Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 240: Guessing Their Relationship

Chapter 240: Guessing Their Relationship

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Tangning is seriously injured!

After the media received the news of Tangning's injury, they rushed over to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Mo Ting followed the doctor's advice and wheeled Tangning out of the hospital in a wheelchair. After capturing photos of Tangning's condition, the media finally realized Tangning had been enduring her pain through the entire ceremony.

Apart from taking photos from a safe distance, the reporters were too afraid to get close to Mo Ting, let alone Tangning who was under his protection.

Only after the two boarded the manager's van, did Lu Che face the media, "Thank you for everyone's concern, but Tangning needs some time to recover."

The reporters wanted to get more goss from their mouths, but...

...they remembered Mo Ting was Tangning's manager.

So, even though they wanted to tail their van, they held back because of the warning Mo Ting had given them the day before.

Since they couldn't dig up any new dirt, they only had one other option, to dig up old dirt!

The media looked as far back as the Crown's Star Show and exhausted all their efforts to piece together every little bit of information they could find on the two. However, they couldn't come to a conclusion.

If Tangning had Mo Ting backing her from such a long time ago, she couldn't have possibly suffered all the huge ups and downs she had been through. So, even if they found information, it didn't mean anything.

Of course, not finding information early on, didn't mean they wouldn't find anything later.

For example, the media took Mo Ting's back and compared it side-by-side to the man in LM's commercial. In the end, everyone was shocked to find, Mo Ting had a 90% chance of being the 'back-view dream man'...

During the Ling Feng incident, this was the man that had helped Tangning pull through a tough time.

Afterwards, when Tangning went on Feng Cai, she had said that she was already married and was married to the most powerful man in the industry!

The reporters dug deep into their information for the truth, but...

...even when they put all the information that had surfaced overnight together, no one could give a definitive conclusion.

Meanwhile, a few reporters also found out from insiders that Mo Ting had secretly helped Tangning on various occasions.

On top of that, there were rumors that Mo Ting was impressed by Tangning's professionalism.

But, the most hidden piece of information they managed to dig up was that both Mo Ting and Tangning lived in Hyatt Regency!

In an instant, everyone was consumed in guessing the relationship between Tangning and Mo Ting.

Some people felt things weren't as complicated as they appeared; Tangning simply jumped over obstacles and advanced forward gaining Mo Ting's approval.

On the other hand, some people felt Mo Ting and Tangning knew each other from the start and Mo Ting had helped Tangning get to where she was today.

And then there were people that assumed Tangning had used an indecent exchange of her own body to climb to where she was.

But no matter what they thought, there were too many logically unexplainable points, because Tangning's every action was simply to prove herself.

Like this, a person originally viewed as being aloof from the world, was suddenly surrounded with an air of mystery. The public were more focused on being curious about Tangning than judging her because she contained too many secrets...

"The result is exactly how President anticipated. The public's curiosity towards Tangning has indeed almost reached a point of insanity," Fang Yu couldn't help but sigh as he looked at the public's feedback data.

Lu Che received the data from Fang Yu, had a quick look and nodded his head, "Right now I am more interested in who the culprit behind madam's fall was."

"Do you think they will step out and confess?"

"They better confess. Otherwise, no one will be able to anticipate what the consequences are," Lu Che replied seriously as he leaned against the office table.

Fang Yu understood what Lu Che meant, because... the outside world, Mo Ting was indeed aggressive. But, he could not hide the fact that he doted his wife more than anything.

"Since we're talking about it, after seeing the love between President and Tangning, haven't you wanted to be in love yourself?" Fang Yu asked as he sat in the office chair swinging his legs. "Isn't there a single person you are interested in?"

Lu Che turned around and looked at a painting on the wall.

"Your reaction obviously means there is."

"I'm not sure," Lu Che shook his head, "I don't know what is considered as interested in someone."

"Brother, with an EQ like yours, how have you managed to stay alive?" Fang Yu couldn't comprehend. He stood up, approached Lu Che and continued, "Your words tell me you already have someone in's just you're not certain about your feelings, am I right?"

"Uh huh," Lu Che lowered his head. "Actually, I'm not that interested in women; I find them too troublesome. Even if it's a woman that is smart like madam, I still find them tiring. You can tell just by looking at President."

"However, there is one particular person that is different...While I'm giving everyone the red light, I can't help giving her the green light. I sometimes wonder whether it's because she is really nice to me."

Fang Yu analyzed Lu Che's expression, especially his eyes. He realized he was honestly confused and burst out laughing, "In that case, do you like the way you interact?"

Lu Che froze for a moment before nodding his head, "I'm not disgusted by it. I find it quite comfortable, actually."

"Isn't that all that matters? Just continue the way you're going..." Fang Yu encouraged.

If he was to continue dwelling on whether Lu Che was interested or not, it seemed he would only scare him off.

People with low EQ was easily scared.

Since the woman he was referring to also treated him nice, it was obvious she was interested in him. So, he decided to let this dopey block of wood continue enjoying the feelings of ambiguity. The feeling of having one's heart awakened, wasn't something everyone could experience.

Lu Che remained silent for a moment before nodding his head, "I'll get going then..."

"Yes, hurry and leave. Did you think I have a lot of spare time?" Fang Yu pushed him out, pretending to be annoyed.

Although Lu Che left Fang Yu's office...his mind was still thinking about the question Fang Yu asked. Actually, his parents had pestered him about getting married, but he had always felt women were too much trouble.

Perhaps as he thought about this person, his heart was sending out signals, because at this moment, a phone call arrived from Long Jie. Lu Che furrowed his brows but still pressed the answer button, "What is it?"

"Haha, I heard that Qin Yu is so scared she hasn't taken a step out of her front door...right now she is contemplating whether to step out and confess."

"Did you call just to tell me that?"

Long Jie froze for a moment. She realized Lu Che's voice sounded a bit abnormal, "Are you busy with something? Don't we normally talk about stuff like this?"

Lu Che did not respond...

"If it's inconvenient, I won't talk to you about this stuff from now on. It's just, I have no one to talk to..." After speaking, Long Jie wanted to hang up the phone, but Lu Che suddenly said, "No, it's not inconvenient."

"Huh?" Long Jie suddenly felt like she was floating on air.

"I said, it's not inconvenient. If you want to call me, then call," Lu Che repeated himself.

Long Jie's heart was blooming with joy. As long as she could prove that she was at least a tiny bit special in his heart, she was satisfied.

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