Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 244: I Want to Hug You

Chapter 244: I Want to Hug You

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Long Jie looked at her phone blankly for a few seconds...After stepping out of her car, she returned to Lu Che's apartment. This time, before she did anything, she realized Lu Che had already unlocked the door. As Long Jie pushed it open and entered, she discovered Lu Che had turned his study room inside out.

"Dude! Is this what you call looking for a document? This is what you call messing up your home..." Long Jie was a little shocked as she knelt on the floor and started helping Lu Che search for a blue folder.

"I had no choice, it's too important," Lu Che tilted his head awkwardly as he leaned against his office desk.

"It's fine, leave it with me. You go out first, I'll look around..." Long Jie waved him out, "Who usually cleans up after you when you search for documents like this?"

Lu Che did not respond as he quickly slipped out of the room...

Who was he trying to fool? After following by Mo Ting's side for so many years, if this was his method of looking for documents, he would have been fired a hundred times already. This was simply the only way he could make Long Jie stay for a little while longer.

After leaving the study room, Lu Che leaned against the cold wall and tried to calm himself down. He didn't understand why he had the impulse to do such a thing.

Long Jie accepted her fate of tidying Lu Che's study room all over again. But, when she thought about it, Lu Che was a diligent worker; in fact, he was capable and meticulous. How could an assistant like him, simply throw an important document randomly on the office desk? Above all, amongst these documents, finding a blue folder shouldn't be that difficult, did he need to throw everything on the floor?

Not to mention, a normal person's train of thought - like herself for example - if she messed up her study room, she would clean up after herself. There would be no way she'd trouble others...

Could it be possible...that he wanted to keep me around for a bit?

Long Jie was wishful thinking.

However, according to Lu Che's EQ...

Long Jie's heart was in a mess because of Lu Che. While tidying the room, her imagination was going wild. At that moment, she had to place a few documents on the highest shelf. Although Long Jie was fairly tall, having to stand on her tiptoes whilst holding a stack of documents, was still quite a challenge. However, Lu Che appeared from behind her and reached out his hand to gently nudge the documents into place.

Long Jie turned around. Their bodies were almost touching.

Long Jie felt a little awkward...Just as she was about to push Lu Che away, he placed one had on the shelf and said, "It's snowing outside. Pretty badly too. I don't think you should drive home tonight."

"What do you mean by that?" Long Jie couldn't hold back anymore, her heart was beating so fast it felt like it was about to jump out of her chest. If Lu Che was to do one more thing out of the ordinary, she would directly pounce upon him.

"It's really snowing."

Who's asking you about the snow? Long Jie was so anxious she was about to cry. She really wanted to clear things up, because she knew, if she was to miss out on this chance, she wouldn't know when the next time would be. But...what if her feelings were one-sided?

"Don't you know that you're a single man and I'm a single woman?"

"I don't know. Aren't you my fiancee?"

If one was ever curious about the meaning of 'instant kill'...

...Long Jie felt Lu Che had achieved it at this moment...

For a man that normally had negative EQ to suddenly say something like this, it was impossible not to get goosebumps.

"Wasn't that...all a cover?" Long Jie was beginning to stutter as a layer of sweat formed on her face. Wasn't it the middle of winter?

Lu Che did not respond. However, he made an extremely surprising move. He leaned forward...and gently placed a peck on Long Jie's cheek.

Just like that, Long Jie felt like her soul had been awakened.


"I did all this because I didn't want you to leave."

Oh god...

In an instant, Long Jie felt like her heart was about to explode. Extreme joy covered her body from head to toe. She too decided to respond with a surprising move as she hooked her arms around Lu Che's neck, "Why don't you want me to leave?"

"I just simply didn't want you to...I even thought of multiple reasons to hold you back; including blowing the fuse and breaking my taps..." Lu Che tilted his head and pointed outside the study room.

Long Jie let out a laugh, "I don't know how to fix the fuse. Also, if you were to break the taps, were you planning to flood the house?"

Lu Che lowered his head shyly, but after a few seconds, he suddenly lifted his head and said, "I want to hug you."

Long Jie blushed. Under the lighting of the room, she looked particularly attractive. She slowly took one step forward - and moved into Lu Che's embrace.

Lu Che was actually quite nervous, but...he still stretched out his arms and wrapped them around Long Jie tightly - in fact he did not hold back.

Although the hug was so tight it felt a little painful, to Long Jie, it was a sweet pain. So she allowed Lu Che to continue hugging her as they listened to each other's heart beat.

"Tonight...don't leave. It's honestly snowing hard outside."

Long Jie's expression changed as she replied anxiously, "I refuse to partake in pre-marital sex! When a man says they only want to rub a little and won't go inside, they are all lies!"

Lu Che: "..."

Long Jie realized she was being too straightforward, so she quickly tried to explain, "That...that...."

"I simply want to look at you," Lu Che suddenly cut her off. "Just like that night when I had a fever and we each slept on our own sofa."

Long Jie realized she had completely misinterpreted Lu Che's intention. Her face turned even more red. The two quickly tidied the study room together, walked out into the living room hand-in-hand and sat down on the sofa.

That night, the heater was on while Lu Che watched Long Jie sleep. He suddenly let out a gentle laugh.

Just like this, is pretty good...

Overnight, Long Jie had a dream; it was a beautiful dream. So beautiful that she didn't want to wake up. She simply wanted to be with Lu Che forever.


The next morning, Lu Che and Long Jie arrived at Hyatt Regency together.

Tangning analyzed the expression on their faces and noticed Long Jie's shyness. She immediately caught on, "If there's good news, don't you know how to share it straight away?"

Long Jie sat beside Tangning and gave a relaxed smile, "I didn't have time to tell you last night."

"So, are you guys actually together?" Tangning asked with uncertainty.

"Uh huh," Long Jie nodded. "Both our lives revolve around this industry. Being able to meet someone we like is not an easy task. Although I still feel a little self-conscious, I will try my best to overcome it."

"It's only two years difference, who cares about that?"

"There's also my figure..."

"That's not difficult to deal with. Eat the same food as me for a while, I guarantee you will return to being a delicate little lady."

Long Jie thought about Tangning's nutritious meals; she had never seen her eat noodles nor rice. She also did a huge amount of exercise to maintain her figure. However, Long Jie couldn't deny that Tangning's body was indeed perfect.

"When that time comes, you won't have to worry about not matching Lu Che."

Lu Che was standing outside the door. As he heard their discussion, he felt a little shy, so he decided to look for the President first.

Mo Ting was in the middle of a video chat. After he was done, he looked at Lu Che, "The program list I asked you to compile yesterday, have you finished it?"

"Yep," Lu Che handed him the information.

"Contact the television studio. Tell them Tangning agrees to go on 'Super Interview' in 10 days time," Mo Ting instructed.

"But, what about madam's hip injury?"

"Just go do it, I have my plans," Mo Ting assured. "This is currently the best interview program in the country and can establish Tangning's status as a top model."

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