Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 166: Losing 400,000 Fans

Chapter 166: Losing 400,000 Fans

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Tangning opened the video, it was a short 30 seconds...

She finally got to see how her expression appeared when she was filming the commercial with Mo Ting...

She looked like she had complete trust and was full of love; like she had forgotten the world around her. In her eyes, there was total devotion for Mo Ting.

Seeing this, even Tangning couldn't help but blush!

Of course, in the video, all that could be seen of Mo Ting was his back. LM selected to end the highlights video with the last scene of them holding each other's hand and Tangning leaning on Mo Ting's shoulder. The scene was shockingly beautiful, so beautiful it made other's breathless, because...

...the emotions...

...were too touching.

LM even turned this scene into their promotional image, blowing it up into huge posters and light boxes and gradually popping them up in major shopping centers.

In an instant, An Zihao's phone almost exploded with calls from various people. Some wanted to know Tangning's schedule, other's wanted to know who the male model was; they all wanted them to either appear together on their magazine front covers or walk down the runway together...

An Zihao was at home at this time. He had no idea LM's commercial highlights would create such a stir. So, he pulled out his laptop to have a look.

Although he had already witnessed the scene at the resort, seeing the interaction between Tangning and Mo Ting on screen, made him finally understand why a short 30-second highlight video...could attract the attention of so many people.

This commercial had the ability to stir up deep emotions within the viewer. After seeing it, it gave one a sense of satisfaction and happiness...

This was the message LM wanted to convey: marriage...was not the end...

Online, everyone was full of praise, "OMG, even though I know this is a commercial, I am willing to be sucked in by them..."

"The highlights are already so beautiful. LM, hurry and place the entire commercial up! This is the first time I've fallen in love with a commercial, I've already repeated it 20-30 times."

"Tangning is a real beauty! I am set on my appraisal! Especially since her eyes are so clear that it feels like you can look through to her soul!"

"Oh! Most importantly is this back. Who is this man?"

"I'm about to explode! This man has such a charisma; he looks noble, mature and is bursting with manliness. Why are we only allowed to see his back? I want to become a fan of his back!"

"I hope Ling Feng's fans don't get angry at me, but in all honesty, I'm afraid, even just this man's back is enough to sense his presence; from top to bottom, Ling Feng can't compare at all."

"He is so handsome!"

"Lucky it wasn't Ling Feng. I'm about to get married and after seeing this commercial I was determined to buy their rings - hoping for a lifetime of happiness."

"Please reveal the 'back-view dream man'!"


No one expected, with a simple highlights video, Tangning and the 'back-view dream man' would become the hottest topic.

As for Ling Feng, his name was only mentioned when being ridiculed or compared...

His fans were originally furious, but after seeing the highlights video, they were speechless. They couldn't find any flaws or anything to complain about...

In terms of height, Ling Feng at most reached this man's forehead.

In terms of figure, Ling Feng appeared to be a weakling in comparison.

And in terms of presence...this man's king-like dominance, far exceeded Ling Feng.

Of course, the only regret was not seeing his face!

The arrogance of the fans disappeared. While, a portion of the fans that liked Ling Feng for his body, quickly diverted their obsession towards the 'back-view dream man'...abandoning Ling Feng on the side of the road...

As for the topic: 'Lucky Ling Feng was replaced', this quickly flew to the top of search rankings. And, of course, the comments were unanimous.

"Ling Feng is rubbish...if I was the director and had such a great resource in front of me, I too would have replaced him. Well done!"

"Exactly, I completely agree!"

At first, because Ling Feng was in a meeting with his agency, he did not receive the first-hand news. But, as soon as he came out of the meeting room, he lazily stretched his hand out to his manager, gesturing for his phone. His manager hesitated.

"What happened? Why aren't you giving it to me?"

His manager wanted to say something but stopped as he obediently handed the phone over...

Ling Feng's expression was originally one of mockery, he even placed his feet on the coffee table in a contempt manner; swaying it shamelessly. However, after seeing the video and the comments online, his expression completely changed. He was so angry he smashed the phone in his hand.

"Who is this person?" Ling Feng asked as he pointed to the shattered phone, "Who is this man?"

His manager shook his head...

"More handsome than me? Are these people blind?"

His manager thought to himself: You are obviously the one that is blind.

Ling Feng's manager couldn't be blamed for siding with an outsider. By simply looking at the back of the man in the commercial, it was enough to see how perfect he was. In comparison, Ling Feng was far from being on the same level; this was obvious to everyone, except him. He still thought of himself as invincible.

"All in all, the winds have currently changed. Everyone is praising the director's choice..." They think replacing you was the best decision.

Of course, his manager was too afraid to say the last sentence.

Ling Feng kicked the coffee table and flung the vase atop the table with one swipe of his arms onto the floor. He couldn't even compete against the back of this man...he was incomparable to a back...

Overnight, Ling Feng lost 400,000 fans.


Competing agencies immediately grasped onto the laughing stock and took advantage to humiliate Ling Feng. He had caused such a huge commotion with the replacement incident and almost tore apart Tangning. Yet, what was the result?

Even Ling Feng's fans were screaming, "Replacement well done!"

Clingy fans quickly clung onto the mysterious man. In just one day's time, they had forgotten who Ling Feng was. Their curiosity was focused on the 'back-view dream man'.

Everyone was fixated on this back and started a mass investigation into how this man would look if he turned around.

However, even when scouring the entire entertainment industry and placing all male celebrities with similar backs together, they found they were either too feminine or too robust; noble without any power or powerful yet too old. They weren't 'just right' like the man in the commercial...

Since the fans couldn't identify the man, they directly contacted Tangning and the director. But...

How could Tangning reveal anything?

In the end, after 2 days of hard work, fans finally put together an irresponsibly vague list of names. Miraculously, amongst the list...there was actually Mo Ting's name. This was because the list included people from all walks of life - even international celebrities.

Tangning's popularity did not decrease. And because she knew the identity of the man, the media fought over who was to interview her; they wanted to get even the slightest clue from her mouth.

Seeing Tangning's popularity, Lan Xi's expression was deep and dark.

She had never imagined Tangning would pull through like this. However, did Tangning expect her to bow down to her relying solely on this point?

Impossible...this...was only the start.

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

Haha, this is the first time I've heard of people obsessing over a back...

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