Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 243: Why Must You Torture Me Like This?

Chapter 243: Why Must You Torture Me Like This?

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After watching the news, Mo Ting reached out his hand to turn off the TV.

He was not satisfied with the way Qin Yu handled the matter; she simply announced her retreat and had no intention whatsoever to apologize to Tangning...

Tangning saw through to her husband's anger. Seeing he was about to call Lu Che, she reached out her hand and stopped him, "That's enough. For a proud person like Qin Yu, destroying her career is already worse than killing her...moreover, what's the point of forcing her to apologize?"

"Don't waste your energy on people like that. need some rest."

Mo Ting turned his head and looked at Tangning and noticed her patting the spot beside her; he couldn't possibly refuse. So, he strolled over, sat down and wrapped her in his embrace, "My heart aches for you..."

Tangning took the opportunity to massage Mo Ting's shoulder and noticed his muscles were tense, "Look, you've been working too hard. Even your body is trying to remind you to get some rest."

Mo Ting did not say another word. As he hugged Tangning, he slowly lowered his body, pressed his lips against her forehead and closed his eyes.

"I already possess the most powerful manager. So...people like Qin Yu doesn't exist in my eyes. Stop wasting your precious time on people like that."

"OK!" Mo Ting nodded with his eyes closed.


During Tangning's period of recovery, Long Jie treated it as a long holiday. With Mo Ting taking care of Tangning's every need, there was nothing left for Long Jie to worry about.

Overcome with boredom, Long Jie headed over to Hai Rui. She wanted to find Lu Che to help her pass time.

However, just as she reached the doorway of Lu Che's office, she could just make out the sound of his voice yelling at a subordinate...

Long Jie leaned against the door frame without entering. Finally, Lu Che's secretary ran out crying. Long Jie shook her head, pushed open the door and said to Lu Che, "That's not the right way to train people. You should be gentle towards girls, how could you make her cry?"

Lu Che closed the document in front of him; he was obviously still angry.

This was the first time Long Jie witnessed Lu Che's anger. As she watched him trying to contain his anger and his ears burning red, she couldn't help but find him adorable!

"Tell your big sister how many people you've made cry. Have there been at least 10?"

Lu Che lifted his head and looked at Long Jie; it looked like he was containing a smile. As he looked at Long Jie, he could feel his heart flutter, "You...why are you looking at me like that?"

"At least I've never made you cry before..."

After hearing this, Long Jie stood stunned for a moment before she realized she had almost misinterpreted his words as her heart raced. Because, with his EQ, there was no way his words would contain a deeper meaning. It seemed, he was simply trying to say she wasn't like a woman.

Long Jie let out a gentle laugh. She felt a bit silly as she mumbled, "I almost believed it."

"What was that?"

Long Jie lifted her head and smiled at Lu Che, "It's because your big sister has a strong heart! Now, why don't you tell me why you were angry at your secretary."

"I don't like it when people casually enter my home. I asked her to retrieve some documents from my place and she cleaned up my bedroom while she was there," Lu Che explained as he looked down at his documents. As he worked, he had a serious expression on his face.

As soon as Long Jie heard his explanation...

...her heart once again started racing...

...because she had been to Lu Che's home and had even stayed a night there. However, Lu Che never said anything.

"Honestly, your home is quite messy sometimes..." Long Jie responded awkwardly. She then said something she couldn't believe she would say, "Since I have a few days free, why don't I go help you clean up a bit?"

After speaking, Long Jie was tempted to bite her own tongue off. Lu Che's head remained buried in his work as the room fell into a few minutes of silence. Suddenly, Lu Che lifted his head and handed her a set of keys, "OK..."

Long Jie's face flushed red...

She wasn't sure if Lu Che was thinking the same thing as her. If not, she would need to make the distinction soon. If they got to a point where they couldn't even be friends, what would she do?

So, Long Jie grabbed the keys, and with the confidence that she was relatively special to Lu Che, she headed to his home.

On the surface, they were still an engaged couple...

...and at this moment, she was at Lu Che's home helping him clean up. What was the meaning of all this?

Long Jie tidied Lu Che's bedroom and helped him wash his dirty clothes; even his socks and underwear...

As she stood in front of the washing machine, she furrowed her brows. She was worried if she didn't quickly contain her heart she wouldn't be able to control the feelings she had for Lu Che and fall deeper and deeper into this dangerously ambiguous situation.

Half an hour later, Lu Che began to drive home. As Mo Ting was spending most of his time taking care of Tangning, Lu Che's workload increased dramatically.

After opening the door and seeing Long Jie doing the laundry, he headed straight for his bedroom without hesitation and lay down on his bed.

Long Jie looked at Lu Che awkwardly as he lay in bed. Did he not notice there was someone in his home?

Long Jie assumed Lu Che would want to take a shower and get some rest, so she decided to greet him quickly and leave. However, just as Long Jie opened her mouth, she heard Lu Che's muffled voice coming from his pillow, "I haven't eaten yet! I'm hungry..."

Long Jie temporarily stopped her thoughts from wandering and willingly prepared dinner for Lu Che. However, by the time she finished, Lu Che had fallen asleep.

Long Jie gently retrieved the keys from her pocket and placed it on the table. However, this little bit of noise woke Lu Che up.

He sat up and looked at Long Jie, "Take the keys with you..."

Long Jie: "..."

"During this time I'll be really busy, I'm sure my home is going to look like a mess. I can't trust other people."

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Long Jie's face, "Hurry and eat dinner. You can go back to sleep after you eat."

Lu Che took a few seconds to respond. He eventually got out of bed as he watched Long Jie leave. After the sight of her figure disappeared behind the door, Lu Che leaned his back against the door and held onto his heart, "Why did I want her to stay longer?"

It seemed, tomorrow, not only would he need to create more dirty clothes, he would also have to break his taps and blow his fuse...

Lu Che made plans in his mind to keep Long Jie at his place.

Of course, Lu Che wasn't the only one thinking along this path. Although Long Jie was a woman, when faced with the man she liked, it was normal for her to want to stay a little longer.

As she looked at the sparkling keys in her hand, Long Jie suddenly felt there was still a lot of beauty worth grasping onto in this world...

Lu Che...Oh, Lu Che...

Why must you torture me like this?

Long Jie pulled out her own keys and opened her car door. However, just as she boarded the car, she received a phone call from Lu Che, "Umm...I have a document that I can't find. While you were cleaning the room, where did you place it? It's really important. It's in a blue folder!"

"It's on the shelves; third row, second drawer."

"It's not there. Come back and help me find it..."

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