Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 163: She Liked Him to Death!

Chapter 163: She Liked Him to Death!

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Although Hai Rui was at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry, their main focus was on actors and singers. As for Star King, although they were a modeling empire, they had previously blacklisted her.

So, all of a sudden, she felt like she couldn't choose either.

Hearing these two names, she looked at Mo Ting and smiled.

She did not give a definite answer. It seemed, in her mind, she had set her own standards.

"Seems like you don't want to choose either."

"No, it's just that I haven't reached a stage where I have no choice but to leave." Tangning tried to comfort Mo Ting, "Mo Ting, do you think I'm a weak little rabbit that sits around as people steals her resources?"

"What if you really get to that stage?" Mo Ting asked.

"If we really get to that stage, I'll definitely give you an answer," Tangning's expression was clear as she replied to Mo Ting seriously.

"Fine, you said it."

In reality, according to Tangning's current status, what right did she have to select either Hai Rui or Star King? Just one male actor was enough to threaten her and place her career into a crisis. What could she present to Star King and Hai Rui to convince them of her ability?

Mo Ting understood she wanted to stay strong, so he didn't continue with the same topic. However, his heart was in extreme pain and he didn't know how to relieve it.

So, Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning's waist and suddenly pressed his lips against hers, demanding for a kiss. While the two kissed passionately, they gradually made their way into the bedroom. Upon seeing the huge photo on their wall, Mo Ting pressed Tangning against the wall and looked down at her...

"What is it?"

"I...just want you to know how passionate I am"

My heart that wants to protect you is extremely passionate!

Tangning seemed to have understood. She originally struggled a little, but Mo Ting held her hands firmly. Their ring-bearing fingers intertwined against the icy cold wall.

Tangning's heart raced. It was rare for Mo Ting to look at her with such a possessive gaze. Tangning felt helpless with a strong sense of longing. At this time, she did not retreat. In fact, she took the initiative to tilt her head and give Mo Ting a kiss.

However, it was just a slight peck, before she moved away...

"Are we married or still in the honeymoon period?"

Mo Ting smiled. The mole on his ear seemed to sparkle under the crystal lighting.

"Do you like it? If so, I'll let our honeymoon period last a lifetime." After speaking, Mo Ting's kiss landed on Tangning's lips. He was gentle like he was kissing something extremely precious to him.

Tangning tried to hold back her wildly thumping heart as she leaned against Mo Ting's chest; absorbing his warmth and passion. She really really liked this man.

She liked him to death!


11pm. Cheng Tian Entertainment CEO's office. The lights were still on. In fact, it was so bright, they were blinding.

Lan Xi was still tirelessly working. However, at this time, An Zihao rushed over from home and stood in her doorway. Of course, he was here because of Tangning.

"Lan Xi, the way you've treated Tangning, the entire agency knows about it."

Lan Xi put down her pen and lifted her head. Seeing An Zihao, she scoffed, "You have no right to question my decision-making."

An Zihao leaned over, pressed his palms against the table and looked intimidatingly at Lan Xi, "So, are you planning to disregard her until she is destroyed?"

"Tangning has caused enough problems."

"But, Tangning has already found a solution..."

Lan Xi stood up from her chair and walked around to the floor-to-ceiling window and crossed her arms. Her expression was a bit dark, "Tangning is too ambitious...Zihao."

"Isn't it good to be ambitious? That means she is willing to pursue what she wants. Wasn't that the reason you signed her? How could you now say you are wary of her ambition?" An Zihao looked ironically at the back of Lan Xi's head.

"In what way has Tangning hindered you?"

"Do you think she is interested in your CEO position?"

"Or do you think she is interested in stepping on you?"

Lan Xi sighed. She eventually turned around and replied cautiously in a cold tone, "I've already made arrangements and split the jobs. Do you expect me to return them to Tangning? Do you think this is possible?"

After being silent for 1 minute, An Zihao finally stood up straight and sneered at Lan Xi, "You won't be able to snatch a single thing from Tangning."

Lan Xi pointed her chin up. It seemed An Zihao's words were like a joke to her.

An Zihao knew there was nothing else to talk to Lan Xi about, so he smiled, "Let's just wait and see..." After speaking, An Zihao left Lan Xi's office as Lan Xi stared at him with deep hostility.

Right now, she only had one thought in her mind. She was going to separate An Zihao from Tangning. Since she had already decided to freeze Tangning, Tangning would have no use for a manager.

After leaving Lan Xi's office, An Zihao felt a little uneasy, so he decided to give Tangning a call, "It seems I can't do much for you. I'm predicting that Lan Xi will be doing something even more extreme, you need to be careful."

"Our previous contracts, some of them were already signed..."

"I'll try my best. As long as the client is determined, Lan Xi won't be able to change models just like that."

"You've suffered," Tangning comforted, "However, we have no choice but to go head-on with Lan Xi."

"I've worked so hard to crawl out of the deepest abyss and had nothing to begin with, so I don't care about losing anything. need to continue relying on Cheng Tian."

"We might not lose." With Tangning's encouragement, An Zihao suddenly felt a sense of courage and confidence, "I'll contact the clients for now."

Tangning hung up the phone and looked out the window into the distance.

Lan Xi...

You've almost stepped over my bottom line!


The incident with Ling Feng lasted for 2-3 days, but because of the face-slap from the news, his agency begged him not to get involved with Tangning again. So Ling Feng hid at home and refused to step out of the house.

He had to do this even though, deep down, he was extremely unwilling to accept defeat.

Since he was a famous male celebrity that couldn't afford to have people dig deeper into him, and his father was too preoccupied with a business failure to care, Ling Feng's mood became more depressed.

Not long after, LM announced the release of highlights from their shoot.

This was the shoot that Tangning and the 'mystery man' took part in.

Ling Feng sat in front of the TV drinking a bottle of red wine and shook his legs. He refused to believe there would be a man with a better body than his.

Of course, Ling Feng's fans couldn't help but cause a commotion. They wanted to know who this man that stole Ling Feng's job was...

"Can't you drink less? Don't you think you've had enough scandalous photos taken of you?" Ling Feng's manager warned.

"Hey, LM has already publicly provoked me, can't I drink a bit of wine?" Ling Feng grabbed the bottle of wine and pointed at the TV yelling, "Tangning that sl*t! She should f*cken die. Commercial highlight my ass. They stole my job and now they're showing off."

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