Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 239: Frightened to Death!

Chapter 239: Frightened to Death!

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The media began to gather around Mo Ting as they ended up standing between Mo Ting and Tangning.

Although they were all pointing their microphones towards him, all the questions they wanted to ask turned into one simple request, "President Mo, can you speak a few words?"

Speak a few words? What words were they referring to?

Mo Ting was surrounded by the reporters, just a few steps away from Tangning. Seeing Tangning subconsciously grab her hip, his expression turned cold. An extremely icy and stern word came from his mouth, "Move!"

The reporter closest to Mo Ting was so terrified he quickly took a few steps back.

He was too afraid to get any closer. In fact, he was too afraid to even take bigger breaths...

Apart from this, the other reporters gradually cleared a path for Mo Ting to get to Tangning.

Tangning was a little anxious. She was afraid that Mo Ting could tell she was unwell. However, how was she to hide from Mo Ting's eyes?

Mo Ting ignored everyone and didn't care what they thought. He directly made his way to Tangning and placed his hands on her shoulders. He was so close, his body almost touched hers. He then leaned forward and slowly removed her black coat...

Tangning was slightly uncomfortable. But, everyone could clearly see the bright red blood on her hip...she wasn't unscathed like they originally thought, she was merely enduring the pain.

Mo Ting did not look Tangning in the face before turning around and saying to the reporters, "If you want to know why, then go ahead and ask!"

The reporters were given a chance to ask their questions, one dared to step forward. His words this time were even more terrifying than when he told them to move.

Mo Ting looked around and glanced at Qin Yu, "If you don't have questions, I have plenty. Who was the instigator behind Tangning's fall tonight? I will give them one day to confess. Otherwise, I will make their entire family suffer. Just one day, they won't get another chance!"

After speaking these words, he sneered at the reporters, "I assume you don't have questions? In that case, don't ever try to ask again..."

Tangning stood behind. Her face had turned pale from enduring the pain. Most people did not take note, however, there was no way she could hide it from Mo Ting.

"As for the reporters with evidence against Tangning who are waiting to expose her, I am waiting for you to make a move. Don't forget, I am Tangning's manager." After speaking, Mo Ting finally turned around, leaned over and carried Tangning in his arms straight past all the reporters. All the reporters including the one from Hua Rong were so shocked they were speechless. None of them had the courage to challenge Mo Ting!

Huo Jingjing had been clinging to Qin Yu ever since leaving the ceremony. She looked down at her and noticed her face had turned pale like a sheet of white paper...

This was because Mo Ting had given her one day to confess to all that she had done, otherwise, her entire family would not be able to live in peace!

Seeing Qin Yu in a daze, Huo Jingjing tried to loosen her grip. Unexpectedly, Qin Yu ended up falling directly to the ground with a lifeless gaze.

It seemed she was frightened to death!

Huo Jingjing laughed before boarding the van with Long Jie.

Now they could only wait and see if Qin Yu knew what she should do.

How entertaining!


Meanwhile, Tangning was lying in Mo Ting's arms. She didn't feel too much pain when she was sitting and standing earlier, yet now, while she lay in Mo Ting's arms...the pain was unbearable.

Tangning was enduring so much pain, tears began to roll out of her eyes. Mo Ting placed her in the van and rushed straight to the hospital.

Along the way, Mo Ting endlessly ordered Lu Che, "Drive faster."

Tangning wanted to speak, but she had no strength. It wasn't easy to finally reach the hospital. After they arrived, Tangning lay in a stretcher and fell unconscious.

By the time she woke up again, she found herself lying in bed. The hospital room was quiet and dark.

Tangning wanted to sit up, but she discovered her hip was temporarily attached to a brace and she couldn't get out of bed.

Mo Ting was standing by the window. As soon as he realized Tangning had woken up, he quickly strode over and pressed her against the bed, "Don't move..."

Tangning obediently leaned back down. With her head propped up against the bedhead, she looked at Mo Ting.

Mo Ting lowered his head without a word. But after a short moment, he lifted it again. Although he had already suppressed his anger, it wasn't difficult to hear it in his voice, "Can you...can you not endure things like this?"

This was the first time since their marriage that Mo Ting had spoken to Tangning in an angry tone...

He was truly angry...

Tangning did not respond. The corners of her lips twitched, but she decided not to explain anything as she slowly lay down and turned her back to Mo Ting.

"Do you know how much it breaks my heart to see you like this?"

Mo Ting said these words with his back to her. His voice was a lot gentler and sounded a little upset.

Tangning did not move. But, Mo Ting sat down on the edge of the bed and placed his arms around her.

Tangning took the opportunity to hug Mo Ting's arm. After quite some time, she finally spoke in a raspy voice, "It's not that I wanted to let the incident pass or let the culprit go; I'm not that generous. I don't care about the fate of others. I was simply worried that you'd be worried...Not too long ago, I simply cut myself a little and your heart ached so much. If I was to be sent directly to the hard would it be on you?"

"I wanted to endure it. At least until I got home and could tell you about it."

Mo Ting did not respond. He lay down and hugged her from behind.

Tangning wasn't originally emotional, but she suddenly burst out crying, "You were really fierce just a moment ago..."

"It wasn't on purpose," Mo Ting immediately comforted the woman in his arms, "From now on I won't act fierce towards you."

Tangning cried for a little while before turning around and laying her head on Mo Ting's chest; only then did she feel a sense of security.

"Your hip is injured. You will need to rest for at least half a month. You won't be able to continue your shoots and all your work will temporarily be put on hold."

"OK," this time, Tangning wasn't stubborn as she nodded her head. She was afraid if she was stubborn again, it would create another burden for Mo Ting, "But, I want to recover at home."

"I'll go ask the doctor." After speaking, Mo Ting stood up and let Long Jie and Huo Jingjing into the room.

"Poor thing..." Long Jie leaned against Tangning's bed. Just the thought of how Tangning fell off the stage sent shivers down her spine. Meanwhile, Huo Jingjing looked intimidatingly at Tangning with her arms crossed.

"I already told wouldn't be able to hide anything from's impossible..." Huo Jingjing sighed. "President Mo is truly angry this time. Because you are hurt, the entire entertainment industry will suffer as well..."

"Even I have a lingering fear in my heart from the thought of you falling off the stage, let alone President Mo."

"I'm fine."

"Get some rest. There will be a good show tomorrow," Huo Jingjing winked. "It's unavoidable, who told them to hurt the president's most loved. Now, they can only admit to being out of luck."

"Stop talking nonsense. Hurry home, get some rest and take your trophy with you," Tangning grumbled at Huo Jingjing.

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