Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 148: Did They Expect Him to Let Them Go?

Chapter 148: Did They Expect Him to Let Them Go?

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From the moment Mo Ting made an appearance, the photographer was filled with excitement. However, this excitement slowly transformed into fear...

Judging by the scene in front of them, it seemed, Tangning and Mo Ting did not have a simple relationship!

If this was the case...

...then from his actions just now, Mo Ting had reason enough to kill him a million times.

"I'm feeling much better..." Tangning told the frantic Mo Ting as she felt warmer, "Thank you, President Mo."

Seeing a bit of color had returned to Tangning's cheek, Mo Ting finally took a step back as he said, "I was passing by and saw you doing a photo shoot. How could you be standing barefoot on a frozen lake in such cold weather?"

Tangning stared at him blankly before realizing he wanted to make them pay. So, she smiled, "This is something a model must endure..."

"Really?" Mo Ting asked Tangning with a deeper meaning. He then turned to look at the photographer and said calmly, "What type of scene are you trying to create? Since I have some free time and have come across Tangning, I might as well stay and pay her a visit."

The photographer's expression darkened. He never expected Mo Ting and Tangning were so well acquainted with each other.

"Why are you looking down? You weren't like this a moment ago when you were talking to Tangning," Mo Ting asked in a deep voice, "What? Are you afraid? You didn't know Tangning and I knew each other in private?"

"I...yes, I didn't know. I really didn't know," the photographer felt like his tongue had been frozen; none of his words came out complete.

"Is that why you thought you were allowed to bully Tangning?" Mo Ting's voice intensified in a cold and powerful tone. "What were you shooting? All I saw was Tangning in a summer dress, barefoot on the frozen lake."

"President Mo...I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't know..." the photographer desperately tried to explain himself. Compared to the arrogant man earlier, he was like two completely different people.

"Then let's continue the shoot!" Mo Ting suddenly exclaimed before turning to look at Long Jie. Long Jie immediately responded by bringing two chairs over and placing them behind Tangning and Mo Ting so they could sit down. "It's been a while since I've witnessed an outdoor shoot like this. Go on, continue."

The photographer took a quick glance at Tangning. He wanted to tell Mo Ting, Tangning had already decided to walk out and before he arrived, they were actually being torn apart by this issue. However, at this time, Mo Ting added, "I especially enjoy watching photographers demonstrate."

With this, everyone's expressions looked uneasy. They all knew the photographer was about to receive his retribution!

The photographer's face turned pale...

"President's...too cold..."

"Even Tangning wasn't afraid of the cold, how could a man be afraid?" Mo Ting's words were blunt and his tone was cold. It was impossible to retaliate against him.

Not only that, it was obvious to tell, as he said these words he was suppressing his anger.

Everyone could tell, Mo Ting was here to stick up for Tangning.

The photographer was well aware of the situation, especially since, the person he was facing, was the CEO of Hai Rui...

If he tried to retaliate, then he may have to face unemployment. So all he could do was agree.

Everyone watched as the photographer stripped off his clothes, leaving only a pair of boxers; he was too afraid to even wear a hat. Amongst the howling wind, he stepped out onto the icy cold lake.

However, a moment later, the photographer was so cold, he wanted to sprint back onto land. At this moment, Mo Ting warned, "The photo hasn't been taken yet."

The photographer froze in place. Even though the soles of his feet were in pain, he did not dare to turn back.

At this time, Mo Ting suddenly asked a question. No one dared to look at him, but just hearing his question was enough to terrify everyone: "Who wet Tangning's clothes?"

Everyone present trembled in fear as the stylists looked at each other. In the end, they all pointed out one person as the culprit.

A stylish woman in her early 30's...looked down in fear. But, Mo Ting did not intend to let her go as he ordered, "If you have any water in your hands, pour them on her right now, or else, be prepared to face the consequences."

Anyone that's bullied or ridiculed Tangning, did they expect him to let them go?

If he did not see Tangning being humiliated with his own eyes, he may have let Tangning endure it on her own. Since he witnessed it this time, he was going to deal with them effectively.

The staff shuffled hesitatingly, but because they didn't want to anger Hai Rui, they had no choice but to approach the stylist one at a time and empty the hot-water-filled cups in their hands onto the woman.

"Sorry, we have no choice!"


The woman's eyes turned red, but she was too afraid to cry.

Meanwhile, the photographer was getting extremely uncomfortable from enduring the cold for so long. He originally intended to jump a little to warm up his body, but...all he heard was a loud "Cha Cha" as a crack split the ice and he fell straight into the icy cold water. At that moment, he was so cold he felt like he was about to faint.

The staff frantically fished him out of the water and wrapped him in a down jacket. However, he was still so cold that parts of his body turned purple.

Seeing the photographer suffer, Mo Ting was finally satisfied. He stood up and declared, "I've said it before, I hate people that use dirty methods. How dare a mere photographer try to stir up a commotion? Did you think you have that ability?"

"From now on..."

"Whichever publication dares to hire you guys, I will make them close down."

"Also, I only chanced upon this incident today. Tangning is a friend that I get along well with, I don't want to hear any weird rumors. You all better watch your mouths..."

After speaking, Mo Ting helped Tangning up and took one last glance at the staff. He glared at them threateningly until they guiltily looked away before he turned and left with Tangning.

An Zihao followed behind Long Jie as she followed closely behind Tangning and Mo Ting...

"Are you OK?" seeing the photographer's body turning purple, the staff immediately called the ambulance.

The photographer scanned the backs of the trio as they walked off into the distance; he was speechless. He was so regretful he wanted to die. He never expected Mo Ting was exactly how people portrayed him to be.

He could destroy someone as quick as thunder and lightning, without hesitation...

Li Danni, you've really screwed me over this time!

The photographer thought these words as he fainted.

Tangning has such a strong backing, how could you make me do such a thing so recklessly?


On the way back to the hotel, An Zihao drove as Tangning and Mo Ting sat in the back.

An Zihao peeked at Mo Ting via the rearview mirror. Inside he was thinking, the man just then was indeed the quick and decisive CEO of Hai Rui, no doubt. He just never imagined, in private, Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship was like this...

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What a way for An Zihao to find out Mo Ting's identity.

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