Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 246: Super Interview

Chapter 246: Super Interview

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"Why must a person go ruin other's happiness?"

This was the first time since their marriage that Tangning shared her situation at home with Mo Ting. It clarified many of the queries he had. He had wondered for a long time why the Tang Family never once made an appearance even though Tangning had faced so many obstacles. Not only did they not offer help, they did not even speak a word of support.

"Don't dwell on it. Since you've married me, you are now a member of the Mo Family. You are no longer tied to the Tangs," Mo Ting pulled Tangning in and placed kisses from her nose down to her collarbone. This was a speechless but effective form of comfort. "Later, when I take you to meet the Mo Family, I'll help you prepare."

After hearing Tangning's story, Mo Ting finally realized how much Tangning's sense of security was lacking and how serious it was.

It was all because of her complicated family relations...

"OK," Tangning nodded.

As the Tang Family would also be mentioned during the story of her youth, Mo Ting negotiated with the TV studio to directly skip that part of her life and jump straight to the time of her debut, which was a big turning point in her life.

In reality, the TV studio wanted to dig up dirt about the century-old perfume empire, but after their conversation with Mo Ting, they felt it wasn't worth the risk. Actually, if they were to depend solely on the selling point of Tangning and Mo Ting's relationship, it was already enough to guarantee them viewership. So, they had no need to attract trouble.

After the content of the interview was confirmed, the rest of their time was spent on waiting for Tangning's recovery.

Apart from regular check-ups at the doctor's, with the help of Mo Ting, Tangning was slowly able to do simple exercises that weren't too intense.

Seeing that Tangning was gradually recovering, Mo Ting's confidence towards her appearance on 'Super Interview' increased.

The night before her appearance on 'Super Interview', Tangning was on the phone with Huo Jingjing after she had finished her exercises.

"You will be going on the program tomorrow, is your hip injury any better?"

"Don't worry, making an appearance on a program is a piece of cake," Tangning replied as Mo Ting helped her wipe the sweat from her body.

"Have you heard that Zhen Manni will be returning to China tomorrow?" Huo Jingjing was at home painting her nails and had her phone on loudspeaker, "My relationship with her used to be quite good, but with her international status elevating over the years and the release of her own fashion label, we slowly grew apart. These days, Zhen Manni has been labeled as a 'National Treasure Model'. She is a bargaining chip that President Mo has spent a lot of effort on training in order to suppress Star King."

"Are you trying to tell me there is something going on between her and my husband?" Tangning asked as she looked at Mo Ting.

"From the moment I stepped foot into Hai Rui, you have been the only woman I've seen by President Mo's side," Huo Jingjing replied. "The thing I'm worried about is that Zhen Manni has spent most of her time overseas. It's hard for us to tell whether she is still loyal to Hai Rui. Most importantly, even though she is labeled as a National Treasure, President Mo ended up being your manager."

"Let's just take things as it comes," Tangning did not shun away. After giving a simple reply, she hung up the phone. At this time, Mo Ting grabbed onto her shoulders and pulled her into his embrace.

"Is it because I haven't taught you a lesson in a you're stepping out of line?"

Tangning took the opportunity to hook her arm around Mo Ting's sweaty neck and smiled, "Have you never considered being the manager of a National Treasure?"

Mo Ting held Tangning's chin with one hand and squeezed her cheeks, "For me to be their manager, the prerequisite is to sleep with me."

"As long as you're willing, anyone would..."

"However, I only want to sleep with you," Mo Ting cut in before wrapping his arm around her body and drawing her closer to him. The couple were both covered in sweat, but...this was exactly the reason Tangning was consumed in the manly hormonal aura emanating from Mo Ting's body.

She then heard Mo Ting's deep voice, "Can you still use your hip? My dear wife, I've been a monk for the past half a month."

"It hurts..." Tangning whined gently.

Hearing her response, the desire in Mo Ting's eyes subdued. Just as he was about to loosen her from his embrace, Tangning wrapped her arms around his hip, "Just kidding...just don't be so intense."

Mo Ting turned around and carried her out of the gym into the bedroom. He didn't even have time to shower as he directly placed her on the bed and pressed his body against hers...

All Tangning heard was a shredding noise...

Mo Ting had torn her sports bra off her body. He then leaned over and pressed his lips against hers...

He had endured for too long...and fought his desires for too long.

Tangning suddenly felt she couldn't keep up with Mo Ting's intensity...For the first time, she ended up collapsing from tiredness!


Super Interview. This was Tangning's first appearance in front of the public since her injury. It was also the first job she would take on since announcing Mo Ting was her manager.

7pm. Mo Ting escorted Tangning into the television studio's waiting room; they were to accept a short pre-show interview.

But, with Mo Ting's strict supervision, the reporter didn't get the chance to ask many questions. She was so constricted that Tangning felt a little bad for her. Who told her to have such a strict manager?

The reporter couldn't help but beg and plea Tangning, "Can you answer a few more questions? Tangning, I really like you. I won't ask about gossip, I simply want to ask a few things I'm curious about."

Tangning couldn't help but giggle as she pointed to Mo Ting who was standing on the side, "Ask him."

As if the reporter had the guts to ask Mo Ting...

Mo Ting simply stood there, but who wasn't afraid of him?

A little while later Mo Ting gave Tangning a look, gesturing her to enter the broadcast studio.

Tangning smiled as she stood up. After shaking the reporter's hand, she walked over to Mo Ting.

The little reporter watched as the two disappeared from her sight. As they walked away, she couldn't help but snap a photo of their backs and place it online with a slightly obsessive caption, "Does a manager like this still exist in this world? How I wish for a manager like this!"

It had been calm for a few days and fans and reporters had already flipped through old news about Tangning and Mo Ting multiple times. Right now, they were in a deprived state. So, as soon as they saw the photo posted by the reporter, they went crazy.

"Oh God! Tangning is so lovely. It's been so many days since we've seen her. Wow! Please treat us to some public displays of affection!"

"Let's write our own captions for this photo. Tangning: Tonight I'll definitely be asked about gossip. Boss: Leave it with me."

"So sweet..."

"Ahhh, I'm really looking forward to 'Super Interview'. The host better try her best to dig up some useful information to satisfy our beating hearts!"

"If Boss can appear on the screen during the interview that would be so satisfying. He is so handsome!"

" are my role model. I am in love with my maths teacher and have decided to pursue him. You've given me the courage to make him into my personal maths teacher. I want him to demonstrate his teachings every day! It couldn't get any better than that!"

"The commenter above: you sure are unrestrained and wild. However...I'm also planning to pursue my personal trainer!"

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