together and did an exaggerated praying gesture.

Tangning let out a gentle laugh as she said to Long Jie, "In that case, have fun with your grandfather. I'll give you 2 days off."

"OK," Long Jie nodded as she smiled sweetly.

Afterwards, Tangning instructed An Zihao to drop off Long Jie before driving her to Hai Rui. After Mo Ting appeared, An Zihao quickly retreated and handed Tangning over to Mo Ting.

He had recently been preoccupied with investigating the truth behind Yun Xin's death.

Mo Ting and Tangning boarded the car. The couple smiled at each other. Upon arriving at Crown Hotel, they drove the car through the VIP entrance. Mo Ting originally intended on handing the car keys to the valet, but...Tangning noticed the valet had his head down the entire time.

At this moment, Tangning couldn't explain the emotion that hit her. All the hate she once had, had completely dissipated because the man with his arm hooked around her was full of warmth.

"What are you looking at?" Mo Ting asked.

"The person just now was Han Yufan," Tangning replied calmly. Seeing Mo Ting's eyebrows scrunch up, she quickly explained, "Hey, don't misunderstand. I was just a little surprised; doesn't he have a mother that married a director? Logically speaking, even if he was to be kicked out of Tianyi, he shouldn't end up here."

Mo Ting was a little unhappy as he placed his jacket on Tangning's shoulder and dragged her by the hand into the lift.

Tanging chuckled; it was rare to see Mo Ting being jealous. So she stretched out her hand, linked Mo Ting's fingers and swayed his hand, "He is in the past..."

Mo Ting took the opportunity to grab her chin and force her to look him in the eyes, "Then you should take more initiative. I want to be your future!"

Tangning seized the chance to plant a kiss on Mo Ting's lips before hiding her blushing cheeks against his neck, "Is this enough?"

Mo Ting was satisfied as he pulled her into his embrace. He then took Tangning to the top of the building - the 120th level.

"This is the highest point in Beijing. From here you can see the entire city."

Tangning stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked down. She couldn't help but feel moved by the sparkling lights of the city below. Not long after, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her and a set of soft lips press firmly against her neck, "Afraid of heights?"

"With you here, I'm not afraid," Tangning shook her head.

With the satisfaction of being needed and being depended on, Mo Ting turned Tangning's head and gently lowered his kiss, "Actually, a place like even more suitable for kissing..."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because it's high up and it's easy to be short of breath!"


Meanwhile, Long Jie hurried home. However, as she approached, she did not see her grandfather. Instead, she found Luo Hao waiting for her.

Long Jie looked at him suspiciously as she picked up her phone to call her grandfather. But, Luo Hao grabbed her phone out of her hand and hung up for her. He then tilted his head and said, "Get in the car. Don't you want to see your grandfather?"

"What did you do with my grandfather?" Long Jie was stunned for a moment before suddenly realizing something wasn't right. Her eyes were red and her voice was raspy.

"What can we do with him? We merely invited him over as a guest..." After speaking, Luo Hao opened the car door and hinted for Long Jie not to waste any more time.

Long Jie didn't understand Luo Hao's motive and didn't know where her grandfather was. So, she could only bite her lip as she boarded Luo Hao's black luxury car.

Not long after, the two of them pulled up outside Lan Xi's home. Long Jie had a bad feeling as she grabbed on to Luo Hao and asked, "Did President Lan bring my grandfather here? What is she trying to force me to do?"

She had, after all, been in this industry for a long time, so she had a natural sensitivity to stuff like this.

"If you want to know, then go in..." Luo Hao pulled away from her grip and responded to her casually before pushing open the door.

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