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Chapter 242: I am Mo Ting

Chapter 242: I am Mo Ting

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After hearing her manager's words, Qin Yu refused to accept her fate; she was angry and felt wronged. Because of this, the pillow in her hands was bent out of shape just like the expression on her face.

"Tangning sure is lucky!" Qin Yu laughed in disbelief. She then turned to her manager and requested, "Help me do one last thing. Do whatever you can to get a hold of Tangning's phone number for me."

"Qin Yu, what's the point?"

A bitter smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. Hai Rui had already pushed her to this point and no one from her own agency cared about her survival, what other choice did she have left?

"Contact the media. I'm going to announce that I am retreating from the modeling industry!"

"No, you can't Qin Yu. It wasn't easy for you to get to where you are today."

"Then tell me, do I have another path I can take?" Qin Yu turned her head to ask her manager. The Tangning that had Mo Ting was a person she would never be able to surpass.

Her manager shook her head, stood up straight and let out a sigh.

However, as she turned around she sneered. With Qin Yu taking on full responsibility, Hai Rui would no longer go after her. It didn't matter if Qin Yu became her scapegoat, without her, she could still train up another person.

Since Star King had already given up on this chess piece, why should she continue to waste her energy...

Not long after, Qin Yu's manager sneakily retrieved Tangning's phone number from a client and gave it to her.

Qin Yu held onto Tangning's phone number and watched as the pendulum on the grandfather clock in the living room swung; she didn't have much time left. In the end, she called through to Tangning's phone.

"Tangning, I admit, I instigated the entire incident that happened on stage. However, I do not regret it."

"How could a third-rate model like you, who hasn't even won a single international award, snatch my endorsement?"

"I hate you. I especially hate the clean image you are trying to portray. Although I've lost today and can no longer be a model..."

"...I want you to know that I curse you. I hope that Hai Rui will abandon you; I hope that you lose everything; I hope that you get hit by a car as soon as you step out of the front door!"

Qin Yu spoke in a flurry as she released her anger...

However, after a moment of silence, a deep voice responded from the other end of the phone, "I am Mo Ting."

I am Mo Ting!

I am Mo Ting?!

Qin Yu never expected Mo Ting would pick up Tangning's phone. In that case, all that she just said...

As she thought about it, a chill swept through her entire body.

Qin Yu was suddenly terrified.

"Pr...President Mo...What I just said was just nonsense."

"Really? You didn't say it on purpose...?" Mo Ting's voice was deep and dangerous. After asking, Mo Ting picked up his own phone and played a recording of everything Qin Yu just said.

Although it wasn't complete...

...the part where she cursed Tangning, could be heard loud and clear.

Qin Yu knew she had no right to hold onto her pride anymore unless she wanted to be completely destroyed. So, she started crying to Mo Ting, "President Mo, I beg of you, please let me go..."

"It's not that I don't give people chances, but to say what you just said and still beg me to let you go? I don't think you deserve it..." After saying these words, Mo Ting's tone intensified, "I do not have much patience. Let me remind you, it is currently 9pm!"

Afterwards, Mo Ting hung up the phone and immediately made a phone call to Lu Che, "Help Tangning change her phone number. From now on, whenever there are any jobs or events, give them my number..."

"Yes, President," Lu Che could sense the anger in Mo Ting's voice even though he didn't know what happened.

After their conversation, Lu Che leaked the information to Long Jie. Long Jie guessed Tangning must have received a threatening phone call for Mo Ting to react in such an extreme way. But, the truth was...

...Qin Yu had cursed Tangning to get hit by a car!

What an evil woman with an evil heart.

As the Big Boss of the entertainment industry, he definitely had the ability to throw Qin Yu into a place beyond redemption - this was certain!

In reality, as Qin Yu put down her phone, her fingers were trembling. She didn't know why she had actually made that phone call. Most importantly, who would have thought Mo Ting would end up picking up the phone...

In the end, Qin Yu threw away her phone, covered her eyes and burst into tears. Although she didn't want to accept it...apart from retreating, she really had no other choice.


Qin Yu was dressed in formal wear as she faced the media outside her home.

The reporters had roughly guessed what was going on. Qin Yu was standing before them because of the words Mo Ting had said the day before. He had told the instigator behind Tangning's injury to confess within the day!

It's just, they didn't understand why Qin Yu would hold such a grudge against Tangning.

Tangning had fallen off the stage... put it more serious, there was a possibility of death.

The night was cold. Qin Yu faced the reporters dressed in a black coat and wearing an exquisite layer of makeup.

Underneath the rainy sky, her assistant followed behind her with an umbrella. She had a stiff expression on her face.

"I, Qin Yu, will be officially announcing my retreat from the modeling industry today. From this day onward, I will not take half a step into the entertainment industry again..."

"I would like to thank all the people that have supported me over the years. I don't know how to repay you, I simply hope you can remember me."

After speaking, Qin Yu bowed to everyone and turned around to leave before the reporters were given a chance to ask questions.

Standing amongst the light rain, the reporters all had their own thoughts and assumptions regarding Qin Yu's sudden action.

"Dearest viewers, good evening, you have tuned into the entertainment broadcast. According to the latest information from our entertainment reporters, as of 10pm tonight, Star King's model, Qin Yu, has officially announced her farewell to the entertainment industry after a brief interview outside her home."

"Qin Yu appeared in front of the cameras looking haggard, but her speech was concise. She quickly announced her retreat from the industry before disappearing out of sight."

"However, everyone is confused as to why a seemingly normal model would suddenly announce their retreat. It's hard not to tie it back to the incident that happened last night at the awards ceremony where Tangning was pounced upon by a stranger and was seriously injured after falling off the stage. Tangning's manager, who turned out to be Mo Ting - the CEO of Hai Rui - didn't believe the incident was merely an accident and insisted the instigator step out and explain everything..."

"From what we have gathered, during the ceremony, Qin Yu had insulted Tangning multiple times. I'm sure it's not hard for everyone to draw a conclusion as to why Qin Yu announced her retreat!"

"According to reports from our reporters, Tangning did not chase anyone for responsibility after being injured. In fact, she endured the pain all the way until the end of the ceremony. It was only because her injury was serious that it ignited her manager's fury."

"From this, we can see, no matter what one's identity is, they should maintain their bottom line. Otherwise, they will not only hurt others but also themselves..."

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