Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 237: I Also Want The President to be My Manager

Chapter 237: I Also Want The President to be My Manager

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Huo Jingjing had been in the industry for over 10 years and had seen many people like Qin Yu in the past, so she directly kicked her when no one noticed. The sharp heel from her shoe dug into Qin Yu's calf.

Qin Yu did not see the kick coming. The pain was so sharp it sent her jumping out of her seat as she let out a cry and screamed Huo Jingjing's name...

The host quickly noticed the commotion below the stage and signaled for the director not to point the cameras to that direction as not to affect the live broadcast.

"Huo Jingjing...are you crazy? Don't go overboard!"

Qin Yu completely lost control of her emotions as she yelled loudly. She quickly drew the attention of everyone around. At this time, Huo Jingjing did something no one expected; she stood up and straightforwardly threw a slap across Qin Yu's face...

Many people present witnessed it...

Huo Jingjing had hit Qin Yu...

"How dare you hit me?" Qin Yu glared at Huo Jingjing in disbelief as she held her cheek. However, Huo Jingjing simply sat back down quietly after throwing her slap, without providing an explanation for her actions. This made everyone assume that Qin Yu had definitely done something deserving of a slap from this international supermodel...

With her international status, so what if you got slapped by her?

If you weren't asking for it, why would she even care about you? Who do you think you are?

Moreover, just a moment ago, Qin Yu asked if Huo Jingjing was crazy in front of everyone.

With an IQ and EQ like that, she deserved to be slapped.

The host and a few members of the staff were afraid the situation would get blown out of proportion, so they quickly ran over to stop the commotion. However, Qin Yu directly pushed them away; not intending to let Huo Jingjing off.

"Huo Jingjing, Tangning is merely a cheap third-rate model, is she worthy of your protection?"

"Try and say that she's a third-rate model again," Huo Jingjing warned.

Qin Yu had already gone too far to turn back because the situation had now been escalated. If she was to admit defeat at this point, how would the people present think of her and Star King?

So, Qin Yu responded boldly, "Tangning is a third-rate model...third-rate...did you hear me clearly? So what if she joined Hai Rui? It can't change the fact that she was blacklisted by Star King."

"Plus...isn't she just here as a tag-along?"

"Isn't she doing all she can to get on your good side just so she can advance in her career?"

"Don't get the wrong idea and treat her like a treasure. Be careful she doesn't just turn around and sell you off..."

The trio were located towards the right half of the third row; a relatively hidden spot. But many people still managed to hear the ridicule towards Tangning coming from Qin Yu's mouth.

"Although I don't know how Tangning managed to join Hai Rui, don't forget, your President hates people that plays tricks. I'm going to wait and see how Tangning gets destroyed..."


Tangning glared coldly at Qin Yu the entire time. Her eyes were icy and contained a sense of ridicule.

However, while Qin Yu was ridiculing Tangning, Hai Rui had released their article...

Many of the people present that were feeling bored were swiping through their phones when they came across this news. They covered their mouths in shock...

"Are you talking about Tangning?" While Qin Yu was still verbally attacking Tangning, the woman to her right leaned over and warned, "Miss Qin, I think it's best if you stop talking. Do you know who Tangning's manager is?"

Qin Yu turned her head and looked at the woman with an indescribable disgust.

The woman looked at her helplessly as she continued, "If you don't want to listen to me, it's your choice. I just find it hilarious."

Qin Yu couldn't comprehend what the woman was referring to. However, everyone below the stage was already whispering into each other's ears, deep in discussion.

This piece of news was earth-shattering...

No one would have imagined it at all.

"This is too unpredictable! Hai Rui just announced that their CEO, Mo Ting, has decided to be Tangning's personal manager."


"Most importantly, this is Mo Ting we are talking about; the mysterious and frightening king of the entertainment industry."

"I'm so envious of did she manage to do this?"

"For the CEO to personally step up to the role, Tangning must have her strengths!"

"Thinking about it...I also want the President to be my manager."

No matter how dense Qin Yu was, there was no way she didn't realize what was happening around her.

Hence, she leaned over and grabbed the phone out of the hands of the woman next to her. After seeing the announcement made by Hai Rui, she was so terrified, her face turned white.

Huo Jingjing also saw the news. She raised the phone in her hand and asked, "This is the model you called third-rate. Yet, she managed to make the king of the entertainment industry take on the role of her personal manager. Not only that...he is exclusively hers..."

"I think someone's reached their end."

"Qin Yu, you instigated the incident on stage, didn't you?"

"As Tangning's manager, how do you think Mo Ting will handle this matter? I can tell you now, Mo Ting's methods have always been..."

"...deadly without warning!"

Qin Yu's breathing sped up. She took a quick glance at Tangning before plopping down in her seat.

In actual fact, Tangning was also surprised when she found out about this announcement. Although Mo Ting had given her a boost in confidence prior to the ceremony, she had no idea he would take this opportunity to announce his role as her manager...

"Hey, look at that sl*t's expression," Huo Jingjing pointed out.

Tangning let out a laugh as her mood lightened. So what if Mo Ting made an announcement? He was merely telling the truth.

"I never thought, President Mo would dote you to this level. He actually decided to be your manager? Did you already know about this?"

"Yes, I did. I just had no idea he would straightforwardly announce it like this," Tangning was a little nervous and helpless. She was worried Huo Jingjing would get the wrong idea about her.

"This is great! With President Mo's protection, I'm sure all the troublemakers will no longer be brave enough to get close..." Huo Jingjing responded. Probably because she was older than Tangning, she subconsciously thought of herself as Tangning's older sister.

The fact that she couldn't avenge Tangning for the incident onstage, she felt incapable and sorry. So, now that Mo Ting had announced he was Tangning's manager... was equivalent to pushing Tangning to new heights. At least, from now on, before bullying Tangning, people would need to think it over and reconsider whether they could handle the consequences of offending Mo Ting.


...Hai Rui's announcement immediately became the hottest topic.

Mo Ting had become Tangning's personal manager!

In regards to this heavy bomb that had been dropped, the public began to spread all kinds of rumors. It was too unexpected and shocking...

As for Tangning, with this man as her backing, who would still fight for resources with her?

This was Mo Ting they were talking about...

It wasn't a matter of whether they wanted to was a matter of whether they were brave enough to fight...

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