Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 168: I've Thought Long and Hard About How to Deal With Tangning

Chapter 168: I've Thought Long and Hard About How to Deal With Tangning

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"I have a feeling, Lan Xi won't let you go on this talk show," Mo Ting said in a deep voice, "After how you've challenged her, there is no way she will let you off easily."

"If she can tolerate you stepping over her head, then other models would use you as an example and do the same. If that happens...she would lose the dignity of being a CEO."

"She was the one that challenged me first..." Tangning replied calmly. "Just because I am a model, does that mean I have no self-respect? Should I allow her to fool me and control me just so she can have some dignity?"

"You know that's not what I meant. I'm just worried she will do something to you," Mo Ting quickly explained.

"I know that's not what you meant. I just think it's a pity that most people in this world aren't treated fairly. Especially when it comes to people like Lan Xi, is it really that important to control others?"

Tangning turned around and faced Mo Ting as she spoke in a relaxed tone, " should not feel guilty for sending me to Cheng Tian. In this world, the good comes with the bad. In my case, without a senior to learn from and share their experiences, I can only fight my own way out."

"I'm not afraid to be covered in wounds, because I know, once I pull through all these scars, all that awaits me - is success."

"So, Lan Xi's obstacles are nothing."

Mo Ting did not speak, he simply reached out his hand to tuck some hair behind Tangning's ear. In his heart, the prediction he was most afraid of, was not as simple as a few obstacles.

Of course, as long as Lan Xi dared to make a move, he would definitely make her regretful for the rest of her life.

Midnight. An Zihao instructed some people to release news about Lan Xi placing an internal ban on Tangning!

Maybe because of Tangning's popularity over the past few days, Tangning and Cheng Tian Entertainment's incident quickly spread everywhere by the next day.

In an instant, Lan Xi's office received phone calls asking for clarification. Lan Xi instructed her secretary to tell them she was out of office and refused to answer any questions. Her intention to internally ban Tangning had long been a company secret; everyone in Cheng Tian was aware, but wasn't allowed to talk about it.

Not long after, the reporter's contacted An Zihao to ask Tangning for clarification. Tangning responded simply, "I will answer this question personally when I appear on Feng Cai."

Cheng Tian has placed an internal ban on Tangning; was what Ling Feng said true?

Cheng Tian Entertainment has just signed a contract with Tangning and Tangning currently has a strong momentum. What reason does Cheng Tian have to ban Tangning?

As for Tangning, the fact that she announced she would give a response on Feng Cai, what big news is she going to reveal?

Seeing Tangning's response, Lan Xi was so angry she smashed everything on her desk to vent her anger. But no matter how her emotions changed and how hard she tried to calm her anger, she couldn't tolerate one thing: Tangning...was indeed threatening her. How dare Tangning threaten her!

Afterwards, she called for Luo Hao. Although they had been hostile since Yang Jing's incident, right now, out of the entire Cheng Tian, she didn't know who she could trust, "Have you heard that Tangning will be going on Feng Cai?"

"Now you know why I tried to stop you from signing Tangning? I can't deny I had my own agenda. But compared to this, the fact that your personalities clash is a bigger reason."

"Right now, all you need to tell me, is what to do," Lan Xi didn't want to dwell on the past; she just wanted to find a quick solution.

"If you don't want her to go on Feng Cai, can make a move on Long Jie. Tangning can clearly distinguish between kindness and hatred. Although she is vengeful, she honestly treats Long Jie as a friend. If you don't want her to do anything, then...Long Jie is undoubtedly the best target."

"If you can't prevent Tangning from going on the show..." Luo Hao lit a cigarette as he thought about what Yang Jing had previously told him, "I remember Tangning once said in an interview that she does not have a boyfriend. You can always expose that she is living with a man and accuse her of lying to the public..."

Of course, they did not realize the true meaning behind Tangning's words - she had a husband, not a boyfriend.

"Also...An Zihao definitely can't stay by Tangning's side..."

"When the time comes, Tangning will be a complete failure with no manager; you can do whatever you want to her without anyone questioning you. Everyone will just clap their hands and praise you."

Lan Xi looked at Luo Hao with a dark expression. She was even more on guard than when she was thinking about Tangning.

"So, it turns out you have so much hidden inside..."

"I've thought long and hard about how to deal with Tangning, I've just never had the chance...Every day I've been thinking about the day's events and what I could do to attack Tangning," Luo Hao thought about Yang Jing's request for him to avenge her.

Lan Xi nodded her head with an expression of ridicule. Although she did not acknowledge Luo Hao, she couldn't deny that Luo Hao's idea was indeed a good solution to her worries.

Did Tangning still want to make this CEO kneel before her?

Let's see who kneels first!


Feng Cai's interview was organized for the following week, in 3 days time. Because of LM's commercial, Tangning's job invites were once again increased. Not only that, all the clients that had their jobs switched to Li Danni and Hua Yuan were requesting for Lan Xi to swap them back; they were stunned by Tangning's charisma as a model.

As a result, Li Danni decided to complain in Lan Xi's office, "President Lan, all the jobs I have taken from Tangning have now become useless. The clients have even decided to send you legal notices for breaching their contracts by replacing Tangning..."

"The compensation won't be small."

Lan Xi furrowed her brows. At first, she didn't really care about the issue at hand, but once Hua Yuan also added her jobs on top, Lan Xi realized, she could no longer disregard the matter.

These shameless companies. If we compare Li Danni and Hua Yuan's status to Tangning, they are both higher than her. How can they be so blind as to not use either of them?

"I never expected Tangning to go all out. This is one month of work for her and it is already equivalent to the sum of both our jobs put together. An old model is indeed an old model. She's so old she can only throw herself out there in desperation."

Hua Yuan didn't speak in the same negative tone, she merely reminded Lan Xi, "President Lan, why don't you ask Tangning to come back and take these jobs?"

Lan Xi glanced briefly at Hua Yuan with a deep expression. In the end, she picked up her phone and called her secretary into the office; she wanted to renegotiate with the clients.

However, the results were the same. They insisted on Tangning...

Lan Xi had no choice but to call Tangning, "Come to the office right now."

On the other end of the phone, Tangning was currently jogging with Mo Ting as she responded, "If you have something to say, speak to my manager." It seemed she had no intention to care about Lan Xi at all. She simply glanced at Mo Ting's attractive physique and continued to jog on the treadmill...

Lan Xi, you gave my resources away without saying anything, now you want to give them back? Let's wait and see if I'll accept them!

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