Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 236: We've Found the Culprit

Chapter 236: We've Found the Culprit

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"How could you say you're OK?" Huo Jingjing looked at the roughly 1-meter high stage and thought about the way Tangning had fallen off. She quickly grabbed Tangning's arm and examined it, "You will definitely appear on the news. Did you think 'other people' didn't see it?"

Huo Jingjing understood Tangning's concern, so she replaced Mo Ting's name with 'other people'.

However, Tangning simply laughed, "Lucky the floor was carpeted."

At this time, the host also approached Tangning as she helped her up, "Can you still walk? Do you want to go to the hospital?"

Tangning shook her head. The pain was actually more obvious at the moment she was pounced upon. In comparison, she didn't feel much when she fell off the stage.

"In that case, have some rest. If you need anything, let us know!" the host comforted, "If there's anything, don't hold it in..."

After speaking, the host returned to the stage and alleviated the awkwardness from the scene that just happened. The positive atmosphere quickly recovered and the awards ceremony resumed. However, the news of Tangning's fall quickly leaked to the public...

The security managed to capture the man in the cap. He was a 17 to 18-year-old with a face covered in acne and a rebellious vibe.

"He said he is your loyal fan. He liked you so much he lost control for a moment..." Long Jie relayed the message from the security to Tangning. "Since he was only a child and you're fine, the security didn't feel right to detain him. So they simply lectured him a bit and let him go."

"Do you believe him?" Huo Jingjing asked after scanning her eyes over the crowd.

Tangning shook her head; she was level-minded. There was at least one thing she was certain about, "It definitely has something to do with the people at Star King."

"But we don't have any evidence."

"Then, we will just have to endure it for now," Tangning replied calmly in a gentle voice. Perhaps Huo Jingjing didn't know, but Long Jie was certain that at this time, Tangning was simply hiding her true intention. There was no way she was going to let this incident go.

"Do you want to leave first?"

"No, it's OK. You still have awards to receive. I'll get Long Jie to help me back to my seat," Tangning held in her pain as she stood up. Her legs were a bit shaky.

Huo Jingjing quickly held onto her and couldn't help but yell, "Are you crazy? You're still trying to be brave...?"

"I'm not trying to be brave," Tangning thought about how she had slipped in the bathroom and how Mo Ting had stayed up all night to cover the floor. If she was to return home early, Mo Ting would definitely be worried, "Mo Ting likes to blow things out of proportion."

Huo Jingjing froze for a moment...

It turned out Tangning acted this way because she didn't want Mo Ting to be overly worried.

"You...I really don't know what to do with you."

Not long after, Tangning returned to her seat. Everyone around her expressed their concern, whether they were familiar with her or not. However, Qin Yu was different. Tangning noticed with her strong instinct, as she returned to her seat, a slight smile swept over Qin Yu's face.

No matter if she meant it or not, this smile was implanted in Tangning's heart.

Tangning had always been a vengeful person. If this incident really had something to do with the people at Star King, she would definitely make them pay for it.


Hai Rui Entertainment, Fang Yu was about to release the news article he prepared. However, at this moment, he heard news from the awards ceremony: Tangning had gotten into an accident!

She was pounced upon onstage and ended up falling off!

Fang Yu immediately headed over to the CEO's office to find Mo Ting sitting in his office chair with a dark expression. The coldness emanating from his body made one short of breath; if one was to look at him for too long, they would suffocate and die.

"President. The article...should I still release it?"

"After I leave the office, release it..." Mo Ting signed his last document and handed it to Fang Yu before grabbing his jacket and heading for his private lift.

At this time, Fang Yu noticed Mo Ting's signature was messier than usual. In fact, he had even made corrections on some documents. It was clear to see how fired up he was inside and how painfully he was trying to endure his anger.

The only reason he had not yet released his anger on the spot was because he knew Tangning was trying her best to hide her pain. He was worried about her...

..but he knew she didn't want him to be overly worried; all this was obvious from analyzing Tangning's actions.

He better not find out who instigated everything behind-the-scenes!

Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy for them to get past stepping over his bottom line.


Meanwhile, during the awards ceremony intermission, Huo Jingjing was inside one of the bathroom cubicles. She overheard a few female celebrities discussing Tangning's fall. Of course, this industry had always been one where people stepped on others to boost themselves. So, when they saw Tangning's current progress, they couldn't help but vent words of envy.

"Did you guys hear anything about who instigated it?"

"No matter who it is, they did a good job, don't you think?"

"Let me tell you quietly, someone saw Star King's Qin Yu leave the hall for a while. It seemed like she was doing something sneaky."

"Did you see it?"

"My assistant saw it. But, shhhh...don't speak too loud. This is a battle between Star King and Hai Rui, it's best that we stay out of it."

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed through the bathroom as Huo Jingjing stepped out of her cubicle.

The small-time models' expressions changed as they looked at Huo Jingjing. They gradually lowered their heads, picked up their respective handbags and left the scene of their gossip.

However, Huo Jingjing chased after them and blocked their way, "Who's assistant saw it?"

The women looked uneasy as they lowered their heads and pretended not to hear a thing. But, who did they think Huo Jingjing was? She simply smiled and said, "How dare you offend Hai Rui, do you still want to survive in this industry?"

The women froze. After weighing up the pros and cons they decided to share everything they had heard to Huo Jingjing. Including how one of their assistants had seen Qin Yu leave the hall to find her manager.

Huo Jingjing closed her eyes for a moment and controlled her composure. She approached Tangning's side with a smile and announced, "We've found the culprit..."

Tangning looked surprisingly at Huo Jingjing as Huo Jingjing gave her a wink and pointed her chin towards Qin Yu who was sitting next to her.

Tangning played along by responding, "Who is it?"

"I've already reported the incident to President Mo. This was not something to be taken lightly. After all, it could have been life-threatening. Mo Ting said that he will ask the people at Star King for an explanation. If they can't provide him with one, he will demand that they blacklist her so she can no longer survive in the industry..." Huo Jingjing deliberately spoke louder than usual, "Isn't that right, Miss Qin?"

Qin Yu was suddenly thrown in a panic as she stuttered, " would I know?"

"Someone's assistant already saw you really not know?"

Qin Yu analyzed the scene in front of her and found Huo Jingjing's words weren't very trustworthy, so she calmed down and replied, "What did they see? Do you have evidence?"

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