Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 248: Are You and President Mo Living Together?

Chapter 248: Are You and President Mo Living Together?

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Same frame...

Was this possible?

The host was extremely versatile. So, she quickly recovered the audience's attention, "Pause...we are a serious interview program and don't like to gossip. Let's place our focus on the second key phrase instead: 'Announcing your comeback'! Thinking back on the time when Tianyi accepted an invite to an event for an unreliable product on your behalf and how badly you were scolded. How did you feel at that time?"

"I told myself to prepare for war," Tangning replied. "That was the moment when I decided to pick up my dream."

The host looked at Tangning and analyzed her expression. She then placed her hand under her chin, "Tangning, I've discovered that you are a person with a strong personality."

"Really?" Tangning asked as she smiled.

"Can you share your life motto with us?"

Tangning had been sitting for a while so her hip was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. She adjusted her position before answering, "Actually, I don't really live by any motto. I am a person that draws a clear line between good and bad. As long as I feel like something is right, I will go ahead and do it without worrying about the consequences."

"You seem to handle matters calmly and logically. Do you cry often? What kind of situations make you cry?"

"When my lover, my friend or a relative gets hurt, I cry. I don't cry because of my career because I believe there is always a solution to any problem. On the other hand, the human heart is unpredictable."

The host nodded and continued to ask, "Are you a person that likes to control others?"

"No, individuality is what differentiates one person from another. Only by meeting different people will one's life be truly fulfilled and colorful."

"Then...are you a person that likes to be controlled?" as the host asked this question her tone was obviously suggesting something. The fans quickly responded with their high-pitched screams. However, Tangning remained composed without slipping on her words.

"If someone wants to control your lifestyle, it means they will need to use double the effort to protect you. The more naive you are, the more tired people around you will be. If you don't believe me, have a look around you. Therefore, I am a person that likes to give as much as I get. I believe in equality."

Because of Tangning's serious response, most of the 'couple fans' calmed down and listened intently to the interview. In the studio, there were fans that were 26-years-old and even older. After hearing Tangning's response, they were quite moved. It was hard for them to believe that these words came from the mouth of a 26-year-old.

She seemed to have seen through life without destroying it.

During this short 50-minute interview, fans were not only treated to the public displays of affection they desired, they also developed a deeper understanding towards Tangning.

It turned out she had so much depth to her personality.

"We've asked so many questions today. From the impressive Oriental Trend to LM's Ling Feng incident, we've witnessed how Tangning has emerged from the danger and proven herself. Now...I will ask 2 more questions. The first one is related to your fall from the stage. At that time, your fall was quite serious, how come you didn't immediately seek medical attention?"

In comparison to the questions from her fans, this question from the host was more of a headache for Tangning.

At this moment, Tangning simply rubbed her arms a little. Seeing this action, Mo Ting immediately asked a member of staff to hand Tangning a blanket.

Others may not have noticed, but from the host's position, she witnessed the entire scene.

So, she asked Tangning in a surprised tone, "Are you feeling cold?"

Tangning nodded her head hesitantly, "A little."

Host: "..."

Seeing all this sweetness made it hard for one not to dream about being in love...

Tangning unfolded the blanket and covered her legs, "Honestly, at that time I didn't really feel much pain, so I decided to endure for as long as I could."

"The last question is the ultimate one, get ready! Are you and President Mo living together?"

The fans expectations were continuously exceeded by the host's ability to order her questions in a way that gradually progressed. The further they got into the interview, the braver and sharper her questions got. As for Tangning's answers, they started off relaxed but had now turned into a game of Taichi. Her answer felt like a public display of affection, but at the same time, it was just a normal response.

For example, her answer this time was, "President Mo and I both live in Hyatt Regency."

She expanded the range from a simple villa to an entire estate. Fans had no way of investigating the truth because the security at Hyatt Regency was extremely tight.

"Great, it has been a pleasure to have Tangning as our guest on 'Super Interview' today. I believe we have all gained a better understanding of life as a model and of our amazing Tangning. Today's episode has now come to an end, I hope to see you all again next time!" After speaking, the host stood up to take a photo with Tangning before she was escorted into the backstage and returned to Mo Ting's side.

"This episode's rating will definitely skyrocket..." Mo Ting said as he wrapped Tangning in his jacket.

"Questions related to our relationship was scattered throughout the entire interview," Tangning complained calmly.

"You don't like it?" Mo Ting escorted her out of the TV studio.

"You tried so hard to hide your private life and had remained behind-the-scenes for so long. But now, because of me, your name is being mentioned every day and used as a selling point. I don't want it to be this way." This was the reason Tangning had started off the interview in a cooperative manner; she knew the first few questions would be quite relaxed. However, towards the end she decided to keep her lips sealed.

"I don't mind whether I'm out in the open or behind-the-scenes. As long as you need me, I can be either."

Tangning sat inside the manager's van and looked at Mo Ting calmly.

Mo Ting understood what she was thinking, so he wrapped his arm around her and said, "From now on, we won't go on any more talk show and interviews will only be focused on business."

"I don't want to rest anymore. Help me accept jobs again starting from tomorrow. Manager Mo, I need to work harder..."

"OK..." it was impossible for Mo Ting to reject Tangning's requests. He placed her head on his thigh, "Have a nap, we will arrive home soon."


7pm. Zhen Manni's flight landed in Beijing airport. This highly regarded 'National Treasure Model' was 24-years-old. She had full breasts and all the right curves making her body extremely sexy. She had previously appeared on the runway of Victoria's Secret and been the main spokesperson for many first-class luxury brands. Afterwards, she also founded her own fashion label becoming a legend in the modeling industry.

Apart from this, she enjoyed showing off and was crazy about the color black and rock music. Every time she was caught on camera by her fans, she would be wearing mainly black. But, she never made people feel like her style was repetitive; it was a strange phenomenon.

After leaving the airport, Zhen Manni removed her sunglasses and boarded the Maybach prepared by her assistant. Onboard the car, she saw news about Mo Ting becoming Tangning's manager.

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