Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 159: I Shouldn't Accompany Your Craziness

Chapter 159: I Shouldn't Accompany Your Craziness

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A popular young actor was replaced.

And the entire incident was reported online by the actor himself. In an instant, discussions were stirred up and famous bloggers shared the story.

At this time, those that were currently or had previously been a victim of Ling Feng's temper were laughing in secret. According to Ling Feng's status and background, the person brave enough to replace him, must be either crazy or a hero. Everyone started assuming this person must have a death wish.

Someone also pointed out, according to Ling Feng's schedule, he should currently be filming LM's commercial. Instead...Ling Feng was posting up a message like this at this time.

Was he hinting that LM was the one that replaced him?

Fans were extremely agitated. After all, in their hearts, Ling Feng was at a godlike status and their idol, the dazzling prince, was actually replaced.

It could not be tolerated!

At this time, others noticed the female lead for the commercial was the constant battler, Tangning.


Tangning again. It seemed she was always involved in scandals.

Hence, someone started questioning, "What do you guys think is up with Tangning? Why is she always involved with everything?"

"Don't drag Tangning into this. She is only a model; she merely does her job to the best of her ability. She doesn't have the power to influence a replacement," Tangning's fans quickly stepped in to stick up for her.

"Don't speak too soon in case you get slapped in the face."

"Haha, Tangning has always kept a low profile. However, her popularity shot up too quickly so she got in the way of others. That's why she is always getting defamed."

Inside the manager's van, An Zihao was browsing through the comments online. He turned his head to look at Tangning. Seeing she was calm, he said, "Ling Feng is causing a commotion online about being replaced. Apparently, it was all because he arrived at the resort this afternoon and discovered he was replaced. He was so angry that he went ahead and exposed the incident online."

"I wonder how hilarious it would have been to see this good-for-nothing spoilt brat discover he was replaced," Long Jie, who was sitting in the back seat, couldn't contain her excitement.

An Zihao glared at Long Jie quickly before turning his attention to Tangning, "I was the one that recommended the person to replace him, Ling Feng will definitely hold that against me. I have a feeling...we are heading into a tough battle."

"Should this even be something to fuss over? Even if you didn't make a recommendation, he would have still been replaced by someone else," Long Jie was surprised.

"Do you think his fans would believe that the director and I didn't team up against him and merely made a recommendation as a kind gesture? Do you think his fans would be reasonable and let Tangning off the hook?"

Long Jie was dumbfounded. Just a moment ago her mood was still high, now it had fallen into the depths of the abyss.

"Online there are photos of Ling Feng at the gym taken by fans that saw him there. To prevent them from being deleted, Long Jie, hurry and take a screenshot of them. Also..."

"I will contact artists that have previously collaborated with Ling Feng. Hopefully, I can get them to unite and expose Ling Feng's dark secrets. That way we won't have to worry about the commotion he is creating," An Zihao cut off Tangning mid-sentence. He understood what she was thinking, but since he was her manager, he would handle whatever crisis they were dealt.

Tangning also understood what An Zihao was thinking. But, if she felt her input would help ease the problem, she would go ahead and say it.

"Actually, this issue, if President Mo was to handle it, it would probably be a lot easier."

Hearing this, Tangning smiled, "I've said it before, Mo Ting is simply my husband. He is not something I use and sacrifice in order to advance. The only reason I asked him to help out at the shoot was because I wanted to make up for the things we missed in our marriage due to it being hidden. I already expected this result, so I'm willing to accept Ling Feng's provocation. Zihao, from now on, I don't wish to hear you suggest anything like this again. In fact, don't even think about it."

"Just because a woman is married, doesn't mean they don't have the ability to do things on their own."

"After all, career and financial independence is the key to having an independent personality."

An Zihao smiled, "I know what type of person you are. I was just saying it because I thought it was a pity."

"Don't assume that just because Ting is in a high position he can do whatever he wants. There are plenty of people behind, waiting to challenge him. After all, who doesn't want ultimate power...? Since I'm married to him then I have the responsibility to help him guard his empire."

"Well, the incident hasn't gotten to a stage we should worry about yet, so let's not be so negative for now," An Zihao comforted Tangning. "In the past, you've already overcome so many obstacles with Long Jie. Don't forget you now have me as well. I must say, today's shoot went perfectly. When you get home, pick out a few nice photos to decorate your love nest."

With the mention of the photos, Tangning pulled out her wedding ring from her bag and placed it on her finger.

It was like she suddenly blocked out the noise of the outside world and could only feel Mo Ting's thoughtfulness.


...Ling Feng's fans quickly blew up the issue and broke out in an uproar. They even gathered a group together to demand LM and Ling Feng's agency for the truth; they wanted to get justice for their idol.

In private, LM and Ling Feng's agency had already negotiated canceling their contract and agreed on compensation. However, seeing the incident had been elevated to such a level, Ling Feng's agency had no choice but to step out and protect their artist. After chasing LM for an explanation, they found out what happened during the entire incident.

It was the director's decision to replace Ling Feng and Tangning's people were the ones that recommended a replacement.

So, after Ling Feng was notified of this, he immediately posted online, "Tangning, I've never offended you." Attached to the post was an image of a middle finger with the words, 'Complete B*tch'!

With the release of this post, the internet was in an uproar. A famous male actor was tearing apart a famous female model!

Before Tangning got out of the van, Lan Xi saw the news and called An Zihao to immediately report to the office and provide an explanation.

"You go home first. I'll handle Lan Xi."

An Zihao knew, as this incident was indeed Tangning's idea, if he let her continue going against Lan Xi, her future in Cheng Tian would not be easy.

"You've worked hard," Tangning understood this point as she nodded her head before stepping out of the van. She noticed Long Jie following her so she turned around and asked, "Go home and rest, why are you still following me?"

"I'm worried you are unhappy..."

"It's not enough to make me unhappy," Tangning replied calmly. "Help me get evidence instead, that's more productive."

"OK, in that case, give me a call if you need anything," Long Jie made a phone gesture with her hand. After seeing Tangning nod, she felt relieved and left Hyatt Regency.

5:30pm. Outside the window, the sun burned a blood red dyeing half the sky with a fiery glow. At this time, Mo Ting pushed open the door to his home to find a sleeping beauty lying on the sofa; he couldn't bear to wake her up. However, Tangning was only sleeping lightly, so hearing Mo Ting taking off his shoes, she slowly opened her eyes.

"You're home."

"Today I asked Lu Che to do some calculations. You know, for the 3 months we've been married, how many times you've been the hottest topic?" Mo Ting removed his jacket and sat down beside Tangning. He took this chance to pull her into his arms, "As for this time, you've indeed left evidence behind for people to talk about. I shouldn't have accompanied your craziness."

Tangning lifted her head and looked into Mo Ting's eyes, "Who told me to be seduced by your good looks?"

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