Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 245: Selling Point Everywhere

Chapter 245: Selling Point Everywhere

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Any artist that got a chance to appear on 'Super Interview' was popular, capable and received positive feedback from industry professionals. As for Tangning, she was a black belly 1 in all aspects. Most importantly, her invite came directly from the organizers of the program because she had more talking points than some of the top actors and actresses.

Even though the predicted recovery time for Tangning's hip injury was at least 10 days...the interview would not require her to partake in any strenuous activity, so it wasn't much of a burden for her.

2 days later, Tangning barely just managed to get out of bed. As she sat in the living room watching the TV, an interesting news story popped up:

"Yesterday morning one of our reporters received news that the once-famous model Qin Yu was spotted heading to a hotel room with a 'famous director', merely 3 days after announcing her retreat...Afterwards, a sex tape was circulated online and the 'famous director' was investigated. It turns out the 'famous director' was actually a scam artist, making the once-famous model no different to a wh*re with a miserable fate."

"After the incident, our reporter confirmed with the hospital that Qin Yu had made a failed attempt at suicide and is currently making a recovery. Photos obtained from the hospital show a huge change in Qin Yu's appearance with her body looking shockingly withered."

"She deserves it!" Long Jie exclaimed at the TV as she sat beside Tangning, "However, this Qin Yu's reaction was too extreme. After all, she was the one that went seeking for trouble!"

Tangning leaned back on the cushion behind her with a mysterious expression. It was hard to guess what was on her mind as her face remained unusually calm.

Tangning didn't say anything, but, it didn't mean the netizens wouldn't make their own assumptions.

"I heard from friends in the industry that this was Hai Rui's ruthless attempt at pushing Qin Yu into a dead end."

"I don't think Hai Rui did anything wrong. By announcing her retreat from the industry, Qin Yu suggested she was the instigator behind Tangning's injury. The stage was so high; for Tangning to fall off, it was lucky she didn't lose her life. With the way that Hai Rui usually handles matters, there was no way they'd let her off. It's not like Qin Yu stepped out to apologize for what she's done."

"That's right! Hai Rui was ruthless, but they didn't force Qin Yu to climb into someone's bed. If she wanted to retreat, she should have retreated cleanly; no one would have bothered to do anything to her."

"Regardless, this is proof that the people at Hai Rui should not be offended. From now on, everyone needs to be wary of them."

"Especially if one comes across Tangning, they should quickly avoid her. Her manager is too powerful; even as an outsider of the industry I am afraid."

"From now on, who would dare to have their way with Tangning?"

Long Jie browsed through the comments online and glanced at Tangning. She could roughly guess what had happened with Qin Yu, "Tangning, since someone sought trouble with you as soon as Boss announced he was your manager, he had no choice but to handle things this way to deter any future troublemakers. Above all, he didn't force Qin Yu to do what she did."

"Did you think I'm a prude?" Tangning suddenly laughed, "Of course I'm aware of Ting's motive..."

"I almost forgot, when it comes to being belly black, it's a tough competition between the two of you!" Long Jie realized her worries were pointless; how could she be worried that Tangning would feel Mo Ting's actions were ruthless?

Simply looking at the netizens discussions, it was obvious, Qin Yu met with this fate completely because of her own doing.

Would Tangning feel pity towards someone that had no self-respect?

One must face the consequences of their actions.

Even if they managed to avoid the consequences now, retribution will eventually catch up to them.

They shouldn't think that they've escaped retribution - their time simply hasn't come.

"Let's move away from this unhappy topic, it's all in the past. You should start preparing for your appearance on 'Super Interview'"

"There's nothing to prepare," Tangning smiled, "It's obvious they want to find out about mine and Mo Ting's relationship and want to dig up some big news."

"This news is the biggest selling point everywhere...who told you to have such an amazing manager?" Long Jie burst out laughing before looking at the watch on her wrist. "I will be having dinner with Lu Che, are you OK to return to the bedroom on your own?"

"I'll wait for Ting to come home..." Tangning nodded.

Ever since being in a relationship, Long Jie appeared full of energy. It was impossible to tell that she was almost 30-years-old. But, Tangning was curious how Long Jie and Lu Che interacted with each other...

7pm. Mo Ting returned home from Hai Rui. Upon seeing Tangning lying on the sofa under the yellow lighting, he carefully approached her and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

Tangning opened her eyes. As soon as she saw Mo Ting's attractive face, she smiled gently and sat up, "You're home."

"Why aren't you sleeping in the bedroom? The living room is cold."

"I was getting bored just lying there all day..." Tangning replied helplessly.

Mo Ting nodded his head and pulled out a list of topics Tangning would need to discuss at 'Super Interview'. After seeing the list, Tangning's expression changed slightly.

For the interview, she would need to discuss her youth and her family background.

Mo Ting noticed the abnormality in Tangning's expression. He retrieved the list from Tangning's hands and offered, "If you don't want to talk about it, I'll tell the producer to change it."

Tangning contemplated for a moment before grabbing hold of Mo Ting's hand and looking into his eyes, "We definitely can't discuss it on the program. The Tang family doesn't like the entertainment industry; they think it's degrading."

"If you say we can't, then we won't..."

"But, I want to tell you about it," Tangning swung Mo Ting's hand. She felt it was time to tell Mo Ting about the situation at home.

Mo Ting could tell it was going to be a long story, so he wrapped his arm around Tangning gesturing for her to take her time.

"It's true that I am a member of the Tang family. However, to them, I am like a clown. My mother is the second wife to my father and started off as a mistress. Before my mother, my father's first wife had 3 children. Ever since I was small, they had always seen me as the demon that took away their everything. However, my grandfather had high hopes for me."

"I felt guilty, so I decided not to go in the running to become an heir to the Tang business and instead chose the path of a model. This broke my grandfather's heart."

"At first, my grandfather was simply disgusted by me. But after I started dating Han Yufan, he directly kicked me out of the household; he felt I was insulting the family name."

After hearing these words from Tangning, Mo Ting tightened his embrace around her. The Tang Family was legendary in the perfume world, but just like every other family, they could not avoid internal fighting.

"As a result, I am a person that has been abandoned by her family..."

"How are you abandoned? You still have me," Mo Ting's heart ached. Tangning debuted before she even turned 18. All these years, she had struggled on her own and even came across a jerk like Han Yufan; her 9 years of youth was wasted just like that.

"We won't do the segment about the Tang Family...we won't even mention them."

"It's been quite a few years since I've seen my mother..." Tangning mumbled. "At times, I quite detest her. Because of her greed, she made me feel ashamed. That's why, after facing the affair between Han Yufan and Mo Yurou, I suddenly became so ruthless."

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It's sad how Tangning's family is like that.

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