Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 167: Retaliate Against Lan Xi

Chapter 167: Retaliate Against Lan Xi

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LM's commercial went viral.

Not only because of the highlights, but also because of the posters that were popping up in shopping centers everywhere. Apart from attracting a huge number of engaged couples to purchase wedding rings, fans flocked to LM's counters in groups to inquire about the 'back-view dream man'.

Who was this man and what was his identity? Even one word would be enough to satiate their curiosity.

The counter staff didn't know whether to laugh or cry as they explained it was also their first time seeing the back of this man; even internal corporate staff had no idea who he was.

According to rumors, during the commercial shoot, the set had been completely cleared. Apart from the director and a few important people, no one knew of the man's identity...

Meanwhile, Tangning's unobtrusive aura emanated in all directions. Her unique aura could be especially seen during the commercial; her every expression, every positioning, and every pose was lively and vivid. She completely encompassed the happiness of a woman, winning the support of everyone...

Like this, it seemed from the moment she announced her comeback, every path she chose and every step she took showed her undeniable professionalism as well as how amazing she was.

This showed she did not get overshadowed by the 'back-view dream man'. In fact, her and the man beside her complemented each other well, like a beautiful, one couldn't take their eyes off of it.

Because of this, An Zihao received a lot of invites. Tangning was a force not to be reckoned with, moving forward with a ferocious momentum.

Online, the profile of the mysterious man began to shrink in range. However, one thing was certain, no matter who this man was, his identity could not be simple...

Seeing there was no way to stop Tangning's momentum, Lan Xi sat in her office and contemplated for an entire hour before giving An Zihao a phone call.

An Zihao was in the middle of confirming some interviews for Tangning. After receiving a phone call from Lan Xi, he immediately drove over to Cheng Tian. The two's eyes met; they were no longer the old friends they once were as they looked at each other like strangers.

"What do you want?"

"What else could it be? You are currently Tangning's manager. It must be easy for you to destroy her," Lan Xi straightforwardly revealed her motive. "You don't need to consider other things. This is an order from your superior."

An Zihao placed one hand in his pocket and leaned over to look at Lan Xi, "You're almost so disgusting I can't recognize you...if you are capable, you should announce your intention to ban Tangning. But, at a time like this, can you do it? What can you do to Tangning?"

Lan Xi endured her fluctuating heartbeat and looked away angrily, "Fine, even if you don't stand on my side, tell me who the man in Tangning's commercial was."

An Zihao stood up straight like he had completely seen through Lan Xi. He revealed a mocking smile, "I have nothing to say."

"An Zihao, do you want to end up like Yun Xin? Or do you want to follow in the footsteps of Yang Jing?" Lan Xi asked angrily through gritted teeth.

"What has this got to do with Yun Xin?"

Lan Xi froze. She seemed to have realized she said something wrong as she pretended to be calm and said to An Zihao, "Leave."

"Lan Xi..."

"Get out!"

An Zihao did not stick around as he turned to leave the office. However, Lan Xi fell into a daze as she continued to look at the highlights on her monitor. She had already tried every method possible, yet no one dared to tell her who the man was...

Her intuition told her, the mysterious man possessed a power that could not be underestimated.

An Zihao was her employee and Tangning was her model. After doing things without her permission and not telling her anything, resulting in so much trouble, how could they still dream of basking in glory on their own?

As if things are that easy , Lan Xi sneered to herself.

In the end, the identity of the mysterious man was reduced to 7 people with no chance of progression. The remaining 7 men were not people the fans could investigate; it was impossible for them to even get close to them, and those that knew the truth were scarce. But...because of these 7 men, one message was clear to the public...

...Tangning did not have no backing. At least, amongst these 7 people, no matter which one, they were all men that could not be offended...

So, Lan Xi's intention to ban Tangning ended in failure!

But, this wasn't enough. Tangning wanted Lan Xi to give back what she took away...

As for Lan Xi...

She wanted to turn Tangning into a second Yun Xin. The best result would be for her to disappear off the face of the earth.


In reality, those at Hai Rui that saw Mo Ting often, vaguely felt the man was him. But, according to his personality, how could he possibly lower his status to help out a female model?

So, both the public and Hai Rui were full of discussions, but no one dared to put Mo Ting in the picture.

"Tangning, there are three talk shows that I feel are worth making an appearance on. Choose one amongst them," An Zihao suggested as he helped Tangning take screenshots.

"I'll go on Feng Cai," Tangning said after taking one glance at the computer monitor.

An Zihao looked at the invite from the show he did not even consider and was a bit surprised, "This talk show is the most transparent and they request their guests to be completely honest. Their questions are extremely difficult; they will definitely ask you about the man in the commercial."

"I'm certain. I will go on Feng Cai."

An Zihao thought for a bit before understanding Tangning's motive; she wanted to retaliate against Lan Xi.

Feng Cai was extremely famous in Asia and did not engage in under-the-table operations because they were supported by the nation. So, they did what they wanted without any restraints; this meant, Lan Xi had no way of influencing things in secret.

Above all, this program was a good test of an artist's EQ. It had a high viewership, so they requested, upon entering the studio, artists should not dream of getting out of things easily; no matter how difficult the questions, they would have to answer them honestly.

"OK," An Zihao nodded as he thought about how brave Tangning was.

"While you're at it, release some news about Lan Xi trying to internally ban me."

By doing this, Feng Cai's questions would not only be focused on the 'back-view dream man', but also Cheng Tian.

Even if Cheng Tian wasn't implicated, just the simple fact that Tangning was going on the program would be enough to make Lan Xi nervous...

After a few moments of silence, Tangning seemed to have grasped An Zihao's mood, so she said, "I've said before...I will make Lan Xi turn around and beg me. If you feel things are too difficult for you, I can tell Long Jie to handle this matter instead."

"No need..." An Zihao shook his head as he quickly responded, "Let me do it."

After hanging up the phone, Tangning leaned back on the warm chest behind her.

Mo Ting took the opportunity to embrace her and place his lips against her ear. He spoke in a deep voice, "You're quite brave to go on Feng Cai. What if they ask you if you're married, whether you have a husband and who your husband is? Have you considered how you will answer them?"

Tangning turned her head and pressed herself closer to Mo Ting, "How do you think I'll answer? Can you guess?"

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