Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 238: Are You President Mo's Girlfriend?

Chapter 238: Are You President Mo's Girlfriend?

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In an instant, everyone started looking at Tangning differently. Envy, jealousy, rivalry; everyone encircled her and judged her. However, no one dared to walk up to her face and provoke her.

The reason was simple, Tangning's body was already stamped with Mo Ting's logo.

If one no longer wanted to survive in the industry, they were welcome to test out Mo Ting's authority.

Tangning furrowed her brows. Huo Jingjing noticed this slight movement, "This is something you were bound to go through. You need to endure it."

"I need some time to get used to it," Tangning replied. "Plus, in regards to the future, I still have a lot of uncertainties."

"I'm confident the two of you will be able to move forward together!"

Tangning nodded. Meanwhile, the awards ceremony was nearing its end. Because Qin Yu was worried Mo Ting would make her take responsibility, she left the scene early in guilt. However, Huo Jingjing held her back, "Miss Qin, are you leaving already? Are you afraid President Mo will make you take responsibility?"

Qin Yu's face alternated between red and white. She wanted to leave, but not only did Huo Jingjing stop her, she even approached her affectionately hooked her arm around her, "Let's leave together."

Tangning lowered her head and giggled. As she stood up from her seat, she suddenly felt lightheaded; it seemed she was still suffering the after effects of falling off the stage.

Huo Jingjing turned around and glanced at her. After confirming she was OK, she relievingly walked ahead. Everyone emptied out of the hall in an orderly manner. However, the media's attention was all placed upon Tangning. As soon as they saw her appear, they quickly surrounded her.

"Miss Tang, can you please answer a few of our questions?"

"Miss Tang, can you tell us why President Mo decided to sign you on as his artist?"

"Miss Tang, with his busy schedule, will President Mo really have enough time to be your manager?"

Hearing these questions, Tangning couldn't help but smile. She knew deep down, these weren't the questions the media really wanted to ask. What they truly wanted to know was, why an almighty CEO, the Big Boss of the entertainment industry, would be the manager of a model like her.

What relationship did she have with Mo Ting?

Did they make an indecent exchange?

Unfortunately, no one had the courage to recklessly spread rumors about Mo Ting. So, these reporters tried really hard to hold themselves back from asking questions that were too intense. They simply waited patiently to see if Tangning would slip up and reveal something herself.

As there were too many reporters, Tangning's way was completely blocked. Long Jie and Huo Jingjing's assistant quickly ran over to help. Long Jie stood in front of Tangning and reminded the media, "Tangning isn't feeling well today, I hope the media can go easy on her."

With these words, the media were reminded that Tangning had fallen off the stage not too long ago.

However, they did not intend to let her go. Tangning rarely accepted interviews, if they were to miss out on this opportunity, they wouldn't know when they'd get another chance. Moreover, there was no way they'd go interview Mo Ting!

"Tangning, can you just satisfy us this once? We are simply trying to make a living."

"That's right. Can you cure the public's curiosities?"

Tangning laughed, "What is the public curious about?"

The reporter froze and replied, "We all want to know why the almighty CEO of Hai Rui would become the manager of a model. We are all extremely shocked by it."

"If this is your question, you should go ask him and not me," Tangning played tai chi around the question. Her hips were feeling tired and standing in high-heeled shoes for so long was putting her in pain.

"Then...are you President Mo's girlfriend?" the reporter's started to gain courage.

Tangning let out a laugh as she shook her head, "Of course not."

She was his wife...

"Then, have you and President Mo known each other for a long time?"

"I don't think there's any point in answering this," Tangning maintained her smile without leaking any information.

"Stop putting on an act. You are merely another woman that sells her own body. Didn't you sleep your way to where you are today?" a hostile voice suddenly ridiculed from the crowd. Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. The man in his early 20's scoffed, "What are you all looking at? Did you think I'm joking? Let me tell you. I've got evidence."

Tangning looked at the man and took note of his name badge.

He was from Hua Rong studio.

It seemed, this studio insisted on clinging to her and Editor Lin had found himself a team of minions.

Tangning had no idea, Hua Rong's reporter had previously captured a photo of her and Mo Ting being affectionate outside the manor in London. It's just they had decided not to expose it yet.

"You must be crazy and trying to seek attention."

The other reporters yelled.

"Tangning is a sl*t. I've already warned you all. Eventually, there will be a day when you will believe what I have said. Hasn't she played enough tai chi around the truth? How could you still believe her? There have been so many times in the past that she has said she had no boyfriend...meanwhile, she's had dates with multiple bosses behind your backs!"

As soon as Long Jie heard this slandering, she was furious, "I dare you to say it again if you have the guts."

"Even if you have Mo Ting supporting you, I won't be afraid," the man sneered. "Wait until we sort through all the evidence, it will be explosive! Did you think you fell off the stage because you actually have a loyal fan? It was because someone couldn't stand you so they deliberately schemed against you!"

"I hate women that appear innocent when they are actually the dirtiest. Pfft!"

Qin Yu stood to one side as she enjoyed the show. She was suddenly fascinated by this reporter. Perhaps she could learn of Tangning's secrets from this man...

"Hey, clean that dirty mouth of yours!" Long Jie warned furiously.

"You want me to clean it? Of course I can, but you also need to act cleanly for me to talk cleanly! You naturally attract suspicion with stuff like President Mo not being anyone's manager but yours."

"Also, the mysterious back from before..."

In reality, what the reporter mentioned was also what everyone else was curious about.

However, they weren't brave enough to ask Tangning directly about it. After all, her status was no longer at the same level as it was before.

Tangning had been standing for quite some time and her hips began to hurt intensely as she took a few steps back. Long Jie noticed this and quickly contacted the organizers for assistance.

At this time, a black manager's van pulled up at the entrance to the television studio. Mo Ting stepped out and walked past all the loud screams towards Tangning.

He did not arrive the way he normally did; there was no expensive luxury car, just a van that was suited to Tangning's identity. This clearly showed that he was serious about being her manager and wasn't supporting her with money...

The media immediately turned their attention to him, but they merely held onto their microphones too afraid to ask a single question.

They were terrified of Mo Ting's gaze...

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