Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 233: Manager by Day, Husband by Night

Chapter 233: Manager by Day, Husband by Night

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Mo Ting lowered his head and placed his nose against Tangning's, "During the day, I am your manager. I need to enslave you to work. At night, I am your husband. My job is to keep you in bed..."

"In that case...release your slave."

Mo Ting loosened his grip, turned off the stove and carried Tangning into the bedroom before placing her on the bed, "Mrs. Mo, you're turning more and more bad..." After speaking, Mo Ting's hands began to wander. Not long after, his touch fell upon Tangning's legs. Tangning subconsciously flinched making Mo Ting sit up questioningly. As he looked at her knee, he noticed a bruise on her pure white skin.

"How did this happen?"

"I slipped in the bathroom..."

Mo Ting sat up, retrieved the medicine chest and helped Tangning apply some medicine. Afterwards, he did not touch Tangning again, he simply coaxed her to sleep after dinner.

In the middle of the night, Tangning felt a little uneasy; the spot beside her was icy cold. After she awoke, she realized there was no one beside her, but the bathroom light was on. Tangning got out of bed and tiptoed over. She discovered Mo Ting had retrieved some non-slip flooring from the storage cabinet and was neatly placing it on the floor. This wasn't originally his responsibility...but because he was worried about her, he couldn't let it go...

It seemed...she had to be moved like this at least once a day.

So, Tangning approached Mo Ting. While he kneeled on the ground, she leaned over and laid on his back, "That's enough, you're making my heart ache..."

Mo Ting stopped what he was doing. He stood up and carried Tangning on his back, out of the bathroom without a word...However, the next morning, as Tangning woke up, she found that the bathroom floor was covered in a thick layer of non-slip flooring. Tangning stood by the bathroom doorway smiling. She was so happy tears almost escaped from her eyes.


While Yu Wenxin's scandal developed into multiple versions, the promotion for SuperQueen had already begun. For this year's awards ceremony, Huo Jingjing was one of the top candidates and Hai Rui had already confirmed that she would be making an appearance.

This would be Huo Jingjing's first time appearing in front of the public after her scandal. Everyone was worried about her mental state and were waiting to see her being interviewed at the awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, the thing that no one expected was, Tangning would also be attending the ceremony as a guest.

By this time, word of Huo Jingjing and Tangning's friendship had already spread everywhere. It was rumored that the reason for Tangning's appearance at the ceremony was solely for the sake of cheering on Huo Jingjing.

In actual fact, the rumors were both right and wrong...

...because Tangning had no idea about the sensational surprise Mo Ting had planned for the awards ceremony.

Hai Rui Entertainment CEO's office. Fang Yu looked at the draft Mo Ting had sent him as a shocked expression appeared on his face, "President Mo, are you planning to let everyone know you are Tangning's manager? Would this be..."

...a bit too much?

Fang Yu was too afraid to finish his sentence.

After all, for an almighty CEO to take on the role of a manager, it was already quite a degrading thing to do. Regardless of whether the higher-ups would agree, this announcement was going to make the entertainment industry explode...

"What is it? Do you feel like this is too difficult to announce?" Mo Ting lifted his head and asked Fang Yu.

"President, if you lift Tangning so high, she will only attract more hatred and scheming," Fang Yu was worried about Tangning's safety. After all, to have Mo Ting as a personal manager, how deserving of jealousy would that be? "Plus, the public will start speculating your relationship. Some may even deny Tangning of her efforts. There's also the incident with the 'back-view dream man'. You definitely need to reconsider."

"Tangning's professionalism no longer needs to be proven, she already has plenty of jobs under her name...reaching the pinnacle is only a matter of time. My aim is to directly clear her path so everyone can know that she not only has ability, but also has backing!"

"As for your concern. If you scan the entire entertainment industry, who would have the courage to create rumors about me?"

"They will simply be shocked and curious; they will feel that Tangning's life is filled with surprise and they will be interested in our relationship." It was rare for Mo Ting to explain himself to a subordinate. "While they get closer and closer to the truth, Tangning would have already entered into a point of complete mystery..."

In other words, Tangning would no longer be at a level where the little shrimps 1 could get close to her...

Fang Yu understood Mo Ting's thoughts and was surprised by Mo Ting's thoughtfulness towards Tangning. If he was to scour the entire entertainment industry, there wouldn't be a second person Mo Ting would treat this way. So, Fang Yu held onto the draft and smiled, "President, you are so good to Tangning."

Mo Ting turned around on his office chair and lifted his hand, revealing his wedding ring, "She is my wife, I want to give her all the happiness in the world."

Fang Yu nodded his head. He no longer doubted Tangning, "Don't worry, I will handle this matter well. After this information is announced, I can guarantee the entire entertainment industry will be shaken up."

In reality, Fang Yu felt a trace of excitement. It was like he was witnessing an almighty ancient immortal taking on a unique disciple. However, the thing he loved the most was, this master and disciple, were also husband and wife.


Tangning had no idea about Mo Ting's plan. Just before the awards ceremony, she was simply on the phone with Huo Jingjing. The two women had now become close friends and had an ongoing record of talking every day without fail.

"Yu Wenxin knelt outside my home all night yesterday!" Huo Jingjing told Tangning as the makeup artist applied her makeup.

"You...won't be soft-hearted will you?" Tangning was in her wardrobe trying to select a dress.

"I've spent 10 years living in a nightmare to be taught this lesson. Did you think I wouldn't know any better?" Huo Jingjing gave a gentle laugh. "Perhaps I had lost all love towards this man a long time ago. The thing I was entangled with was the injustice I felt. Since the truth has now been revealed, I can naturally let go of it all."

"That's good to hear...just let him keep kneeling..."

"Later tonight, will we walk the red carpet together?"

Tangning laughed as she replied, "I have the responsibility of blocking the reporters for you!"

After hearing Tangning's answer, Huo Jingjing put down her phone and asked her assistant, "Is that jerk still downstairs?"

"Uh huh," her assistant nodded. "He's kneeling and even slapping himself on the face. Huo Jie, this time, you can't forgive him."


Huo Jingjing said this word through gritted teeth. She looked at herself in the mirror and realized, even with all the layers of makeup, it still could not hide the pain she felt. She thought it was hilarious, "From now on, my dictionary does not contain the word 'forgive'. I am an international supermodel, what rubbish is he? He needs to be worthy of it."

As soon as her assistant heard this, she was overjoyed, "That's right...Our Jingjing is an international supermodel. From now on, she can have whatever man she wants."

"May all the jerks of the world disappear far far away. Sooner or later they will be struck by lightning and receive their retribution."

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