Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 232: How do you Plan on Punishing Me?

Chapter 232: How do you Plan on Punishing Me?

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After the Huo Jingjing incident, as predicted by Tangning, the jerk actually exposed to the media that Huo Jingjing had instigated murder. He even proposed to bring his mistress' parents in front of everyone as proof.

The netizens couldn't help but sigh. They couldn't believe someone so shameless existed in the world. Anyone with eyes could see that if Huo Jingjing was such a schemeful person, she would not simply sit through so many years of violence. However, the jerk insisted.

The public watched on solemnly waiting to see the man's next move as they continued to take notice of the media circus that was unfolding.

In private, Tangning asked Lu Che to investigate the mistress' parents and to find out their thoughts on her death.

Meanwhile, Huo Jingjing was unfazed, "They can go on the news if they want. I want to see how devoid of humanity they are."

Fang Yu looked at Huo Jingjing questioningly, "You don't think we should do some PR?"

"No need," Huo Jingjing replied assuringly. As these two words left her mouth, her voice contained a sense of freedom.

Fang Yu was still doubtful, so he reconfirmed, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. I want to wait and see how that jerk plans on making a comeback!"

Although Fang Yu trusted Huo Jingjing, he still made suitable preparations.

Huo Jingjing and the others sat in the hospital room as they watched the jerk, Yu Wenxin, being interviewed on TV, "Everyone is merely sympathetic to Huo Jingjing because she was beaten, but are any of you aware of how ruthless she is? While everyone is focused on her being beaten, why hasn't anyone taken note of Huo Jingjing beating up others?"

"Back in the days, I indeed hurt her, but we weren't married. During the time I was with Yuewen, I already broke up with Huo Jingjing. None of you had any idea that Yuewen wasn't a mistress."

"Huo Jingjing has been lying all along. She hired someone to kill Yuewen...she is a murderer."

Beside Yu Wenxin sat a seemingly cultured couple. Their image and presence made them appear well educated. While Yu Wenxin talked, their expressions turned pale. The media assumed they reacted this way because of the anger they felt from discovering the cause of their daughter's death.

"Auntie and uncle I am sorry, I haven't allowed Xiao Wen to die in peace and have watched idly as her reputation got tarnished. I am extremely apologetic to the two of you. I have asked you here today so you can reveal the truth."

The couple turned and looked at Yu Wenxin. Liu Yuewen's father was the first to react as he stood up and accepted the microphone from Yu Wenxin. He then did something that shocked everyone on set: he started bashing the microphone against Yu Wenxin's head...every hit was strong and filled with anger. Luckily Yu Wenxin dodged swiftly and merely received a few cuts to his skin...

All the reporters present were in an uproar...

"You vile creature," Father Liu yelled. "Although I don't want to reveal our family's skeletons, I can't go against my conscience."

"While you were with Yuewen, you were still in a relationship with Huo Jingjing. The entire Liu family are aware that you were discovered naked having an affair. If you want to clear your name, you are dreaming!"

"I didn't want to appear on the news, nor did I want to get justice for my daughter. She wasn't wronged, she got what was coming for her!" Father Liu yelled emotionally. "Regarding Huo Jingjing, the two of us must express our views. Over the past few days, news about her has escalated dramatically. This was how we learned of all the suffering she has received from this vile creature!"

"Because of this, my wife and I have felt uneasy for many days. Coincidentally at this time, Yu Wenxin came to look for us. So, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that my daughter's death had nothing to do with Huo Jingjing. While my daughter was cheating with this vile creature, she was also entangled with the boss of a hotel. It was because she was discovered by the man's wife that she ended up the way she did."

"This was something we discovered a few years after her death. At the time, we reported it to the police, but nothing ensued from it."

"I don't care if this vile creature misunderstood Huo Jingjing killed our daughter or if he simply wanted to hurt her. We have now revealed the truth."

"We hope Jingjing can be freed from her suffering and that God can watch over good people. Jerks should be punished. No, on second thought, even if they were sent to hell, it wouldn't be enough to wash away their sins..."

The truth was finally revealed via the mouths of Liu Yuewen's parents...

They spoke of Yu Wenxin cheating and Liu Yuewen's death. They didn't care about their own pride and innocence, they simply didn't want to see others get hurt.

With the revelation, Yu Wenxin was dumbfounded...

In the past, Huo Jingjing had tried to explain to him multiple times, but he never listened to her.

It was deeply rooted in his mind that Huo Jingjing was the instigator - she had killed the person he loved the most...

It was because of this obsessive belief that he insisted on torturing Huo Jingjing. Yet, Liu Yuewen's parents had just revealed to him that the culprit was someone else and Yuwen even had another man!

So it turned out, everything Huo Jingjing said was the truth...

Unfortunately, every time she tried to explain herself, she would be met with kicks and punches.

How did things turn out like this?

How was this possible...

Huo Jingjing was actually innocent?

But...he had tortured Huo Jingjing for so many years...and in such a malicious way.

Yu Wenxin was still in the middle of his interview, but he directly knelt weakly on the floor with a look of shock and regret.

Inside the hospital room, Huo Jingjing watched the scene unfold before her as she stared blankly at the screen.

Tangning walked up and hugged her as she tried to comfort her emotions, "Now that the truth has been can have a fresh start."

The feelings of being wronged had been wiped from her body. Huo Jingjing laughed and cried as she released all the sorrow that had been locked away in her heart, "I'm free!"

"In that case, you should quickly adjust your emotions. You still need to be the queen at the SuperQueen awards ceremony!"

"And need to quickly catch up..."

On this day, Tangning was happier than when she received a top-tier endorsement. After returning home, her lips curved to an attractive angle as she prepared dinner.

That evening, as Mo Ting returned home, he noticed Tangning in the kitchen. He couldn't help but embrace her in a hug, "You've prepared such a sumptuous feast. Is it because you want to celebrate?"

"Ting...this illusion. You've done well."

"Everything was the truth, I didn't create any illusions," Mo Ting replied.

Tangning turned around in shock before smiling, "That's even better..."

Mo Ting lifted Tangning by the hips and sat her on top of the kitchen bench, "But I'm not many days have you brushed me aside?"

"I didn't brush you aside..."

"Liar," Mo Ting bit Tangning gently on the lip.

"In that case, how do you plan on punishing me?" Tangning stretched out her arms and wrapped it around Mo Ting's neck.

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