Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 247: Can We Grab a Shot of Boss?

Chapter 247: Can We Grab a Shot of Boss?

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"Hello everyone, welcome to this week's 'Super Interview'. I am your host, Lin Ning..."

As the host's opening speech fell upon the ears of the viewers, in the backstage, Tangning was feeling a little nervous. Today, she was dressed in a simple black A-line dress; her soft ink-black hair was tied into a loose ponytail and her makeup was relatively defined, making her appear extra beautiful and lively.

Because of her hip injury, Mo Ting did not allow her to wear high heeled shoes and restricted her from making any difficult moves. He also warned her not to remain standing for too long...

As a result, Tangning felt a little helpless. Who was the one that made her collapse last night?

"Let's welcome the infamous model, Tangning."

As soon as she heard the host's cue, Tangning prepared herself to walk on stage. At this moment, Mo Ting stretched out his hand and stroked her hair, "I'll be watching you from here. I won't go anywhere. Don't be nervous."

Tangning nodded her head. In reality...if Mo Ting wasn't around, she actually wouldn't be so nervous.

Afterwards, Tangning entered the broadcast studio and accepted the host's invite to sit on the sofa.

After a brief greeting to the audience, the host started questioning Tangning about her injury, "How is your hip? Let's get this question out of the way first so your fans don't need to keep worrying about you."

Tangning looked at the audience, slightly turned her body and smiled, "I'm recovering well. Apart from intense activity, I can do other things without any problems."

The host propped her head on her chin and scanned Tangning with her eyes, "You've maintained your figure really well. Do you have any secrets?"

"Fitness and diet; that is the most scientific method," Tangning replied seriously.

"Great, since Tangning's body has pretty much recovered, we should get started with today's 'Super Interview'. Our program is very friendly, we definitely won't make things difficult for our guests," the host smiled cheekily at Tangning. "However, in every segment, we will include 3 relatively heated questions...Tangning, you better prepare yourself!"

"Before the interview, let's start off with a question. Let me reveal the question board!" After speaking, the host pulled out a blackboard from beside her seat and revealed the first question.

With the revelation, the mood of the fans turned high.

The host shrugged her shoulders and explained, "This wasn't a question I prepared, it was selected from a list of fans' queries. So Tangning, can we please get your answer. What type of manager do you think is the perfect manager?"

Tangning was put in a difficult position as an expression of helplessness appeared on her face. She then replied in a serious tone, "Mo Ting is perfect."

"Ahhhh..." the fans in the studio erupted in a wave of screams. They expected Tangning to play Taichi around the question, but who would have thought she'd treat them to a public display of affection. Their girly hearts felt like they would burst out of their chests.

"Shhh..." the host was pleased with the atmosphere in the studio, it was rare that she didn't need to liven it up herself. Since she started hosting 'Super Interview', the atmosphere today was the best she had seen. As long as she made good use of Mo Ting and Tangning, her ratings would definitely go through the roof, "Great, now that we've treated the audience to a small dose of sweetness, let's begin the serious interview."

"Our team have prepared a list of key phrases to unlock Tangning's inner thoughts. The first phrase is '9 years'. What comes to mind when I mention these 2 words?"

Tangning thought for a moment and finally answered, "I died and came back to life."

"Can you please explain what you mean in more detail?"

"A model's career is very similar to an actor's - they both don't last for very long. What's even more frightening is that most people have preconceived views of models. When they think of models, they often think of inexperienced and unsigned models. They also have dirty thoughts that involve x-rated exchanges."

"Of course, there is a broad spectrum of people. From my experience, I personally think of models as a person that helps others discover beauty. So, although there have been ups and downs over the past 9 years and a variety of situations, with the belief that my career is focused on beauty, I have decided to persist. Even after 90 years, as long as I can still step onto the runway, I will still choose to put on pretty clothes..."

"As for my experience with death, it's because I had been through a slump in my life. When no matter what you say and do is wrong, you will feel like you don't belong anywhere in this huge world..."

"...but, you still need to keep, all you can do is pick up your dream and continue moving forward."

The host looked at Tangning and gestured for the audience to applaud her, "Tangning, you are a clear-minded person."

"Yes, I am."

"So, when you are being defamed, how do you respond? Do you get angry or irritable?"

"I...tend to remain calm," Tangning laughed before explaining, "Because I am aware that I live my life in a positive and healthy manner. The anti-fans may be fooled by outside factors temporarily, but they won't be fooled for the rest of their lives. I have always been confident that they'd eventually discover my view on life and what I want to express. As long as I have that belief, then everything is OK."

"I also feel that you have a very healthy view on life, don't need to care about the intentionally malicious attacks," the host nodded her head before revealing the second question, catching everyone off guard, "Aiyo, I love moments like this when I get to torture my guests...come, time for your second question. Can you tell us about your relationship with Mo Ting?"

This time, the fans not only screamed, they even cupped their mouths to make their voices louder.

Meanwhile, fans online started to leave comments on 'Super Interview's' website praising the program for understanding exactly what the fans wanted to know. They couldn't praise them enough.

"Tangning looks shocked! Haha!"

"Let's wait and see how Tangning responds."

"Oh wow, look at how many people are watching the live broadcast online. This is shocking..."

"Little Miss Tangning, you better be honest!"

Tangning lowered her head and laughed as an expression of helplessness appeared on her face, "Why is there such a sharp question?"

"Let me repeat myself. I did not come up with these questions, they came from your fans."

Tangning couldn't help but smile before gathering her composure, "My manager said I can't answer this question."

"When did he say such a thing?" the host asked.

Tangning pointed towards the backstage. Indeed, Mo Ting was standing there with his hands crossed gesturing that he didn't allow it.

The host understood and quickly tried to end the topic, "I saw it, since your manager is guarding in the backstage, I'm too afraid to push you any further., I think you should go ask Tangning's manager yourselves."

"Oh God! He's in the backstage? Can we grab a shot of boss?"

"We would like to request for Tangning's manager to appear on stage!"

"We would like to request for them to appear in the same frame!"

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

Haha, Mo Ting and Tangning are such a tease to the audience.

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