Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 234: My Manager Forced Me to Wear it

Chapter 234: My Manager Forced Me to Wear it

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An overwhelming amount of camera flashes plus a bright red carpet.

This was the scene of SuperQueen's Awards Ceremony.

It was also the second awards ceremony Tangning was to attend since the announcement of her comeback. The first time was at the Annual Model Awards, where she went home with the Special Contribution Award. As for the SuperQueen Awards today, she was merely a guest. She was here to familiarize herself with the seniors of the modeling industry.

As Huo Jingjing was the main focus today, Tangning decided to go with a plain look. However, Mo Ting had asked Long Jie to prepare clothes for her. On her upper body, she wore a bat-sleeved collared shirt and on the bottom, she wore a uniquely pleated skirt. Upon her feet were a pair of golden heels with a decorative bow. He deliberately wanted to create a retro and mysterious style for her.

The two women sat in the company van together as Huo Jingjing looked at Tangning. She couldn't help but point out, "Your clothes today are a bit different to your usual style."

"My manager forced me to wear it..." Tangning replied.

"It indeed looks good, he's got good taste," Huo Jingjing praised.

Tangning laughed as she changed the topic. Mo Ting had prepared her entire look, from her clothes down to the jewelry she wore. Tangning had a feeling, there was something special about this awards ceremony.

Not long after, the two women arrived at the scene of the ceremony. From the van, they could already see plenty of big-shots of the industry making their appearance on the red carpet, many of whom were famous singers and actors that had been invited to perform on stage. This highlighted SuperQueen's appeal and authority in the industry.

"Wow...friends, I can see Huo Jingjing has arrived...and accompanying her is the newest member of Hai Rui, Tangning."

Hearing the host's voice, Long Jie got out of the van first and opened the door for Huo Jingjing to step out. However, before Tangning even got out...a shrill scream could be heard from outside the van. It wasn't a scream of excitement but of surprise.

Even Long Jie and Huo Jingjing were caught by surprise as Yu Wenxin jumped over the barriers and knelt down in front of Huo Jingjing.

Everyone was shocked. But, they quickly grabbed their cameras and snapped away furiously at the couple; this was huge news...

Was this jerk here to beg for Huo Jingjing's forgiveness?

How shameless must he be to do something like this?

Everyone present was boiling in anger. Meanwhile, Tangning remained seated in the van. She knew Huo Jingjing needed some time to deal with the situation.

Huo Jingjing was dressed in a long silver dress that wrapped around her tall figure. Her wavy long hair clung closely to her back and her makeup was well-refined. In order to highlight her skin color, she wore a bright-colored lipstick...

However, in front of this goddess-like woman knelt a complete jerk of a man.

He had no pride left as he knelt before Huo Jingjing and clung to the hem of her dress, "Jingjing...can you forgive me? I know I have been wrong...these past 10 years I have been a vile creature."

At first, Huo Jingjing looked down at him. But after a few seconds, she lifted her head again and looked straight ahead calmly, "Get up."

"Have you forgiven me?"

"I hope you will never appear in front of me again. I, Huo Jingjing, am an international supermodel. In this world, there are hundreds of millions of people that admire me and want to protect me. What are you in comparison?" Huo Jingjing laughed. "If I could live my life all over again, I wish to wipe away a stain like you. Even if it means I need to go to the 18th level of hell 1 ."

"From now on, you can focus on loving your Liu Yuewen; her heart is true to you. As for me...I don't want to continue being entangled with you. I have a much better life ahead of me. I don't want to waste another minute or second on you..."

After saying these words, Huo Jingjing stretched out her arm and pushed Yu Wenxin away before helping Tangning out of the van. The sisters took a glance at Yu Wenxin. As Huo Jingjing started walking hand-in-hand with Tangning, she warned, "If you continue to bother me, I will need to handle it legally. Yu Wenxin, don't make me feel even more disgusted by you."

The entire media witnessed Huo Jingjing disregard Yu Wenxin like a queen. It seemed, from now on, she would no longer be so silly as to give her all to a jerk.

As the host watched this scene unfold, she couldn't help but give Huo Jingjing a thumbs up.

This was the type of attitude a woman should have. Things that didn't deserve to be dwelled on should be kicked aside so it would never be seen again.

"Oh god, that was too cool! Our Huo Jingjing and Tangning, seeing the two of you walk hand-in-hand down the red carpet, I almost mistook you for a couple. The two of you must have a great relationship. Could you please come over to the signing wall and leave your signatures?"

Behind them, Yu Wenxin was still kneeling at the start of the red carpet. However, Huo Jingjing did not look back even once. As a famous international supermodel, why would she dwell on a jerk like him?

"Jingjing, I love you. Be my wife!"

Amongst the crowd, many of Huo Jingjing's male fans called out requests like this. Huo Jingjing looked towards her fans and blew them a kiss.

Seeing the glowing Huo Jingjing, Tangning let out a sigh of relief. They had all worried about her for nothing. The lively Huo Jingjing had already been reborn as a butterfly and morphed into something even more dazzling and confident.

As they entered the hall, most of the models and guests had already arrived. However, Tangning and Huo Jingjing were not seated next to each other. Next to Tangning sat Qin Yu and other people from Star King.

Because of Excalibur Q, the two already disliked each other. So, when they met again, there was no need for polite greetings. However...during the ceremony, Qin Yu received a few awards. So, she walked back and forth past Tangning on purpose.

In the end, Qin Yu forced a trophy into Tangning's line of sight and asked, "Should I give you one?"

Tangning didn't respond as she continued to look straight ahead...

"Today, Huo Jingjing is the one that is receiving an award. What are you here for? You are so strange. Tangning, I bet it doesn't feel good to be stepped all over by Huo Jingjing..."

"I think you're the one that doesn't feel good," Tangning finally couldn't hold back her frustration as she responded. "You couldn't even beat a newcomer like myself. What capability do you have to win against Jingjing?"

"Why do I feel like you are Huo Jingjing's attendant? You do whatever she says."

"If you are that great, you should defeat us on the runway. Otherwise, your words mean nothing."

"Defeat you? That's easy. My hands are filled with trophies, what do you have?" Qin Yu smirked. "However, seeing Huo Jingjing make an appearance really surprised me. After all, she was just dumped by a man. Oh, I forgot, you were also once dumped by a man. That's why the two of you are the same kind of people: Women who had been abandoned after being taken for a ride!"

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