Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 161: Mo Ting the Wife Slave

Chapter 161: Mo Ting the Wife Slave



"Our Ling Feng works diligently and is never late to shoots. How dare they say Ling Feng is using business to seek his own personal revenge, I wonder who's the one that's lying," Ling Feng's fans retaliated as expected.

"For the sake of shaking off responsibility, LM are despicable. We want the truth, or us fans will fight LM to the end."

"Tangning is such a b*tch...she never says anything and makes others stick up for her."


As expected, after LM's clarification, Ling Feng's fans went even more crazy. They even threatened to boycott Tangning and LM until Tangning personally gave Ling Feng an apology.

"Our Ling Feng has suffered so much. This time we can't let this model off the hook so easily!"

"How could this small time model challenge our prince?"

Seeing the comments from Ling Feng's fans, Lan Xi directly contacted Tangning and told her to report to her office, "This time, how do you plan to handle the situation? Tangning, you never do brainless things like this. Tell me, what's wrong with you?"

"There are a whole bunch of Ling Feng's fans currently outside Cheng Tian entertainment. They are all waiting for your appearance and expecting your apology. The building is completely surrounded, how do you plan to fix things?"

An Zihao leaned against the table as he observed Lan Xi's attack on Tangning. He immediately asked, "Don't you trust us?"

"I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Tangning," Lan Xi released her anger on An Zihao, gesturing that her authority should not be challenged, "If you had simply had dinner with Ling Feng, then things would not have panned out this way."

"Tangning, at the appropriate time, don't you think you should put down your pride?"

"Are you sure it was just a simple dinner?" Tangning suddenly asked after remaining quiet for a while. Her gaze was clear, "President Lan, you and I aren't stupid, you don't need to deceive me the way you deceive Li Danni."

Lan Xi looked at Tangning with a stunned gaze. She never expected she would speak so straightforwardly...

"Tangning..." An Zihao warned her with a deep voice.

"The way you think of me, we both know. Lan Xi, I once respected you and never expected a confrontation like this," Tangning's tone was cold and calm sending shivers down Lan Xi's spine.

Lan Xi did not dare to look directly in Tangning's eyes for too long, so she looked away and said, "If you don't solve the problem with Ling Feng, then don't even think about attending any more events. From now on, you can fend for yourself."

Tangning knew Lan Xi wanted to take advantage of the situation to decrease her popularity, thus keeping her in the palm of her hands.

Upon hearing these words, any normal artist would understand what Lan Xi meant and be trembling in fear. After all, they were at risk of getting internally banned. But, Tangning simply stood up and looked at Lan Xi meaningfully...

"Why must you destroy your relationship with Lan Xi like that?" An Zihao asked after leaving the office.

"If I continue to endure, she will assume I have no bottom line and will continue to pick at me," Tangning replied gently.

An Zihao sneered gesturing he understood what Tangning meant.

Lan Xi liked using both soft and hard methods to tie Li Danni and the others to the palm of her hands. After all, Li Danni and the others had their desires and would easily make mistakes. But Tangning was different. She simply enjoyed being a model and wanted to reach the height she aimed for.

"Let's exit through the back door..."

"If I get destroyed in the hands of Ling Feng will you be extremely disappointed?" Tangning suddenly asked.

"Will you allow yourself to lose to him?" An Zihao didn't believe Tangning would be destroyed.

Tangning gave a simple smile without saying anything. Towards her enemies, she had never been merciful. She would allow Ling Feng to continue making a fuss. After all, the bigger he made the issue, the harder it would be for him to step down in the end.

As Lan Xi stopped accepting jobs for her, Tangning suddenly found herself with a lot of free time. Upon arriving home, Mo Ting found her sitting peacefully on the sofa picking photos.

Lu Che looked at Tangning and was a little surprised, "President, it's a total mess outside, but it seems madam really isn't affected...she is exceptionally calm."

Mo Ting removed his jacket and sat beside Tangning. He glanced at the camera in her hands, "I heard Lan Xi has stopped accepting jobs for you..."

"Huh?" Tangning lifted her head and looked at Mo Ting as she nodded her head, "Uh huh, they've been stopped..."

"You're not worried?"

"Worrying will only make me lose my judgment, why bother?" Tangning showed the photos she selected to Mo Ting, "I liked the scene we shot last and the feeling of me leaning on your shoulder. Should we enlarge this photo?"

Mo Ting grabbed the camera and handed it to Lu Che, "Go do as she says..."

Lu Che took hold of the camera and looked at the unaffected couple in front of him. He nodded with a smile and left.

After all...the president had already done enough behind-the-scenes.

"You really don't need me to step in?"

Hearing Mo Ting's question, Tangning did not respond at first. After Lu Che left, she finally pulled out some information Long Jie dug up via her contacts about Ling Feng. Mo Ting took a quick glance and wrapped his arm around Tangning's waist, "My smart wife..."

Tangning had instructed Long Jie to directly contact Ling Feng's competitors; people that had been suppressed under the power of Ling Feng's father and despised Ling Feng. They had long waited for an outlet to vent to.

However, they were too afraid to go against Ling Feng directly. All they had was a whole heap of evidence.

They had evidence that included proof of Ling Feng flirting with girls, acting arrogant, humiliating acting partners and showing off his 'supposed' diligence on the rare occasion that he arrived on time...

After seeing all this evidence, Mo Ting threw the papers to one side. He enjoyed seeing the 'belly black*' side of Tangning.

If she had no sense of self-preservation, then she would be kicked out of this industry sooner or later...

"President Mo, do you want to watch a finger-pointing show?"

Mo Ting smiled without a word. His face was handsome and soft.

Although it didn't take much effort for Tangning to obtain this information, it wasn't an easy task.

So, how come Long Jie managed to get it without any hindrance?

'Mo Ting the Wife Slave', definitely lived up to expectations...

Mo Ting simply smiled, rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner...


On the other hand, in order to convince people of Ling Feng's dedication, his fans posted evidence online about how he had endured harsh conditions during his shoots. This included only sleeping 3 hours a day, filming in icy cold water on a -3 degrees celsius day and falling from heights without using a stunt double...

Most hilarious of all, Ling Feng actually posted up a doctor's certificate, claiming he had insisted on going to the resort for the commercial shoot even though he was sick, only to find he was replaced. He claimed he had suffered a huge blow from this.

Unfortunately, his photos from the gym had already been collated by Long Jie...

"Seems, Ling Feng won't be satisfied until he forces you off the cliff..." An Zihao smirked as he looked at the comments online.

It seemed it was time to start the first round of face-slapping...

Translator's Notes:

Belly Black (腹黑) - used to describe someone that is secretly evil/sly/manipulative.

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