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Chapter 231: Tangning Isn't a Poison, She is Truly Amazing

Chapter 231: Tangning Isn't a Poison, She is Truly Amazing

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" Huo Jie 1 , Tangning is amazing. Also, Fang Yu's PR was handled really well. Right now, the majority of public opinion is on our side." Inside the hospital room, Huo Jingjing's assistant read the news as her expression filled with joy, "However, you need to promise me, from now on, you won't be so silly. Even when I read through your diary, I cried for ages."

Huo Jingjing felt she had risen from despair and was given new hope. Inside her heart, apart from anger, all her other painful emotions had subsided; perhaps it was because of Hai Rui's effective counterattack.

"All along, I thought Tangning was simply a pretty face. I didn't think she qualified to be as close as a sister to you."

"Did you think President Mo would look for someone with just a pretty face?" Huo Jingjing asked.

Her assistant scratched her head awkwardly as she smiled.

Huo Jingjing lowered her head and contemplated for a while. All of a sudden, she lifted her head and looked out the window as she spoke in a tone that surprised herself, "Tangning has the power to revive a person's heart. What do you think now? Do you still think she's just a pretty face?"

"I can completely understand why President Mo likes Tangning. In fact, I feel, in this entire world, only Tangning is worthy of Mo Ting. Anyone else...I cannot accept."

"I don't know how Tangning used to be. All I know is, the current Tangning, is capable of seeing through to a person's soul."

Her assistant didn't understand a word she was saying. All she knew was, the reason Huo Jingjing stood back on her feet so quickly was largely due to Tangning.

In fact, she could sense, this was a completely new Huo Jingjing!

Possibly because Huo Jingjing's gratitude towards Tangning had grown roots within her heart, from this day onward, she decided she would help Tangning achieve everything she wanted.


Because of her diary and her wounds, Huo Jingjing managed to win this battle. However, if Star King thought Hai Rui had plenty of tolerance, they were underestimating Hai Rui and Mo Ting...

Not long after, came the testimonies of the public; the fans counterattacks; the uniting of neighbors and close friends; and the praises from past collaborators. Everything the jerk had revealed became evidence against him.

Hai Rui's motive was to sweep Star King to the side as they directly turned Huo Jingjing into a woman with a sad past. Her shocking past even attracted the attention of multiple film and television companies. They wanted to turn her story into a book and possibly adapt it into a film. Of course, regardless of whether the rumors were true or not, those that had previously disliked Huo Jingjing or scolded her, no longer felt like they could hate her. Some even bought a spot in the newspaper to officially apologize to her.

Like this, Huo Jingjing felt alive again...

Even if the jerk decided to release more scandals, the media's attention was no longer focused on him.

That night, the hospital room was extremely quiet. Meanwhile, Huo Jingjing's assistant was interacting with fans online on behalf of Huo Jingjing. A moment later, the assistant lifted her head and looked at Huo Jingjing, "Huo Jie, this..."

"What is it?" Huo Jingjing retrieved her phone from her assistant. She realized fans were discussing the idea that Huo Jingjing had been exposed because she was jinxed by Tangning.

"It's all because of the cheap model Tangning that our Jingjing had to face a situation like this."

"That's right! Tangning is like a poison. Wherever she goes, someone gets hurt!"

"How about we go defame Tangning?"

Seeing the fans comments, one after another, Huo Jingjing logged into her account and personally responded, "The three fans that just talked negatively about Tangning. I hope you can stop liking me."

Seeing Huo Jingjing's personal appearance, the fans went crazy as they frantically swiped their screens. However, Huo Jingjing continued in seriousness, "I will only say it once. Without Tangning, I would not be reborn. So, from now on, if any of my fans insult Tangning in any way, I apologize in advance - because I will definitely tear you apart myself."

"My god, Jingjing is so powerful!"

"Jingjing...are you feeling better?"

"It seems Tangning has helped our Jingjing. Did you guys hear it properly, from now on, don't say anything negative about Tangning."

"Tangning isn't a poison, she is truly amazing."

Hearing Huo Jingjing's words, her fans stopped their scolding for a bit before they started proclaiming one by one, "Jingjing, don't worry, I will pass your words onto your other fans. From now on, Tangning will become a target of our protection. We will definitely support the both of you until the end!"

"Go Jingjing!"

After seeing these comments, Huo Jingjing was finally satisfied as she handed her phone back to her assistant.

Because of Huo Jingjing's action of tearing her fans apart online, she attracted a lot of attention; not many celebrities would tear apart their own fans for the sake of another person. It was from this point onwards that word of the 'HuoTang friendship' began to circulate.


Late at night, Tangning was still looking through the information Huo Jingjing had compiled. She was determined to find the real culprit and help Huo Jingjing clear the suffering from being wronged for so many years.

Sitting to the side, Mo Ting was busy with work. As soon as he saw how serious Tangning was, he put down his documents and walked to her side, "You've already done enough for Huo Jingjing."

"Ting...what if that jerk decides to create hype by saying Huo Jingjing instigated murder?"

"No one believes his words anymore," Mo Ting told Tangning in a serious tone as he pulled her into his embrace, "It's not that I want to stop you from finding the real culprit, I simply don't want you to be so tired."

"What if I say Huo Jingjing is my friend?"

Mo Ting smiled as he picked up the information, "Mrs. Mo, how can I let you have no friends. Let me help you!"

Tangning hooked her arm around Mo Ting's neck and kissed him on the lips before loosening her grip and continuing her investigation.

However, half a day passed without any progress. This made Tangning extremely disappointed. All she discovered was, the jerk's mistress wasn't anything great and she definitely had more than one man. So, Mo Ting put down the information in his hands and turned to Tangning, "Sometimes, you don't necessarily have to find the truth, you can also create an illusion."

Tangning turned her head towards Mo Ting. With one look the couple could understand each other.

"I understand."

Tangning gave a simple 2-word reply.

"No matter how the mistress died, she is definitely not someone with a clean past. Since Jingjing has suffered so many years because of her, it is her turn to suffer now."

Tangning understood Mo Ting's intention. He was suggesting she create an illusion that the woman was killed by another male lover. This would make the jerk that had tortured Huo Jingjing for many years get a taste of his own medicine; the 'true love' he had been so adamant about turned out to be a joke. He was simply one of the woman's many men!

Mo Ting hugged Tangning from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder as he took a deep breath, "When I'm with you, I don't need to say too much because you will always understand me."

"That's because you also understand me..."

"That's why you deserve to be given the best..."

As soon as she heard this, Tangning furrowed her brows, "What do you plan on giving me this time?"

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