Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 241: I Am Determined to Support This Coupling

Chapter 241: I Am Determined to Support This Coupling

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In regards to Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship...

The majority of the public simply spread rumors, one dared to make a big fuss out of it because Hai Rui's PR made it hard to determine how reliable the information was.

Because of her hip injury, Tangning ended up sleeping straight through the night. By the time she woke up midday the next day, her throat was dry and she couldn't speak. She could only make simple gestures with her hands to express her thoughts.

Mo Ting sat by her bedside with his arms around her as he examined her wounds. She had abrasions and soft tissue injuries which would take at least 15 days to fully recover.

Tangning lay on Mo Ting's body as she tried desperately to absorb his essence; it was like a nutrient she couldn't live without.

Mo Ting gently lowered her head onto his thigh and heart-breakingly brushed her hair out of her face, "Get better soon."

"Did you stay up all night again?" Tangning couldn't sit up, so she remained lying down as she questioned Mo Ting. Her eyelashes gently shook as she spoke.

"I'm not immortal, of course I had some rest," Mo Ting brushed his hand across Tangning's cheek. "Overseas, there is a contest that I've already signed your name up to..."

"What type of contest is it?"

Mo Ting's eyes followed the curves of Tangning body and stopped at her legs, "I'm not sure if you'll still be able to get a ranking. Let's not talk about it for now."

"Has Qin Yu stepped out to confess yet?"

"It appears she won't step out until 11:59pm!" Mo Ting was familiar with the psychology of people like Qin Yu; she wasn't going to easily admit defeat. So, there was no way she'd be willing to accept her fate until the very last minute.

"You deliberately put her through this torment, didn't you?" Tangning giggled as she grabbed Mo Ting's hand and intertwined her fingers with his.

Seeing Tangning in a relaxed mood, Mo Ting showed her a compilation of posts from netizens.

As Tangning flipped through the public's speculations, she suddenly felt a little nervous and confused, "Have they figured out everything?"

"Did you think, with me announcing I'm your manager, they'd still be so stupid?" Mo Ting chuckled. "As long as we don't respond to them, they will never have an answer! Right now, these people are using whatever methods they can to figure out our relationship. But...we'll just keep them guessing."

Mo Ting did not admit nor deny. He simply did what he should as a manager and protected the person he wanted to protect. As for Tangning, her mission was to focus on being a good model and keep working towards her dream runway.

"They will eventually find out..."

"Are you afraid?" Mo Ting asked.

Tangning shook her head. She was a lot more relaxed than when she first saw the speculation from the public, "No...I like the way things are headed. By handling things this way, it is a subtle way of letting the reporters know we are in charge; whether we want to announce our relationship is our decision."

Following on from Mo Ting's announcement as manager, the public's reaction towards their relationship included, those that wanted to dig up secrets, those that felt disdain, those that went around slandering them and, of course, fans that were gushing with girly romantic ideals!

"Oh my girly heart...Tangning is like a little kitty that is baring its teeth and showing its claws whilst being protected by an almighty tiger. They are so cute! I don't care whether they admit to it or not. I am determined to support this coupling..."

"Wow! Tangning's long legs and President Mo's 1.9m figure is the perfect match. I didn't think much of the LM commercial before, but now that I look at it again, it's filled with love..."

"An almighty CEO actually lowered his dignity to become a model's manager. If this isn't love, I don't know what is!"

One of the fans even posted up a photo of Mo Ting stepping out to help Tangning after the awards ceremony and turned it into a manga drawing. The fans died from cuteness after seeing this.

"I'm really anticipating them announcing their relationship, yet I also want them to continue keeping it a secret. My thoughts are contradicting!"

"President Mo, you like Tangning, don't you?"

"Someone with a cold and calm personality like Tangning needs to be loved by a possessive CEO! I'm satisfied!"

Tangning did not expect they would actually attract fans of their coupling. Upon seeing these comments, she couldn't help but feel happy.

That night, Lu Che arrived at Hyatt Regency with a box of letters and gifts, "These are from your fans. Some are for you and some are for the President."

"We received all this in less than a day..."

"It's to celebrate you having the world's most invincible manager and strongest bodyguard backing you."

Tangning smiled, revealing dimples on her cheeks.

"However, I can't believe these people actually had the courage to write letters to the president...It seems, with you as an excuse, the President no longer seems so intimidating and unapproachable."

Tangning retrieved the box from Lu Che; she was quite moved. Did this mean, from her position, she no longer had to look up at Mo Ting? Of course, in her heart, Tangning understood, she had gotten to where she was today because Mo Ting shielded her from the wind and rain. 1 But even so, in these people's eyes, was she really worthy of being coupled with Mo Ting?

"What's written in the letters to Mo Ting?" Tangning curiously opened one of Mo Ting's letters and involuntarily let out a laugh.

"President Mo...I'm too afraid to talk to you directly, but I want to tell you, you are extremely handsome!"

"Madam, whenever you're bored, you can pass time by looking through these letters," Lu Che helped Tangning place the box on the floor beside her so it could remain within her reach.

Afterwards, Tangning pulled out a yellow envelope. However, it did not contain a letter. It contained photos!

It was a photo of her kissing a man!

Tangning naturally knew who she was kissing in the photo. But, when the reporter took the photo, it was night time and he was far away, so he only managed to capture her back.

Tangning smirked as she saw the note attached to the photos, "Tangning, your lustful image will definitely be uncovered by us. Don't be so proud."

Tangning placed the photo on her bedside and waited for Mo Ting to finish work so they could admire it together.

The time was 8pm. Tangning flipped through the news and realized Hai Rui had already pressured the organizers of the awards ceremony for an explanation twice. Actually, this was a disguised warning to Qin Yu; she didn't have much time left.

During this time, Qin Yu wasn't the only one that was suffering. Her manager was also pacing back and forth anxiously because he too was involved.

"This matter, did you clean up after yourself?" Qin Yu asked as she tugged at the pillow in her hands, "Did you know Hai Rui has already released their second warning?"

"I'm not sure!" her manager panicked with a head full of sweat, "Even if I think I'm certain, I don't dare to underestimate Hai Rui. After all, I'm sure you've heard about President Mo's methods."

"The agency still refuses to represent me?" Qin Yu's eyes slowly swept over with an expression of defeat.

"Although the agency has been secretly competing with Hai Rui over the years, they've never had the guts to be open about it...This time, Mo Ting obviously wants you to pay for what you've done. No matter how much you try to run away, you won't be able to avoid it...Qin Yu...go confess..."

"Tangning's injuries weren't light. If you want Mo Ting to stop looking into it, it's practically impossible."

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