Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 165: Highlights

Chapter 165: Highlights

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Lan Xi looked at Tangning with an extreme sense of ridicule as she crossed her legs to the other side casually. In the silence, she seemed to be hinting: Did you think a mere model like yourself could make me feel regret?

I really don't know where your confidence comes from...

Li Danni had a similar look of mockery on her face while Hua Yuan gave Tangning a slightly anxious look. Seeing Tangning facing off with Lan Xi, Hua Yuan felt herself sweating on behalf of her. It seemed she was worried that Tangning wouldn't be able to survive in Cheng Tian, or worse, the entertainment industry.

"I guess I'll have to wait and see how you will make me regret. Originally, I was planning to give a few of the jobs from Danni and Hua Yuan back to you, but it seems I don't have to anymore."

Tangning smiled slightly; she didn't seem to be affected the way Lan Xi expected. In fact, she was exceptionally calm, "If there's nothing else President Lan, then I'll be heading home."

"If you want, you can stay and listen as I brief these girls on the jobs they will be taking from you. I don't mind," Lan Xi looked away and spoke coldly.

Tangning did not allow these harsh words to make her uncomfortable. She simply gave Lan Xi a meaningful glance as she turned to leave.

At least when she first signed her contract, she had entered Cheng Tian with high hopes.

At least...she once had faith in Lan Xi.

Throughout this entire time, An Zihao had been waiting at the entrance. Upon seeing Tangning, he immediately ran up and asked, "What did you guys talk about?"

"Haven't you already inquired about this mess?" Tangning questioned him back. She was sure he'd already asked the staff at Cheng Tian.

"Did Lan Xi really treat you in such an extreme way?"

"I'm afraid something even more extreme is on its way," Tangning replied. Her voice was calm, but it seemed to contain a sense of bitterness.

"All I want is what I deserve."

"I don't steal nor snatch."

"I depend on my own abilities."

"Yet, why must things be so hard?"

"I guess...if even my fiancee could become someone else's, what's so strange about a friend becoming an enemy?"

After hearing Tangning's words, An Zihao didn't know how to refute. After all, he was too familiar with the pain associated with a friend's betrayal.

"Zihao, I think you might be out of luck, I've just threatened Lan Xi."

"What you've done is not a threat. You never say anything you aren't sure of and never do anything you aren't certain about," An Zihao looked at Tangning calmly; he had faith in her.

Frozen by the agency?

Can't she get herself out of it?

An Zihao looked at Tangning's comfortable expression, he didn't believe it would be a problem for her at all.

However, in order to improve Tangning's mood, he decided to contact Lu Che so he could notify Mo Ting of what had happened.

After finding out the whole story, Mo Ting's eyes were terrifyingly cold and piercing. Even Lu Che had never seen the president reveal such a frightening expression...

Before meeting Tangning, Cheng Tian meant nothing in Mo Ting's eyes and he especially didn't care about provocation from others. However, Lan Xi was currently picking on the person he loved the most...

She was stepping on his precious wife...

He started thinking about the reason he had originally sent Tangning to Cheng Tian; he wanted to help her find the perfect stairs to success. Who would have thought, he instead sent her into a living hell.

Lan Xi...

However, according to Tangning's personality, until she got completely hurt, she would not give up on the slightest glimpse of hope. If Lan Xi really managed to send Tangning to his side - to Hai Rui - he...

...would tolerate her for a few more days.


7pm. Mo Ting returned home on time to find Tangning asleep on the living room sofa. He couldn't help but remove his jacket and place it on her. Only at times like this did he get the chance to see the delicate side of Tangning; the side that needed protecting.

Tangning wasn't being forceful towards herself; as a person, especially a woman, all she wanted was a satisfying job and a happy family. She didn't want to reap without sowing, she just wanted to work diligently. But her experiences so far had been heavy like lead.

Mo Ting's heart ached...

Maybe because she could feel the burn from Mo Ting's fiery gaze, Tangning slowly opened her eyes. As her eyes met with Mo Ting's, she smiled sweetly, "You're back."

"Someone's almost blocked your modeling pathway, how could you still smile?"

"No, they haven't," Tangning stood up and wrapped one arm around Mo Ting's neck. With her other arm, she stuck out her finger and pointed to herself, "Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will make a need to have faith in me."

Mo Ting pulled her into his embrace and placed his chin against her forehead, "But I am worried; I get more worried by the day. I can no longer watch you being bullied. With your permission, I can be your sword; your weapon."

There are people in one's life that want to use them even though they would never allow it.

Yet there are people that refuse to use one no matter how much they want them to.

"Did you think without you backing me I would be brave enough to put all my eggs in one basket?" Tangning said in a serious manner. "No matter how independent I are still my source of support; you determine my happiness."

Mo Ting's pride was satisfied as he hugged Tangning without a word; peacefully enjoying the silence.

Even if Lan Xi still wanted to create problems for Tangning behind her back.

So what?

How could someone with a strong willpower get frozen?


The next morning.

Ling Feng's fans were in an uproar as LM was scheduled to release the highlights from their shoot. They wanted to know what type of man the director had found to replace Ling Feng. How dare they accept a job that was originally Ling Feng's?

"Oh, the fans are really putting in a lot of effort," Ling Feng's manager said to Ling Feng as he sipped his coffee.

"They are all waiting to see what god-like person it is and are waiting to stick up for you."

Ling Feng looked neat and tidy; he was about to go discuss his new movie with a film company. Just thinking about the highlights to be released by LM, Ling Feng's face was full of disdain.

"How is this kind of matter worth paying attention to? Let them complain. I used to hate these brainless fans, but now I feel they've come in use."

"Be careful what you say," his manager warned.

"Have I said something wrong? Those idiots believe everything I say. They even went to look for Tangning to tear her apart. Pfft..."

His manager couldn't control his outspoken personality. But, it didn't matter, because the climax they were waiting for was to see the man that filmed a commercial with Tangning.

Let's see you completely ridiculed...

At this time, Tangning was sitting on the sofa in Mo Ting's office watching LM's every move. In reality, she was quite nervous. Firstly, this was the first time her and Mo Ting would appear together in front of the public and they would be broadcasted to the entire nation. Secondly, she wondered if anyone would recognize Mo Ting.

A few meters away, Mo Ting was sitting at his desk flipping through some documents; it didn't seem to worry him at all...

10:30am. The scheduled time had arrived. As promised, LM released their highlights right on time...

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I wonder if the fans would still complain after seeing the highlights...

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