Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 162: Hai Rui or Star King, Your Choice

Chapter 162: Hai Rui or Star King, Your Choice

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[Exposed! Deep insight into Ling Feng's 'Dedication']

While Ling Feng was causing a commotion, this was one of the headlines released by a famous news studio.

As sudden as lightning, Ling Feng's pathway to face-slapping was opened.

"The actor Ling Feng is young and fit; proud and arrogant. As usual, he has gained the hearts of many fans with his good looks resulting in an inflation in popularity. With the image of a 'perfect lover' created by his agency, he has attracted the affection of many female fans."

"But, is he really as dedicated to his work as the public thinks?"

"Let us do a thorough analysis: firstly, during LM's commercial shoot, Ling Feng claimed to be sick and even presented a doctor's certificate. Yet, we found photos posted online by his fans of him at the gym. Luckily, our editor managed to quickly grab a screenshot as soon as he saw it. Wasn't he meant to be sick?"

"Secondly, diligence? Everyone in the industry knows Ling Feng takes advantage of the fact that he is an heir to be often absent from work. He leaves when he wants and never takes other people into consideration; he never hesitates to scold the staff and has even hit a staff member so bad they've been sent to the hospital. Is this the strong self-discipline fans speak of? The evidence is attached below. I hope you moronic fans don't choose to remain blind to the truth. If I have shattered your dreams, then all I can say is..."

"...sorry...there is no cure for stupidity."

"The most disappointing thing I noticed was..."

"...all the moronic female fans did not go look for the director that replaced Ling Feng, nor did they harass LM, instead they latched onto Tangning. What was the reason for this?"

"From our analysis, it seems it is because, amongst the 3, Tangning is the only one without a strong backing and doesn't have her agency's support - hence, posing the smallest threat. So, Ling Feng set his target and decided to vent about this embarrassing scandal that was caused by his absence."

"Fans, you were merely weapons for Ling Feng's attacks without realizing you were being used. You had practically become an accessory to murder."

As soon as this story was reported, the majority of fans were shaken up. After their face-slap, many of them decided to remain silent. As for Ling Feng, upon seeing the report, he trembled in anger, "Who did this? Who owns this studio? Find out for me immediately!"

Seeing Ling Feng throw a tantrum, his manager quickly tried to comfort him, "I told you before not to flaunt around in the open."

"I still have my father!" Ling Feng stuck up his middle finger at his manager arrogantly, "I refuse to believe there is any problem my father can't smooth out..."

His manager held back his anger as he shook his head helplessly.

Ling Feng had always been impulsive, making decisions without careful thought. With his spoilt temper, everyone around him found it hard to disagree with him. After all, his father was one of the richest men in the industry.

The tables turned extremely quickly, but Ling Feng's fans were still putting up a front; they were impenetrable. To them, even if their idol fed them sh*t, they would still think it's fragrant. So they continued to brush things off onto Tangning, but...

...onlookers weren't happy.

"You bunch of toxic 'Ling Fans'! Was Tangning the one that made your idol go to the gym when he was supposed to be filming a commercial? Was she the one that forced him to bully others by arriving late and leaving early? It's not like Tangning is Ling Feng's predecessor..."

"Fans of male celebrities have always been in the younger age brackets, it's not worth arguing with them."

"They have no values. They even said their idol can do whatever he wants, what makes him think he can do that?"

"Not too long ago, they were chasing LM for responsibility and attacking Tangning. They acted like they were supreme in the universe. The face-slap came way too quickly."

"Hahaha, so satisfying. Diligent? Ling Feng has no brains!"

The discussions online began to heat up. Netizens that were more mature easily distinguished between right and wrong. Only younger fans that had not yet got a grasp on their values acted in extreme ways...

In the end, everything was beyond LM and Lan Xi's expectations; the situation had changed too quickly. Reality proved, Tangning's counterattack, was quick and direct.

Her calm and composed manner revealed a woman's wisdom and power; she was not one others could afford to offend.

Midday the next day, Lu Che delivered a huge poster to Hyatt Regency. Tangning placed the picture of her and Mo Ting holding hands onto their bedroom wall. She made a wish that their love would never fade.

"Madam, there's only 3 months left until your marriage is announced."

Tangning snapped out of her daze and turned to look at Lu Che. She replied deep in thought, "In that case, I better hurry up."

"Madam, you must not know, in order to let you handle your matters without pressure, the president has had to deal with his families constant interrogation."

"That...must be difficult," Tangning lowered her head; she felt a little guilty. All along, Mo Ting had doted on her, allowed her to do what she wanted and never once pressured her in any way. But she hadn't considered Mo Ting's difficulties.

"Actually, it's not that difficult," Lu Che felt he had said something he shouldn't have, so he quickly tried to brush her off as he left.

However, Tangning already took the words to heart. She quickly made a phone call to An Zihao; she needed jobs and she needed to regain her glory. Not only because she wanted to be on the same level as Mo Ting, but also because of the oath she made when she left the Tang family.

Late at night, snow suddenly started falling outside the window. Upon arriving home, Mo Ting's jacket was covered with droplets of melted snow. Tangning immediately helped him remove his jacket and pulled him over to sit next to her, " honest with me. Have the Mo family elders been pressuring you?"

Mo Ting stretched his arm around her and shook his head, "Why Mrs. Mo? Do you want to bring forward our announcement date?"

"I'm just afraid you are put in a difficult position."

"You were born for the runway. I don't want to lock an international supermodel at home. So, I am willing to help send you to the pinnacle of the fashion industry. Since I promised you 6 months...I'm not going to force you..."

"Mo Ting, remember, if you come across a situation where you have no choice but to reveal our relationship, I will be able to accept it, no matter when it is," Tangning wanted to place the option in Mo Ting's hands.

"It would be the day you dazzle the world," Mo Ting lowered his head and placed his nose against Tangning's; when they blinked they could feel the flutter of each other's eyelashes.

In reality, Tangning preferred that their relationship remained a secret. That way they would just be an average husband and wife where a simple hug after returning home every day would be enough to relieve all tiredness. If their relationship got revealed...their every word and move would be under public scrutiny; that was not the result she wanted.

She suddenly felt a little regretful for promising to announce their marriage after 6 months...

How great would it be for things to remain this simple?

The couple were hugging affectionately on the sofa when An Zihao's phone call came through. Mo Ting picked it up.

"What is it?"

"President Mo?" An Zihao was stunned for a moment, before continuing, "Lan Xi has given all of Tangning's jobs to Li Danni and Hua Yuan."

It seemed she was trying to give Tangning an internal ban!

An Zihao was too afraid to continue speaking as he swallowed back his words.

Mo Ting hung up and turned to Tangning, "You can't stay in Cheng Tian for much longer. Hai Rui or Star King, your choice."

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